SEGA Planning Exciting Things for Sonic as a Brand “in the Near Future”

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GamesBeat recently spoke to two members of staff from SEGA in a new interview: senior director of digital marketing Mike Evans and director of online operations Ethan Einhorn. When asked about the current console tradition and how SEGA views the market right now, Einhorn briefly mentions some “very exciting” plans for Sonic in the near future in the below snippet.

Ethan Einhorn: We’re taking, on the console side, more of a pillar approach. We’re doing some very exciting things with Sonic as a brand in the near future. We’re also very heavily focused on strategy, as you’ve seen with our pickup of [Company of Heroes developer] Relic, as well as what we’re doing with [Total War developer] Creative Assembly. Of course, we’re continuing to do core titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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When asked if the casual mobile crowd is an audience SEGA wants to capture, Evans states that ‘Sonic’ is coming to Android. We assume he means Sonic Dash, as mentioned in Einhorn’s answer to the same question, reaffirming our previous report.

Evans: Absolutely. We have games that service all different types and sets of consumers. Some [intellectual properties] lend themselves to maybe a younger audience. Some IPs are more classic in their stance; some maybe appeal to a more mature audience. We have titles like House of the Dead. That’s probably an example of a mature game. Then Sonic, which has been kind of reinvented. We’re bringing that to the Android platform. That’s an example of something which might skew slightly younger, as well as have this more classic base.

Einhorn: Sonic Dash, which is popular right now on the top charts, is another great example of appealing to a more casual demographic. But again, within that same ecosystem we have Kingdom Conquest II, which is extremely core. Both of those comfortably coexist at the same publisher.

GamesBeat also enquires about the challenges of marketing the Sonic brand and Einhorn recognises there are opportunities with the younger 7-11 crowd as well as the older ‘nostalgic’ crowd.

Einhorn: I think what that creates for us with Sonic is a great opportunity. First and foremost, I am a father who grew up with the Sonic games. I was in high school when it came out. I have a 6-year-old now, and one of the great pleasures for me is to be able to share something I loved with my kids. So you have that father-child dynamic.

Kids also respond very strongly to Sonic on their own, without any parental support. I think part of that is that he’s like a superhero. He’s fast. He’s blue. He’s easy to understand. There’s a broad range, as you know, of people who love Sonic, but the age of 7 to 11 is absolutely the strongest in terms of loving Sonic. But then, as you said, we also have the older gamer who’s nostalgic, and that’s why we have products like Sonic Generations that are designed specifically for them. It gives us more opportunities to capitalize on the strengths of an iconic franchise.

You can read the full interview at the link below.

Source: GamesBeat

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      1. Yeah they were actually an old brand of shoe that came out in the late 90s. Funny name for a shoe that you can grind on rails with right?

          1. And then they had to go and sell themselves to Heely’s….
            I bought Heely’s grinding shoes only because I knew SOAP was behind it :p

    1. No don’t be silly. Could you imagine seeing Sonic in Space Marine armor and a Warhammer. The entire Universe would be non existent if that happen.

      1. That imagery I cannot get out of my head. Ironically I’m not entirely opposed to the idea >.>’

        1. Maybe not a game like Warhammer, but maybe a strategy board game. Eggman would have a timer for his turn, but Sonic would be allowed to take as long as he wants for his turn.

    1. Most likely. Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed was also announced at the end of April.

  1. Appealing to both audiences, aye, I can agree with that. I understand how simple the games are is for the little ones to understand, but still, I would enjoy the ability to make it much, much more difficult. And no, I never liked how they made it in SA2 and such that to unlock the harder difficulty you had to beat the missions or A rank every level (Shadow >.>). I just want to play it harder after beating the dang thing XD

    Still, interesting interview! Can’t wait for more :3

    1. Will you stop it with this stupid Sonic Adventure 3 shit?!?! It’s not going to happen because Sega said it would break the formula for Sonic, that also means it will kill new ideas for new Sonic games, leading to death of Sonic Team.

      So stop asking for Adventure 3.

      Why can’t people on this site beg for a ****ing Sequel to Sonic Chronicles? Or Sonic CD 2?! How about….. What’s that game that should be on my mind? Oh yeah! MOTHER****ING SONIC 5!!!!

