Get a Free Preview of Mega Man #24: Worlds Collide!

7abbfd230d486da96b424aa323ab65f8For anyone who’s been following Archie Comics’ Sonic/Mega Man crossover, you can now treat yourself to a free digital preview of the upcoming Mega Man #24: Worlds Collide!

Get your first look at the crossover event of 2013 here! Before worlds collide in Mega Man #24, check out this digital-exclusive FREE preview! Get a recap of the events leading up to the crossover, see some amazing upcoming covers by Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, and get an exclusive first-look at some of the interior artwork from Mega Man #24! Get ready, folks-it’s Blue times TWO!

All you have to do to get your hands on the preview is to register on the Comixology site, add the preview to your basket, and proceed through the checkout! Easy peasy!

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Tally-ho! Doctor MK is a writer and English Language enthusiast with a love of gaming, especially when it comes to Sonic! He's known for being fond of puns, so provide opportunities for wordplay at your peril. Founder of the Sonic Relief fundraising campaigns (2009-2011).


  1. Okay enough of this comic book bullshi*. We want a full-blown real Sonic And Megaman Crossover game.. Or better yet, A FUC*ING MEGAMAN GAME THAT’S NOT A SHI**Y IPHONE CASH GRAB OR AN “8-BIT” STYLED BULLSHI*. Seriously. It’s getting annoying.

    1. That’s your opinion. To me, I’ve been waiting for this crossover a long time now and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 12 issues.

    2. Man, easy down with the rant. The comics an’t that bad, sure they ain’t like the games, but there not ment to be like them. Heck, the opening of each issue says so as well. Oh BTW, i really like to see a Sega VS Capcom, whle were still on this topic.

    3. “We want a full-blown real Sonic And Megaman Crossover game..”

      “We”? Pffft… get lost. “We” don’t want any Sonic/MM crossover game, YOU want a Sonic/MM crossover game. Keep that overrated, whored out character out of my Sonic games.

  2. Just downloaded it, nice gesture from Archie, also this event needs more publicity.

    Hope Capcom decides to make a Sonic VS Megaman fighting game after this, I mean, there are a lot of reasons why it would be a great idea:

    -Capcom has good business relations with Sega (see Project X Zone).
    -Capcom loves crossovers and after SNK, Marvel, Tatsunoko and Namco Sega would be the next logical step, this could even be a Sega VS Capcom game.
    -Good for the Megaman franchise, there hasn’t been a new game in ages, also Megaman didn’t appeared in Marvel VS Capcom 3.
    -Would be the next fighting game from Capcom without the need of making more sequels, there also the oportunity to try different things.
    -The game would shit millions of dollars thanks to the combined might of both franchises fan base.

  3. I agree with everyone here… the comics have always been good (and are certainly WAY better written than most of the games) but what we really want is a crossover game. It’s like Sega and Capcom are sitting on a gold mine, but are too oblivious to do anything with it. I say someone should start a petition to get these 2 icons in a game together, I’d sign that right away.

  4. HA! My prediction was correct! I knew Sonic & Megaman would begin by fighting each other! If this comic sells amazingly, then there should be a crossover game. If not, then they can pass, but Megaman should at least get another game for the kids of this generation. (The whole shooting things and exploration aspect without the bullets and violent stuff would be perfect!)
    On another note, the comics are one of the only Sonic things that haven’t been affected by SEGA’s bad decision making, so that is why they are so respectable. (Although, I never really was fond of Sally…)
    Can’t wait until the first issue, and I hope you’ll all join! 🙂

  5. I’m sorry, I know that this is a huge deal for Sega, capcom and Archie, but MegaMan’s not my favorite video game character by a long-shot. The fact that the story for Sonic AND Sonic Universe will be put on hold for four months, and both comics will be filled with characters from a video game I really dont care for just sucks. Plus, while set in a temporary alternate reality like the Genesis story, the events can still have a lasting impact on both comics, which sucks even more. I’m not trying to bring those who are looking forward to this down, but for Mega Man fans who don’t care for Sonic, and for Sonic fans who don’t like Mega Man, this story can’t be over fast enough. At least I get some art from Patrick Spaziante on the covers, but after reading the book for over 8 years, and Universe since issue 1, this story I’m looking forward to the least out of any story since I’ve started reading/collecting any Sonic comic published by Archie.

