Sega Taking Out Full Page Adverts for the Sonic Brand

sonic advertSega have taken out several full page adverts for Sonic in a number of licensing and product magazines. The advert has so far been spotted in both the April edition of Licensing Worldwide Magazine and the Kazachok Licensing Fair magazine which was given out at a major licensing fair a few days ago.

Now before you get too excited or just discard this as not really being interesting. These magazines are aimed at people who would be investing in brands or buying licenses which other companies hold so they can use their assets. Jazwares, F4F, Sideshow Collectables etc, these are the companies that magazines like this are designed for… not gamers.

So why am I reporting it then? Well, when you look at the larger picture, it becomes a bit more interesting. As far as I’m aware, Sega have not done anything like this for well over a year. Advertising in this way indicates that they’re trying to push Sonic as a brand in a big way. Lately, we’ve been reporting a lot of news about new Sonic toys and merchandise which have not been tied to just one region.

My question to you is this, why would you promote or push a brand in the way Sega have been doing, unless you had something big planned to back it up? As strong as the Sonic name and brand is, unless you have something new on the way, you’re not likely to see a return on your promoting efforts unless you have something in store for both your fans and investors to get excited about.

But either way, I thought the advert was cool and it needed sharing. Stay tuned to TSS for more news as we get it.

Source: Licensing Worldwide Magazine.


      1. How about no Sonic game this year? That will help SEGA have more time making an actually good game that is not a sequel instead of pleasing these impatient fans who can’t survive 2013 without a sequel of something with 20 playable characters.

        Yep. Sounds Good.

        1. Are you nuts? I want a Sonic game this year. No important games on 2012, why not this year?

          1. The best games in the industry today take 4-5 years. You can look up Portal, which is known to be the best game on this generation by several critics and gamers alike. Big Mario titles take 4 years and Zelda takes 5 years. And these games are made of pure perfection. So why not Sonic?

            I really hope this year won’t be a big Sonic title. Just make it small. They can use the merchandise money on that particular game for next-gen, which is around 2014-2015. I suggest they take their time, and use the money they’re going to make with this whooping merchandise.

            But every fan I’ve seen so far is not ready to digest that 2013s Sonic game isn’t going to be big. Because they can’t even wait for a year. Keep your patience guys, in the end, we all want a good Sonic game.

  1. It does seem to be good evidence that something big is coming soon, if not at E3 then earlier.

  2. I think something big’s about to happen. Hopefully it will be what we want, for the most part. Don’t let us down Sega!

  3. I don’t know why, but this reminds me of that one rumor that came up not too long ago last year that was talking about a 2013/2014 Reboot to the Sonic Series and stating that SEGA was going to make toys for a new Sonic Game making it much more like Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure!
    I know rumors about Sonic Games have been proven to be false and having no weight to them like the one about Sonic Adventure 3 being announced in February 2013 on Hedgehog Day which never came true, but I just hope this whole thing about Brands doesn’t go in a radical direction because I don’t want to have to spend extra money just to play as different characters which is why I never bought Skylanders even though I’m a Spyro fan!
    Anyway I’m sorry if I was a little off topic. I don’t mind the Franchise having different kinds of Brands, but please SEGA don’t screw this up and throw shit at our faces expecting us to eat it all up because it won’t work for you in the long run! Do good things for this Series; I don’t care if you make Sonic Adventure 3 or not, but don’t screw it up by adding pointless gimmicks and risky moves!

    1. To be fair, pulling risky moves are necessary every once in a while once a formula gets bland or a series starts to sink. Sometimes it works (such as boost for Sonic, even though personally I’m not fond of it), but other times it sinks (such as that Crash Bandicoot game in…what, 2007? Hijacking monsters? We haven’t heard from him since, I don’t think. Could be wrong).

      I do agree that Sega has been taking moves a bit too much. Now that they’ve settled down on something that works, it likely won’t need to be changed for many, many years to come. The loyal fanbase helps too. The only threat to this is if Sega goes bankrupt, but we all know another company would take Sonic, so I’m not too concerned about that XD

      1. All I’m asking is that they play it smart and not make me have to spend extra cash on hand just to get the full content of the game!
        I want to have it all in one package so that I can get the full experience!
        SEGA made people pay extra just to play as Metal Sonic in Sonic 4 Episode 2 and I don’t want that to happen again!

