Freak-Out Friday: Forgetting Something?

The most unexpected thing happened at the Metropolis Zone, and the victim? None other than CelestOrion, with the folks from Sonic Paradox’s ParadoxPowerPlays roaring at his expense.


I couldn’t believe it either at first, but holy crap!

Personally, Dr. Mack Foxx’s laughter just sells it.

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  1. … wow. Talk about a trollish ending.

    It’s also a pretty good example of the “Genocide Backfire” trope. Always be thorough!

    1. I always thought that it was the hubris that the fans built up for by exiling his friends and any additional playable characters to the sidelines and cutscenes.

  2. I WON I guess I can put the contr… OH CRAP!

    Still having a few nightmares about that boss in Sonic 4: E1 I guess next time you’ll pop all the balloons!


  3. The laughter does sell it!
    My sister heard it and asked me to show it to her too!

  4. I was watching this, and as the fake Robotnik drifted into shot I just thought, “No…surely not…it won’t…OMG IT DID”.

  5. That laugh was like. . Joker worthy XD
    The Mark Hamil Joker, not the Heath Ledger one.

    Oh my god I’m crying from laughing so much ^ ^-

  6. That’s one hell of a glitch. Guess like the programmers forgot that if the Eggmobile/Egg-o-Matic gets destroyed before the ballons are popped then all the balloons should have been popped automatically. Well I foresee a Taxman Version of Sonic 2 being released with that glitch fixed.

  7. Thinking about the laughing, I think the Super Gaming Bros. Sonic 06 multiplayer case was funnier. See the first time they go to Flame Core. It’s too funny! Hell, I think it deserves a Freak-Out Friday moment! XD

  8. All I can think of is the 10th Doctor in his Tardis looking at his screen and saying WHAT?!
    Total IRONY though 😉

  9. I can’t believe it myself.

    How is it possible to have THAT many lives?

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