Jazwares Announces Even More New Sonic Toys

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Now you might remember not very long ago we brought you evidence that Jazwares were planning a major increase in it’s Sonic merchandise line this year? With life-sized rings, ASRT figures and even cosplay masks?

Well according to several ‘fact sheets’ dug up by Russian fansite ‘Sonic Characters’ Jazwares looks set to increase it’s Sonic line with several unannounced figures and some new transforming plushies.

Hit that read more link to see all the new toys.



The normal Sonic figures now come with new accessories. Small chaos emeralds that sit on a base which lights up, giving the impression that the emeralds are glowing.

New Sonic & Shadow plushies which turn inside out, giving the impression that they transform into their super forms. I should point out here, this will be the first time a Super Shadow plush has ever been made.

And news which will please a lot of merch collectors. Rouge the Bat & Shadow comic book pack which was thought to have been cancelled actually looks like it’s going to be put into production.

You can see each factsheet in the gallery below. They also include a few other unreleased toys that we covered earlier in the year. Anyone spot anything they like? I’d quite like the Rouge comic book pack and the ASRT planes myself.

Source: Sonic Characters Twitter feed

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  1. Holy moly! Transforming plushies, glowing emeralds and rings, treasure team tango comic-toy bundle, and is that a Sonic roller race track? Have Jazwares not read my mind? Hold on, awesome toys I want+ upcoming birthday= 😀
    It’s always nice to see Sonic thriving in some way.

  2. I already have the Excalibur and Lancelot figures~

    Can’t wait to add Blacksmith Tails to my collection!

    (still really want that Blaze figure though)

  3. I’ll take that Sonic to Super Sonic plush, please! And that Smithy!Tails figure’ll make a good birthday present for my best friend if it comes out in time.

    Gotta love the photoshopping job on Shadow for Super Shadow, though. xD

  4. F*CK YOU Hogfather! those are toys for YOU! .|.
    but for me those are merchandise for grown up people!

  5. no love for Percival? 🙁 Although i am surprised tails is having a figure.
    Jazwares have some interesting concepts for toys and plushies!

  6. Seriously, they make a Sir Galihad but no Percival? Last I checked Percival played a key part in Black Knight. Jazwares, what the heck?

  7. I hope the reason the stuff at Toys R Us is on clearance is to make room for these guys… I was going to order Excalibur Sonic from the States but I wanted to wait for the Sir Galahad figure.

  8. The black knight ones look awesome. I may have to save up and get a few of those 😀

    1. Well one of the Amazon retailers has an item number for a Sir Lamorak figure, so maybe it just wasn’t on the sheet they found. The Tails one was a surprise to me though.

  9. must…buy….giant ring.
    with it, I can get hit with various blunt objects and never die. lol

    I really like how detailed the Black Knight figures are.

  10. Given how many Silver toys they are making, I’m going to guess that he has a fairly good chance of appearing in the next major Sonic game. Blaze, not quite as much of a chance. I guess they don’t want to have to explain the whole “who is Eggman Nega’s arch-nemesis” at the moment.

  11. I’ll buy team Chaotix! I don’t have them yet… also I need Modern Amy and Classic Tails, and a new Knuckles toy because my other one broke.

  12. Very awesome! I was wondering if they were ever gonna make a Black Knight figure of Tails. I figured it was a scrapped idea or something and I’m amazed that they actually plan on producing it.

  13. Percival: Fully playable in Black Knight and one of the Knights or the Round Table, key part to the story.
    Gailihad: Only playable in the multiplayer mode and doesn’t even appear in the story
    Why does Jazwares seem to just forget about Blaze?

    1. I was thinking the same but it must be because they think that most Sonic fans are male and only want to buy male characters, so that’s why we don’t have Percival nor Amy, and why we can only get Blaze and Rouge through a bundle pack with another male character, and that’s too bad because a I just love Blaze/Percival a lot more than Silver or any of the Chaotix.

  14. My god those Black Knight figures are awsome, the replica ring is sweet, and we are FINALLY getting that Rouge the Bat figure we were promised forever ago…this is a good year for Sonic merch.

  15. What happened to their Tails Super Poser??
    They NEED to rerelease it. But thankfully the ASR figures are rereleasing and
    making ASRT figs as well. The mini racers- i reckon Hot Wheels should have made them.

  16. Those all look great.
    Not played Black Knight myself, since I pretty much missed out on all Sonic from 2006-2011 [with the purchase of Generations ending that five year gap] and now I’m playing catch up. But I must admit, even they look great.
    For me, it would most likely be Team Chaotix and the Shadow Plush. Anything Espio for Shadow has to be an instant buy for me.

  17. I’m really looking forward to the Tails ones (and that light-up ring catches my interest too).

  18. Well I hope these will be in the UK soon. So far all the sonic merchandise I saw in my local toy store are the Sonic Universe #1 comic book pack, the 2oth anniversary figures, super posers and the F4F a-like figures

  19. Hmm… Some of these figures are just re-releases. The overall quality isn’t horrible, but some… well, the articulated Silver figure is especially awful. He doesn’t appear to be on model nor scale next to Sonic and Shadow.

    One thing that I do appreciate, though.. they get Super Shadow’s colors right! Not even SEGA seems to be able to do that post Sonic Adventure 2. He is meant to be an off-white, creamy color, but /never/ yellow. Good job!
    The transforming plushes are a neat idea, as well. I had one once that was a caterpillar which transformed into a butterfly. Absolutely awesome. Then my hedgehog that turns into a ball. =3

  20. wow I wish I had all of these and by the way hogfather I’m subscribed to your youtube channel

  21. I would give away ALL my Sonic plushies for those reversible ones! Those are MUST HAVE items!

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