      1. Yeah guys! Lets not beg for another adventure game! Lets beg for a sequel to a game that DOESN’T EVEN WARRENT A SEQUEL IN THE FIRST PLACE like sonic cd, cause remember that cliffhanger at the end that was so gripping and breath taking and that everybody was begging SEGA to make that effing sequel! And how about that sonic chronicles, yeah that game “definitely needs a sequel”. and Sonic 5… yeah in your fucking dreams bitch. STFU & GTFO cause your bothering everybody else on here. That also goes to you Sammy, shut up.

  2. Am I reading too much into the “catering to 7 to 11 year olds” comment? Sonic is supposed to be something everyone of all ages can enjoy, not just specifically younger kids. I know they mentioned the older, nostalgic crowd, but please don’t let Sega do just Sonic 4 for the older crowd, and then make a game with a story like Sonic Colors (I’m not saying Colors was just for younger kids, I loved it, it just had a somewhat weak storyline that I could see might be more appealing to a younger audience). When I hear a company say that they’re going to try to cater to a younger audience, I think a less complicated story, a low difficulty level, a short “main” mode and a somewhat low amount of content, the exact opposite of where I was hoping the Sonic franchise would be taken next. I’m a little but nervous to see what’s next for Sonic now; maybe I’m focusing on the comment too much, I’d like some other people’s opinions on what they meant on that. If I had to guess, Sega will probably show a teaser trailer in May, and show off some gameplay and more details at E3, similar to what they did when announcing Colors.

    1. I think (and, more importantly fear) that you’re absolutely right with that interpretation. I’m always worried when I hear a company start assuming that “child appropriate” = “geared towards kids,” which are two completely different goals. Of course, they first set this age bracket of sorts back in Colours, and while that game was alright, I’m one of the few fans who believes that Unleashed had what is probably Sonic’s best written story to date, and the hedgehog’s more recent outings are a sign of only steady decline. I’m not asking for SA3, Sega (though it would be nice), but I’m tired of Sonic’s target constantly being stretched in a manner the original games never had to in order to appeal to literally everyone.

      1. I actually agree with you; while the dialogue wasn’t great, Unleashed not only has my favorite story even over Adventure 1 and 2 (if I put nostalgia aside obviously), but I would put it up with CD, 3 & Knuckles and Generations as one of my all-time favorite Sonic games. I even liked the Werehog stages, and while the “day” gameplay was at its best in Generations in my opinion, the difficulty level was higher in Unleashed. That’s what I wish for a Sonic game; to have as good of an opening as Unleashed (man that cg scene was awesome), a story, difficulty level, amount of content and optional levels that Unleashed had. It definitely ha it’s flaws, but Unleashed is one of my most-played Sonic games. If they got right the things that Unleashed did that gave it mixed reviews (Werehog stages, dialogue, Chip) it would be an awesome game. That wouldn’t appeal to 7 year olds before appealing to true gamers like us, so I doubt they would actually do that. Probably a game with a simple, short story with a main game that’s not very difficult and only lasts about 4 hours with very few additional, optional levels, like Colors.

    2. Are you thinking of Generations because it was short and had a childish storyline? I think that’s because it was rushed. Well, I am not sure if it was rushed, but 18 levels (excluding boss/rival and mission acts), poor story plot, and latency issues? It was probably rushed. But you what, it was a great game, and better than the Sonic games with the “darker story plot” and “longer story campaign”. I mean, a new main Sonic game with updated Adventure-styled gameplay (no glitches, better visuals, better voice acting. better camera, less floatiness) and a longer story campaign would be nice, as well as a better story plot. but let’s not ask Sonic plots to go dark again. Sega is right, Sonic is, for the most part, a kid-friendly franchise, and we don’t need dark stuff that’ll only appeal to pre-teens again, because the outcome will be bad. Let Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Next-Gen be an example of that.

      1. No actually Generations was my all-time favorite Sonic game, even over 3 & Knuckles. The nostalgia and amount of easter eggs, plus the optional missions, hard bosses, online time attack and 30 second trial mode and red star rings was more than enough to keep me busy. My ideal Sonic game would have the same writers as colors/generations, a longer story (not like shadow or 06 I agree), gameplay like unleashed day, colors and modern generations, with optional levels/missions, optional exploration areas and playable characters like Tails Knuckles and Shadow (completely optional). I know a bit unrealistic to have all that, but something close would be nice. I hate to say this, but if Nintendo can make a Mario game that hardcore older fans love and is still accessible to lees experienced/ younger gamers, why can’t Sega do that with Sonic? Not gameplay wise, but how much content, how it’s implemented and the overall quality could easily achieve that. I’d be willing to wait 2 to 3 years for a Sonic game like that. I don’t understand why they have to have a “target audience” of young kids when a quality game that has something for everyone would make them much more money and make more fans happy.

