Insert Coin Making New Sonic & Sega Clothing

In 2011 Insert Coin announced that they were making Sonic themed T-shirts and hoodies in celebration of Sonic’s 20th anniversary. Well, it looks like they’re about to make some new items.

Posting on their blog, Insert Coin have announced their intentions to produce new shirts and hoodies based on Sonic and other Sega franchises such as Shenmue and even Streets of Rage. There were no details on the designs, however the blog mentions that the new range is…

inspired by the FULL Sonic the Hedgehog back catalogue AND SEGA All Star Racing Transformed.

The blog also mentions that they’re making clothing articles for specifically for girls, specifically ‘a special vest top’ and leggins inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. Whilst you might be thinking along the lines of ‘blue leggins’ I direct your attention to their designs for Street Fighter 2 leggings.


Just imagine those… but with Sonic.

Stay tunned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: Insert Coin blog. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! The merchandise is getting better and better!! Today I went into asda and I found a Sonic duvet set for 10 pounds!!! It was so awesome, and for once I had money on me 😀
    My parents haven’t seen it, but I can already picture the look of shame on their faces when they see what their 17 year old daughter had brought C:

      1. Lol I remember begging my mm to let me have a double bed, but now I’m so glad she didn’t :3

  2. WOW! Just imagining girls wearing Sonic leggings sounded like a miracle. Now it is coming true… RADICAL! 😀
    (Maybe it is time for Amy to get a style change also.)
    On another note, I can’t wait to finally get some official Sonic clothing for myself.

    1. that would be nice, if that were the case. anyone i know despises the blue hedgehog and not even for valid reasons. i just get people saying “oh, because he’s blue, and gay” or “the games are mindless” or “uh, it’s just a cartoon” or some stupid reason like that. you see, sonic isn’t so popular in the middle east. i’ve been to europe and i’ve met a few fans maybe 2 or 3. i’m not sure how many people like him in the u.s. but considering how much merch he is getting lately i’m guessing he’s very popular.

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