        1. SEGA made people pay extra just to play as Metal Sonic in Sonic 4 Episode 2 and I don’t want that to happen again!

          …what? Wasn’t Episode Metal free content included with the download as long as you already owned Sonic 4: Episode I?

      1. Well like I said it was just a rumor, but with all this talk about brands and making new toys for the Sonic Franchise it could be a frightening possibility!
        SEGA in the past you guys were trying too hard to make Sonic a ripoff of Mario so do yourselves and Sonic a favor, don’t make him copy other video game characters as well!

        1. You know what’s shit? Fans repeating the same dang stuff over and over and over and over AND OVER!

  4. Cool! This is the most promising piece of info yet! Not only that, but all the pieces are coming together now! SEGA is trying to make Sonic really really BIG. For example, We’ve got Sonic in video games, comics, toys, clothing/other merchandise, arcade, iPhone Apps and other mobile media, etc. (I would say television since they do show Sonic X, which is a great show, but no kid wakes up at 8:00 A.M. on a Saturday to watch a TV show. Perhaps if Sonic X were moved to Nickelodeon or some other major channel at a reasonable time, the show would become A LOT more popular.) Anyways, SEGA’s BIG plan for Sonic must either be working really well or is very promising because these ads directed at these investors only show that Sonic, as a brand and himself, is much more stacked than any one of us could have thought. I also want to bring up that Sonic was always capable of much more than just video gaming and SEGA is simply trying to capitalize on that . Let’s see Sonic really bring it home this time! GO SONIC! 😀

    1. I should point out that it’s now 10 years since Sonic X originally started airing in Japan.

  5. Cool, but FYI, I work for a company in the UK that gets the “licensing source book” twice a year (I think) and I’ve seen at least a couple of them in the last year or so that have had similar full page ads for the Sonic brand. They tend to just feature all the current popular licenses whether they’re particularly active in whatever media they’re originally known for or not. I’ve no doubt something big is coming pretty soon for Sonic (it’s been almost a full year since we’ve had even a promise of a proper new Sonic game, which is quite long, for us), although they’ve continued to churn out new licensing deals and merchandise, and it’s almost a separate stream really. You can tell that by how much classic themed products there are, using old school artwork. That kind of thing could conceivably could last long after the blue blur’s final game.

    1. Wait, are you THE LiQuidShade? The LiQuidShade who created zone 0? If you are, than nice seeing you again.

    2. Well I newsed this because I’ve been reading the toy magazines and the licensing ones for about a year now, and I’ve not seen anything like this one in either of those.

      1. Yeah, it’s worth noting. Hopefully it does suggest what we all hope. I’ll see if I can get a photo of the ones I’ve seen.

  6. I have a feeling this AD’ll find It’s way into GDC or the other Magazines my college stocks.

  7. @LiQuidShade I hope Sonic’s last game a long ways away. I can’t say goodbye yet. He is my first game on my dad’s genesis (still have him + dad’s genesis).

    1. Don’t worry. He’s still going strong with the loyal fanbase, and with Sega sticking to a formula now (well, for the most part) he has stable gameplay. If if does die out, it won’t be for another 20 years, at least, from the vibe I’m getting (that being said, I’m not the type to really put big numbers on things). The biggest threat to him would be Sega going bankrupt, and even then, another company would be happy to take him. 😛

      So rest assured, he’s fine for now :3

  8. Well, from the business point of view the best thing that Sega could do with Sonic as a brand is releasing a completely new tv show, that or release a mega succesful new game but even if Sega have a lot of faith in the next Sonic they don’t know yet how succesful it would be.

    And from the fan perspective I would love to see a new tv series based on the modern issues of Sonic Archie’s comics, or at least a series based on the videogame universe but with the kind of writing of the Archie comics.

    1. The second option is seconded. The first option was done for before, and I’m pretty sure the crowd who hasn’t really followed the Archie Comics will be looking pretty confused. But mixing some elements from the Archie comics with the Videogame Universe could work out pretty well.