        1. I agree with you about Sonic Unleashed. My favourite game since Sonic 2 and one of my favourite this generation. Generations was fantastic but just a bit too short and I loved the extra exploration offered by the hub worlds, Werehog levels and even the Sonic levels which had more freedom to explore for hidden medals.
          I’m not too fussed about story. I’ve generally enjoyed all of the canon stories excluding ’06.
          I do think that games can target all ages. The originals did a good job of this and whilst I may not have loved all the newer games, I haven’t felt alienated by any of them.
          Making games that please all fans is not an easy thing and actually I have become pretty disheartened with Mario games lately.
          Any way, yes another game like Unleashed would be great, keeping the improvements from Generations and perhaps some exploring with Knuckles instead of the Werehog. ‘Sonic and Knuckles 2/Adventure’ Lol.
          If they keep ‘classic’ Sonic like in Generations, that would be great, but they would need more levels and preferably hub worlds like in Unleashed to extend the length of the game.

    3. Personally, the main thing I would have changed in Color’s story would be to wait until right at the end to reveal the mind control device while giving little hints throughout the story about it. While your fears are certainly a possibility, there are “kids” games that have more content, e.g. Lego City Undercover. However it turns out, I expect it to be alright.

    4. About that… Most Sonic games are meant for children. Hell, I was younger when I played Sonic 1 for the first time. Just because you got older and kept playing them, and SEGA occasionally throws in a reference, call-back or drowns you in nostalgia doesn’t change that fact. The SEGA was marketed towards kids just as other consoles were: a plaything. You got older, but the marketing decision’s going to stay the same.

      Being insulted or upset that SEGA’s going to continue making children’s games that you may or may not play because you like the franchise is silly. Really entitled, and really silly.

  3. Yeah, we keep hearing of these “exciting things” for Sonic, but where are they?

    1. If anything, I hope that this “exciting” adjective doesn’t have similarity with the marketing of Sonic 4. That was marketed one way, and made the other.

  4. you know i think im the only one here how remembered that today is the first sonic generations announcment trailer birthday

    1. Bahaha. Good one.

      Even though I’m one of the few who’d love a Sonic Battle 2.


      1. I am actually all for a Sonic Battle 2 too. That game meant a lot to me when I was younger and still now. It really deserves a chance. Especially with the whole Online connect-ability battles for 3DS theory. I only said it in a joking sense because more people dislike that game than praise it. 🙁
        But still Sonic Battle 2 all the way. 😀

  5. Did I ever mention I despise vague hype? I think I should.

    Vague hype is utter crap. “GET EXCITED FOR A FORTHCOMING ANNOUNCEMENT” is no way to get me excited, it just comes off as teasing.

  6. I want more cutscenes !!! Or i want a game like Sonic Unleashed *o* ( this is my favorite game ) the ps3 version is awesome ( my opinion )

  7. ‘The near future’ could mean anything. From one month to several.

    At least E3 isn’t that far away, when you look at it. Not counting this month only two more to go.

    We’re definitely going to hear something there.

  8. Me: I hope they announce a new Sonic game today!
    (Looks on news sites)
    News site: New mobile Sonic game app announced!
    Me: Grrrrrrrr… … … >:(

    1. Seriously though, when is a new Sonic game going to be announced?!?!?! No more of this mobile crud to keep us occupied because it’s only making me grow even more impatient. No more of the, “Oh yeah we’ve got a game in the works and we’ll show it in the near future.” Okay, well WHEN IS THE “NEAR FUTURE?” Please Sega, let there be a new Sonic game announced this month. I’m just not sure if I can wait ANOTHER 2 MONTHS for a Sonic announcement at E3. At least show us a teaser for crying out loud!!!!!! It’s not going to kill you, Sega! Goodness sakes Sega, what is with you and being so secretive… >:(

      1. Have you ever heard the word called “PATIENCE”??
        Can even last a single year waiting for a game to come out, can you?

  9. All this excitement and hype was caused by that stupid rumor in January…
    On another note, SEGA is probably trying too hard not to leak info on the new game so that is why we are left suffering.

