Insert Coin Shows Off New Sonic Clothing


Well that didn’t take long! It was only a few days ago that we brought you news that Insert Coin were making a new line of Sonic & Sega clothing, today they showed off the designs.

It seems that this time it’s not just Sonic & Eggman that are getting attention. Whist there is a Sonic shirt as espected, there’s designs based on other characters and even one on the Green Hill Zone itself.


We have the Miles Prower Flight School shirt, which looks like those shirts you get at uni or college when joining a certain group or team. The Knuckles Physical Edutcation Hoodie, which looks like something you’ve seen in every 80’s movie that has a training montage. And we have the Project Shadow hoodie, so if you want to pretend you were working on the ‘Shadow Project’ theres your chance.

However, the main attraction (as pictured above) has to be and ladies I am so jealous… the Sonic/Green Hill Zone leggings. If anyone wears these… To quote a one Gok Wan “Girlfriend you got style!” *clicks fingers in the air*

Also included in the range where a shirt based on Space Channel 5 and Jet Set Radio. No prices or release dates were given just yet.

Source: Insert Coin


  1. Way too simple designs…

    I like the Project Shadow sweat shirt but…. the rest is like… Really?

    You have to be a decent Sonic fan to understand what most of these really mean or even come from…

    1. To be honest, I’m not even sure where that symbol from that shirt is coming from. I probably never paid attention to the symbol actually used XD

    2. I feel like these having simple designs, and also having sort-of “hidden” meanings, as in, what a non-Sonic fan wouldn’t usually know, may be so that they can increase sales off of non-Sonic fans, if you get where I’m getting at. Like how most non-Sonic fans wouldn’t know what these are about, and they may buy them if they’re not the kind who are fussed about design, but just want something to wear as long as it looks simple, good, and the design looks “anonymous”. Although, that’s, at most, just what I feel, apart from the obvious, which is that the simplicity may contribute to a reduction of their productional expenditures.

      1. I bet 6/10 people will get the South Island shirt, knuckles hoodie, and Miles Prower shirt thinking that a Miles Prower flight school, a knuckles physical ed. program, and south island actually existed in ’92 and ’94. Especially the Miles Prower one because most non-Sonic fans will know Miles as Tails.

  2. Look how high the rings are on those leggings :O

    Insert Coin do an ok job on their clothing, the quality is top notch.. it’s just sometimes a reference is so obscure that you’ll be the only person to understand it. There also seems to be a lot of free space on shirts/hoodies that they could fill .. the 20th Anniversary Sonic hoodie I have is just screaming for a Sonic logo to be slapped on the back

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