    2. I agree with you. A Sonic television show is the perfect thing to attract a bigger audience to Sonic! They could just re-air the Sonic X series on a more recognizable channel like I said earlier or they can create something brand new! It should be really successful if it has the same amount of humor and action like Sonic X did, but the show may come off more masculine than balanced between both genders. Either way, the comic connection may confuse some viewers who have never read the comics because in the actual games, Sonic has never laid eyes on Sally or Rotor or whatever. Still though, television is a big consumer market so a well done Sonic cartoon should really give Sonic a kick start to big success. Once again, as SEGA knows, Sonic is capable of much more than being just a video game. 😉

    3. The best thing to do with Sonic right now is to release new info on the next main-stream Sonic game. It’s been 2 years since the announcement of Sonic Generations, the last main-stream Sonic game. Sonic games are usually announced or teased in April/May, so it’s the smartest thing to do with Sonic right now. And a Sonic TV series based off the comics or the video game universe with Archie-styled writing and story plots? No. Personally, I hate the Sonic Archie comics. They’re too confusing and are too different from the actual Sonic games. They feel more like fan-fictions than an official Sonic-based comic series. The next TV series should be based off of the video game universe, starting from Sonic 1 all the way to the modern games, and have the kind of writing used in Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

        1. Dude, no. The world doesn’t revolve around me. Here’s why announcing a new main-stream retail Sonic game is what’s best for Sonic and Sega. Look at what other companies are doing by showing off games for their key franchises, and look what Sega’s doing. We already know about like 8 retail Mario games coming out this year, but what about Sonic? 3 mobile games, 1 being a repetitive Temple Run rip-off and 2 of which are Sonic 1 and 2 which are pretty much on every other device, and then a main-stream game we know nothing about. Right now Sega’s not doing their best so announcing their next Sonic game will probably draw lots of attention to Sega, and they’ll do better. I’m thinking about what’s best for Sonic, not what’s best for me.

  9. I recall SEGA saying that they were going to emerge sonic into more kinds of gameplay and brands at some point last year. So far they’ve done a good Job at it! With two iPhone apps, which ended up being rather successful, and I’m sure there’s more to come. They are hyping up sonic as a way to promote his popularity back to the way it was in the 90’s with sonic appearing everywhere you went. Good job SEGA!

  10. guys….seriously, there will NOT be a sonic heroes 2 NOR a sonic adventure 3, get those ideas of your head.

    1. Agreed. Fans are unoriginal to always want sequels and games and 20 playable characters every year. Their ideas sound like really mediocre games, tbh. Not something that runs in the gaming industry these days.

  11. typical fan right now: lolwut? new merch, mobile games, ads, publicity, ads, hype, red herring??!?! omg sa3 confirmed!!!! lol wut for xbox 720 and ps4 dudez not wii u is for babiez!!!111!!!!1!11

    1. Thats you. Whats wrong with Sonic CD 2? Or Sonic Chronicles 2? Can’t there be a ****ing crossover game between Sonic, and Mega Man? WHERE. THE. ****. IS. OUR. SEGA. VS. CAPCOM. GAME?!?!

      1. There’d sooner be a Nintendo Vs. Capcom I think. There is the Sonic/Megaman comic, but Capcom doesn’t really care about Megaman, and they have a larger history with Nintendo.

      2. haha bro chill. i’m not expecting a new sonic game this year. maybe next year for the next gen consoles with an e3 announcement. i really don’t know what to expect but i sure as hell don’t want sa3

  12. skank advenhur 3 ? plaz ))!! skank was goud (( when advhenr 2 and 1 dais . !
    Whatever. Where is my new Sonic game?

  13. So… What does this mean by “Taking out full page adverts”? Are they not making advertisement commercials for the games? Or are they….. What?

    1. It means that they’re taking out full page adverts for the sonic brand in magazines. Like the article says.

  14. ANY new sonic mainstream title is good enough for me!

    sonic heroes 2? I’m ready
    sonic adventure 3? I don’t care, its sonic!
    sonic 2013? Lets do it

    1. Of all the years! Why do you want a game so badly this year? Can’t SEGA spend more time and money on a really good Sonic game now that they have this merchandise that actually will sell?

      1. @pago. its going to be 2 years since generations… 2 years is enough time to make a new game and plus you will buy it also so why are you complaining

        1. 2 years is not really enough. I think the reason why Sonic games are mediocre is beacause even the big titles take 2-3 years. They make games way too fast.
          The next ‘big’ Mario title is probably coming out in 2014-2015, that’s 4-5 years after Mario Galaxy 2 (the last time we heard a big Mario title).

          These games that are known to be the ‘best games ever existed’ by millions take 4-5 years to finish:
          Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword
          Mario Galaxy
          Portal series

          And you’re just saying it’s enough to make a great game 2 years after it’s ANNOUNCEMENT?