    1. Agreed. Plus I loathe Mega Man and I wish people would let that franchise zombie die. If you ask me, he’s not worth the ink wasted in this crossover. If I cared about Archie’s Sonic comics, I would be angry at them for wasting their time and resources in this crossover rather than spending them on regular Sonic comics.

    2. Very well said! That is just how I felt when I first heard of this, but I just told myself that Mega Man can possibly be very interesting so I am giving it a chance. Plus, it isn’t just Sonic and a bunch of Mega Man characters, it is Sonic characters and Mega Man characters, so maybe the action will be balanced evenly. Just give it a chance.

      1. True; I haven’t missed an issue since 149, so I know I’m going to end up getting this story, I can’t skip them just because of Mega Man (plus I’ll probably end up buying the parts included in the MM series). And I’ll at least read it once. I know there’s been some great MM games, it’s just one of those series that never really peeked my interest. The biggest issue I’m having isn’t technically that Mega Man is in the story; it’s the fact that I have to wait 4 months to see what actually happens after 247 and SU 50; plus, the end result could change due to World’s Collide. I had the same problem with genesis; I loved the story (since it was an adaptation of the first 2 sonic Genesis games), but wondering whether it was a reboot and not being able to see what happened after 225 made me not enjoy it as much. At least during that story, I could have my regular Sonic comic fix by reading the Scourge story in SU. Plus, the 250 milestone is a part of this, which really sucks as the milestone issues usually have a huge event occur in the series that impacts it for at least a year. I looked up Mega Man and tried to get excited, but I looked forward to it less after seeing all of the characters names especially lol. I know some people probably think the same thing about Sonic but…oh wow, long comment lol. Sorry about that, thanks for letting me vent XD

  6. Can’t wait for the real thing.. still don’t want to jump into the Mega Man series thou

  7. I hate Mega Man, it’s the most overrated video game I’ve played, and I’ve played Final Fantasy. All of his damn games play the same. Every single one of them features the same overly repetitive, frustrating, uncreative, aged, and just plain boring gameplay. The only reason people think MM games are good is nostalgia. If you give a modern gamer who has never played Mega Man before a MM game, he’ll tell you that it’s crap. That’s why MM games are commercial failures these days; they only appeal to a niche group (the MM fanboys). Mega Man is the Power Rangers of video games: it’s an awful franchise whose latest installments nobody cares about, but people think its original installments were good because they experienced them when they were kids and didn’t know any better, and now they let their memories cloud their judgement.

    Mega Man fanboys: flame me all you want, but you know deep inside that it’s the truth.

    1. I may not hate him as much as you, but I agree…I actually almost wish it were a video game instead, that way I wouldn’t have to buy it. I know I really do have a choice, but I’m not going to pass up 4 months of STH AND Universe when I haven’t missed an issue of STH in over 8 years, and I’ve never missed an issue of Universe. It just plain sucks; I keep looking up Mega Man. So, there’s Bubble Man, Pharoah Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man,Elec Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Air Man, Metal Man, Crash Man, Wood Man (hehe…Wood Man), Flash Man (goes around in a trench coat lol). Need I go on? Those are definitely some creative names, there. And lets not forget Dr.Light. I’m trying to give it a chance, but the more MM stuff I look up, the more I’m dreading this cross-over, and the more anxious I am for it to be over. Even the Free Comic Book this year is the Mega Man cross-over. It won’t be as bad as the Sabrina the Teenage Witch cross-over..then again, that was only in 1 issue, and the issue that had it was a Super Special, not even a main comic! PLUS, that SS had a regular story.

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