SEGA Hosting Mascot Design Contest


Want to become the next Oshima-san or Hoshino-san? SEGA Raw are currently hosting a competition for order for fans to design a new mascot for that will promote their NicoNico Douga live show!

According to SEGABits, they are looking for a character design that incorporates the spirit of SEGA. Sounds simple? If your idea wins, not only are you immortalised as a SEGA character creator, you also receive an autograph from the show’s host Nagoshi…and ALL of the merchandise and products that SEGA will make of the character!

SEGABits has also kindly detailed all of the information you will need in order to submit a design:

Application Period: Open until June 9th 2013.
Picture Format Accepted: Any resolution in JPG, GIF, or PNG format no larger than 10MB.
Contest Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト

How to enter:

  1. Create a NicoNico account
  2. Create your design of a mascot character that represents Sega.
  3. Visit this page
  4. Enter the following from top to bottom:
    1. Upload your image.
    2. Image Title
    3. Image description
    4. Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト
    5. Image type: キャラクター (6th selectable from the top)
  5. Click the submit button (black button at the bottom)

Time to get scribbling away!

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  1. “a character design that incorporates the spirit of SEGA”
    lol but that’s Sonic
    I don’t see any other character design for this.

    1. I thought for some time that this was going to be for the mascot of a new TV show (like a new “TV show”), but I had the wrong picture at first and I didn’t know that it was actually like…. just a mascot, not in a “TV show”, perhaps series is a better word – or for clarification consider a comparison to Bananas in Pyjamas vs Hoot the Owl on ABC, if that makes it clearer.

      I’ve noticed that SEGA is recently taking fan help somewhat more.

    1. This for NicoNico Douga which i think is Sega’s equivalent to Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct. (Corret me if i’m worng)

      1. Nico Nico is a video service in japan. Think of it as a Japan-aimed Youtube. SEGA’s just gonna do a streaming show using it.

  2. So… Is there an age restriction, or 14-year-olds that can draw can’t be apart of this? It seems kinda fun, creating a new mascot for a video game company and all.

      1. Or, edit the spikes, his gloves, and shoes and you get Pana Der Hejhog.
        The character from a short hack made by MarkeyJester.

    1. Oman.. Sega would be back @ the top of the game consoles market if they adopt Sonichu and his not-fucked-by-any-other-guy girlfriend and few thousand sons n’ daughters for this competition.

  3. Oh my god … My heart stopped beating for a few seconds! SONIC IS THE BEST <3 Sonic is my life *O*

  4. Chillax guys they’re not replacing Sonic.

    Besides Link isn’t Nintnedo’s mascot. GLaDOS isn’t Valve’s mascot. If Sonic won’t be SEGA’s mascot I suppose it won’t make much of a difference. Okay, probably less games every year, but I think that’s a good thing.

    1. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. Sonic is the face of Sega and their most popular franchise. It will be a pretty dumb move on Sega’s part if that happens.

  5. Someone should try to send in the blue rabbit that was also a design for SEGA back in the day. I wonder if they would actually recognize it.

  6. This is it, the Sonic fanbase officially consists of 90% idiots who believe that Sega is working on a game called Sonic Propel. Now this? Fuck you guys. :/

      1. Well, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for fucking. So no, fuck you. No offence.. or something.

  7. Woah, this is strange. Do you need to pay to make a NicoNico account? Otherwise I can’t contribute XD Also does it need to be Sonic-like? I could imagine a Chao or other type mascot for this little thing, if they are looking for originality.

  8. Does Sega is bored of Sonic ? Who will be a new Sega Mascot Sonic the Hedgehog or Female Sonic ? Otherwise sorry for my stereotypical thoughts when I’m start to worring or being angry on somebody for example like Sega , but this is the most stupid Sega decision .

    1. Okay..

      1. English. Do you speak it?
      2. Sega is a person with feelings and it got bored and decided to ditch Sonic outta the window ’cause he’s boring him. Besides, they make games for fun, not for money. Yes. No money.
      3. DAFUQ are you going on ’bout?

      1. you were doing okay, until your second point, Sega is not a person, it’s a company, they are not getting rid of sonic, the mascot design is for another branch of Sega. Also, Sega ;as a company, does not make games for fun, they are legitimately making games for money, as any company would.
        yes the person that you were replying to doesn’t seem to speak English well, but, that’s not for us to judge.

  9. I think I’ll give it a try. But they’re not really clear on what they want. Do they want to stay true to the Sonic Style (Mobian) look, or do they want a whole new mascot? Because I have two characters in mind that I could send in… Three if a side-kick would be allowed to go with one.

  10. Calm down everybody SEGA isn’t going to replace Sonic as their Company Mascot, they just want a mascot for their Niconico live show.


  12. Gotta love how most of the mascots submitted so far are just basically Sonic fancharacters.

    When are people going to learn that Sega is not just about Sonic?

  13. I for one find it hilarious the number of people who are convinced that this means Sonic is being replaced.

      1. That’s a fake news site for joke purposes. They also reported SEGA would be doing official Sonic porn.

        1. Yes, but everyone who sees it is convinced it’s the truth. I’d never heard of the website or the other false news before now, so many, many other people would be in the same boat.

          1. Its like any troll can post fake news and article about Sega and people are so quick to believe it wouthout knowing the real story or doing proper research

      2. Why would I need to see that? I’ve read the original source material and know EXACTLY what this thing is.

  14. Plus, doesn’t SEGA hold a small piece of Hatsune Miku? If they want views and money, there’s their views and money.

    1. They own the license to make her games and concerts, and that’s it. It’d be like saying Capcom can use Disney’s Alladin as a mascot because they made games about him.

  15. Surely Sega won’t be replacing True Blue any time, heheh.

    As much as I want to design a mascot for Nico-Nico Seiga (SEGA?), I just wish the procedure is more… English-friendly?

  16. Phew! I thought that SEGA will replace Sonic, lucky this was a design for another different segment. Sonic is a perfect mascot for SEGA because his fur color is blue (^_^)

  17. Just a quick question, when are the winners announced? If it’s on the SEGA Raw show, when does that show air?

    Sorry if it’s written somewhere on the links above. My Japanese isn’t the best..

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