          1. And another thing thier last sonic title sonic generations started right after sonic unleashed, so technically iit did t take them about 4 years

      1. hahaha but the funny thing sammy thomas is, sonic never went ‘down the drain’ for me. fans and reviewers only make that illusion
        06? i wont lie to myself that i didnt like the game to an extent
        unleashed, is actually a good game so i truly don’t understand the hate
        black night, secret rings and riders weren’t to my taste, so instead of bashing them like a typical sonic fan i just avoided them

        1. Dude, Sonic doesn’t stand a chance against Mario, Zelda, Portal, Mass Effect etc. That’s why they say Sonic games aren’t good. Not only opinion wise, but it’s partially factual that the quality of Sonic games aren’t that of the big names these days. The sad thing is that he used to be.
          Sonic did go down the drain with awful games. The games are pretty darn good now, but they’re still pretty far from the level Valve and Nintendo make their games.

          1. now that is simply all opinion of whether sonic games are good or not. most fans would appreciate the games, why? because they like sonic. so you cannot say sonic games are ‘not as good’
            the actual truth here, is that sonic is not as POPULAR as the other games you mentioned e.g mario, M.E

            so unless, they make a game that surpasses generations by leaps and bounds, its gonna stay this way

  15. The comments on this post just exploded! All this stuff better lead up to an amazing Sonic game that will leave us all speechless.

  16. Sega! Where has your marketing department been the past 10 years?
    Least they’ve shown up now haha.

  17. I think there is enough evidence to say that SEGA is planning something BIG with the blue blur. New merch, mobile games, ads, Hunnid-P stating him and SEGA are working on a big Sonic-project…
    I think SEGA still misses the 90’s. But if this drives them to focus more on Sonic then it’s all fine by me.

    1. Hunnid-P was talking about the Sonic Adventure 2 re-release. Don’t get your shit hyped up. Sonic Adventure 3 is not coming anytime soon.

  18. Here’s a potential sequel nobody has talked about: A Sonic 3D blast sequel. I loved that game.

    1. Yeah no, that won’t work that’s my first Sonic Game, its “fine” by itself

  19. I could care less about sequels!
    Here’s a good idea that I think every single Sonic Fan can get down with!
    Truth is whatever this new Sonic game will be, it doesn’t have to be Sonic Adventure 3, however since the Adventure gameplay style is the most popular in terms of Sonic’s 3D career, we could use that gameplay style and just start a whole different kind of Adventure Series!
    Again though, it doesn’t have to be Sonic Adventure 3, it could be called Sonic Quest or Sonic Journey or something on the lines of that just as long as it possesses the famed Adventure gameplay style!
    It can have Multiple playable characters, but for crying out loud SEGA, enough with the gimmicks and multiple play styles that don’t work for a Sonic game! (The Werehog) >:(

  20. Maybe it’s just me but I find it interesting that the STILL UN part shows sonic and the stoppable part doesn’t. I mean it’s probably nothing but why separate un and stoppable? Not trying to be picky, just curious.

  21. Im not trying to jump to conclusions about Sega making any games just yet, but i assume they are going to try to bring us something in the next few years. Why? Well…

    Okay, im sure you guys may have seen alot of Sonic merchandice within the past couple of years. I know i have, ive seen alot more merchandice about Sonic within the past two years, than any other point in his career. Although sega has never really put out alot of merchandice for Sonic period, compared to other franchises like Mario who ive seen in a shit load of items like toys, candy, i guese you guys can say just ALOT of shit. Or My Little Pony merchandice who i see in toys, DVDs, even snack drinks. My point is Sega might have taken a bigger spike in its merchandice output possibly to raise money. Sonic 4: Episodes 1&2, selling some of the Genesis games on PSN and Dreamcast games. The release of Sega All-Stars racing. Stuff like this is comparable to when they sold Sonic Riders as an attempt to raise money for Unleashed. When they made the Black Night and Seven Rings to round up some money for Colors. Guys, Sega has always been very good at hiding their need for money, and they put out merchandice like games very cautiously to not look desperate. But new toys, selling the highly successful games from his past at VERY Generous prices on PSN, all from which ive seen are around 5$ and throwing in some new add-on packs to go with them for about 3-4$, these are all just baby steps to casually collect money for their next big Sonic game, while making us think they’re just selling all this shit, because its alot more convinient to have it downloaded into your PS3 or X-Box, or that its just nice to have a little Collection of Sonic Action figures sitting on your shelf ( namely mine is saturated with them.) Baby steps guys, thats all ive gotta say.

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