  10. Ok, I’ll ask it from scratch.
    If I like SA/SA2 stuff, which category of fans I belong to?
    Nostalgic retro, since I’m 18+? But I find retro Sonics quite boring as well as Sonic 4.
    Modern boost games? But they’re boring too, to say the least, be it story, or design, or gameplay.
    I still consider yourself a Sonic fan. But, oh my god, not oldie and not a kid, who am I?

    1. “Who am I, and how do you know my name?” Sorry had to.
      I’d consider you a Dreamcast era fan, I guess. I disagree, but everyone has an opinion and preference; I like the series as a whole, retro, “adventure” style or modern, doesn’t matter to me. Just like sonic in general 😀
      Dreamcast era fan or Adventure-style fan I guess, that’s what I would call it anyway

      1. Okay, define “weird,” because I feel the same way. Adventure 2: Battle was my first Sonic game, and I’ve since played most of what came before and after it. None of the “classic” ones really do it for me, and while I enjoy the new stuff well enough it just isn’t the same. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog despite its grimdark tone and weird character portrayals, only because the controls were like Adventure 2’s but somehow even more solid.

        (If I play all my Sonic games on Nintendo consoles, does that make me a “Gamecube-era fan”? :p

  11. No problem 🙂
    Well I thought the same way, but it looks like Sega doesn’t acknowlenge the existence of Adventure era fans. Sega staff members repeat this formula: “retro and modern, retro and modern” – in every interview.

    I have even seen a couple of threads with hilarious sentences like “in 1999 when Sega presented Modern Sonic…”. I asked why people doesn’t consider Adventure Sonic design to be different from Modern. They said they can’t see much difference. I can’t settle it in my head.

    Though Generations had an Adventure era leves, but we still had to deal with lack of Adventure Sonic, with boost gameplay, and modern music remixes.

    1. “Adventure era” fans are considered retro fans. You know it’s those die hard fans that will stick with the franchise. I can see the strategy in Sega making the games appeal to younger audiences, because in the future, alot of them might actually become “retro fans”. And since Sonic has a huge fanbase these kids will have no problem fitting in as they get older. It’s a way to make a long-term relationship with their consumers and I kinda like the way they’re thinking it.

      1. >“Adventure era” fans are considered retro fans.
        New discoveries every day.

        Hmm, so Modern fans are simply the Sonic franchise potential “newcomers” who’s yet to play their first Sonic game?

  12. Sonic Adventure 3 will exist eventually for sure, same as Episode 3

    A new Sonic Cartoon based on the comics would be nice, pretty much building on what SATam left off.

    1. Or not…

      And I’m pretty sure Sonic Team have nothing to do with SatAM or the Archie comics, so I don’t see that happening either.

      1. Oh if only you knew how wrong you were and how heavily Sega influence and control the comics these days. XD

      2. Look up Sonic: Genesis and Worlds Collide; both stories that were not supposed to be in the comic, but Sega forced their hand to ensure they did. Genesis was what Ian Flynn came up with when Sega told him he needed to do something special for Sonic’s 20th (although his original story was already epic with a lasting impact). Worlds collide is for Mega Man’s 20th and is an attempt to get popularity for both Sonic & Mega Man, and an attempt to get money for Sega, Capcom and Archie. Plus, Sega is having the Archie team change Sally’s appearance so that she will seem more like “an official Sega character.” That’s just to name a few…

    2. Yeah, a cartoon based on Archie Comics sounds really good (if it doesn’t get screwed up or watered down), just hope they don’t change everyone voices in the games LOL.

  13. We all know there’s a new sonic game coming this november. Just announce it already, SEGA.

    1. Oh chill out. There’s a pattern to their announcements. I’m 99.5% sure that the announcement will be next month.

      1. Why don’t you chill out, sonic warrior lol
        I am fully aware of their ‘pattern’ and that is april/may.

        1. I don’t really need to…
          Well, if you are aware, then what was the point of saying that again…?

  14. I’m on this website everyday hoping to see the announcement of a new Sonic game or even a trailer or anything really and all I keep hearing is exciting new stuff for Sonic in the near future, which is great if you ask me.

    As a die hard Sonic (or Retro Sonic fan) I’ve been following the franchise since Sonic 1 was release (yes I’m that old) so I’m amazed to hear Sega still have plans for the blue blur. I mean Sonic has been running around our screens for over 21 years and he still isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Even during his dark age (Sonic 06 etc) this still didn’t stop him or slow him down. We should be greatful Sonic is still bouncing and speeding his way through our screens and consoles.

    Yes, as older gamer I would prefer to see a game which is suitable for all ages and not aimed at a specific age group. But as long as Sega keep making Sonic games, as a hardcore Sonic fan I will go out my way to buy them to help keep the blue blur running.

  15. I personally don’t want a new Sonic game this year beause I want SEGA to take all the time they need to make an amazing game. Skyward Sword took 5 years and is the perfect game, Portal 2 took 4 years and is known to be the best game ever existed. Why can’t we do that with Sonic, guys?
    I expect a Soncic game in 2014-2015. I want to wait for something amazing and I can wait because I have other things to do. Sonic gets a new title too quickly which could be why his games are so mediocre (though this obviously isn’t the only reason). Sonic Generations was great but only Sonic standard wise, it cannot compete with the best titles out there. I want Sonic to be one of the best games ever again.

    1. Portal 2 is known to be “the best game ever existed”? You mean that boring ass puzzle game mainstream shit? No. It’s not. Even the first one is alot better.


          1. What? You don’t have guts to try something different in the gaming industry, while still be a fan of Sonic?!

  16. Kids like a good game just as much as the “nostalgic, long-time fans”. Sonic will always sell to kids. Sonic will always sell to rabid die-hards. Make the mechanics solid and the game awesome, and this polarization you’re doing with “categories of fans” won’t exist.

  17. Secondary target needs more love… I’m not talk necessarily classic Sonic fans… more like the ones that want a more mature Sonic game… at least taking out any corny shit.

    1. Since when has there every been a ‘mature’ Sonic game? At that, a mature Sonic game that was pulled off well? Sonic is a franchise designed to cater to all audiences, but primarily kids. Trying to present something as intentionally cheesy and and cartoony as Sonic in a “mature” sense just will not work. It’s a concept that’s doomed to fail from the get-go.

  18. “we’re continuing to do core titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines.”

    I hope never to see another game like Colonial Marines. Really.

    1. I remember reading somewhere that they cancelled that title…. Then again, I’m not entirely sure if that was the game I was reading about.

  19. Well, at least I can expect some awesome song tracks in the next game!
    … I hope.
    At least a lot of time has been put into this new game, ’cause we all know how rushed games are. But about the target audience, I feel that it has risen a little, since the first game, with the simple: save the animals plot. But games like Sonic Adventure and over have grown to have more dramatic stories I guess. I don’t want the story of the game to be too kid friendly, but at the same time I don’t want it to be too mature, with deaths and extreme drama and such. Not too immature and not over mature, and remember the Sonic franchise can pull off quite a laugh, so a funny, heartwarming and detailed story is all I need. As for the gameplay, I could never finish Unleashed without the help of my brother because I was little, but that was because of the Light Gia play through, I did finish it later though, by myself. I think they should focus on Sonics gameplay so it can be both fun and challenging. And do the same if another character is playable in the next game.
    But really Im open to any kind of Sonic game as long as its good, unique and it stands out in the crowd. I won’t hate it because it’s different, I usually accept it for what it is.
    (Sorry for grammar Im very tired)

  20. I played SA2 as my first game and thought it was the best game ever. But then a few years later I played Sonic Unleashed and I wanted to cry. The night stages in my opinion were very annoying ( maybe its because I had it for the Nintendo Wii). I loved the day stages because they were fast paced and exciting like a Sonic game should be. It shouldn’t be like the werehog where you’re fighting or doing puzzles every 10 minutes. Don’t get me wrong I liked Sonic Unleashed just without the Night Stages. Also( I know I’m going to get flamed by saying this) but I kinda sorta liked Sonic 06.

  21. For those of you who are saying “SHOW US THE GAME NOW!!”, give Sega some fucking time! You don’t want Sega and Sonic Team to make the same mistake they did in 2006, do you? Wonder why Some people think its rushed? BECAUSE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY FUCKING PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR MORE THAN A ****ING YEAR TO LET THE GAME BE COMPLETE!!!!

    Look at Bioshock Infinite for example. It just came out last month. Because they had to delay it a few times to make sure they have the right QUALITY to make.

    Remember this quote? “A delayed game is eventually good. But a rushed game is forever bad.”

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’d love to see a new announcement as much as you guys, but I think Sega is letting Sonic Team take their TIME AND PATIENCE to make sure the next Sonic game for next gen systems (Such as PS4), will not be like the 06 mistake. So let them take their time. Some of you guys better be PATIENT.

    1. JESUS. Calm down. Jesus.

      Acting as if it’s my fault that sonic 2006 was rushed..

      There’s a huge difference in giving me a teaser trailer and releasing the full game.

      1. Alright man. Its just that some people here in the fanbase are like…. Demanding way too much maybe. Why can’t we get Sonic Chronicles 2, or maybe Sonic CD 2? Or better yet…. SONIC 5 (At retail stores instead of digital crap)!!

  22. ^There’s a difference between not announcing a game due to needing more time to complete it, or just teasing us. They didn’t come out with anything last year, and they already said they have a boxed game in store for us this year. They are teasing us, and they will make an announcement very soon.

    1. Uh, yes they did! All-Stars Racig Transformed. If its announced now, and Sega is saying it will take a long time to make for PS4, all of you people better be patient!!

        1. Uh. Yes it is! Even if its not a platformer. The important thing is this: We’re giving Sonic Team and Sega all the time they need, to make the next Sonic game great, next gen or not.

          Wonder why this generation of the gamig cycle took a long time to end? Sony, and Microsoft let Sega take all of their time to make Sonic get back on his feet. We’re here today, and so is the franchise.

        2. Besides. We should be hearing news on a game that’s either.

          1. A sequel: Sonic Chronicles 2 made for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and possibly Wii U.

          2. Sonic 5 that’s available for the platforms I listed for 1.

          3. A crossover game: Sonic Vs Mega Man game that’s available for the game platforms I listed in 1.

          4. A sequel to Sonic CD: Sonic CD 2, that’s not available on digital download on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U.

          I’m not listing the Xbox because the rumors about the next Xbox requiring an always on Internet connection is starting to be true. And Microsoft is only trying to get money, alienate their fans and customers.

          So it’s pretty safe to say “Future Sonic Games should be on PS4, and Wii U only.

          1. I like all of these ideas besides sonic cd 2, nothing against sonic cd, I just don’t think it would make sense because it wouldn’t be for the sega cd

          2. True. It might be available for the Sega CD. But, It’s just for a great thing for Sega. Like pretending developement for games on the CD never stopped.

  23. I like all the games, but I would like a deep story it doesnt have to be dark like sonic adventure 2 or shadow, I mean like, have a really impact story going on. (I feel like we haven’t had that for awhile, but unleashed was kind of nice it showed sonics deeper side than what he normally is (you know when he was in that werehog form, he had a small emotional struggle)). I just want one game through 2010-2020 where there’s a deep story involved is all :3, and the rest can be fun. (sonic 06 had the best deep stor for the cgi looking gamesy, don’t go mad at me for saying this but in my opinion it’s true, mephiles played mind games with shadow and it showed shadow isn’t some emotionless guy walking abOut since sa2, blaze ended up well dying in that timeline that doesn’t exist now and Elise (don’t hate on her, yes I know people hate her) she was emotionally hurting when she realised her and sonic would never meet again in the end and they wouldn’t remember anything.)) sorry for rambling xD I just wanted to state my opinion :).

  24. I’m not saying characters should die or like it be really heart breaking, I just want to see one of the characters go through an emotional struggle

  25. Man….I konw it is wrong to be impatient (especally with sonic) but I just can’t wait for this new game to be announced. I personally don’t care what direction they take with this next game, because I personally love every playing style when it comes to sonic (although I like the modern gameplay the most).

  26. Ok, why does everyone want a Sonic Chronicles 2, Or a Sonic CD 2 for that matter?
    Chronicles sucked and CD 2 would make no sense in the timeline.

  27. If you people are gonna get angry because sonic is being targeted to a younger audience, then by all means, do as you please. but just remember that sonic was always targeted towards a young audience. remember when you were a kid and played sonic games? Just saying.

  28. Why doesn’t anybody remember that Sonic’s original rating was K-A (Kid to Adult)
    Sonic is for everybody, not a certain audience no matter what SEGA says.

  29. I just want to see Knux Shadow and the other characters that seem to have been forgotten to come back. All through Unleashed I was thinking “where the hell is GUN surely they would care about the world being ripped to pieces. I’m a bit bored of Sonic and Tails being the only main characters.

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