Freak-Out Friday: A Sucky No Choosing Day

Did you ever have the misfortune of watching a single episode of an anime called Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de? The show that retold the Nintendo vs. SEGA console war with a feudal fantasy twist (which, in concept, sounded like a pretty cool idea)? Those of us who did were pretty hyped for it when news first broke; we marked our calendars for the premiere and waited, thinking of what possible wonders would await us in this series…

…and then the first episode came out. Expectations dashed, everyone goes home. Turns out that Aoi Sekai is more “Oppai-Oppai” in quality than “Opa-Opa”, if you catch my drift…

To give you a better idea of this show’s terribadness and to save you the trouble of looking the series up (no, really, you’re welcome), here’s an abridged version of the first episode! Put together by Cyberlink420, the guy behind the Sonic F series, here is the appropriately titled A Sucky No Choosing Day!


Psst: if you guys enjoyed watching Cyberlink writhe in pain as much as I did, nag him about Episode 2!

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  1. I knew this was going up. I KNEW IT.

    Also, I don’t care, episode 2 needs to be done. Tetris’ sexuality becomes amazingly ambiguous, and I wanna hear LK make more dick jokes.

    1. Eh, I enjoy the anime for a cheap laugh. Then again, I’m not hard to please.

      inb4 people rage that someone likes this

  2. This is better then the actual version that’s subbed. This seriously needs a 2nd episode though.

  3. It should really speak volumes about how bad this show is if you need a YouTube parody to make it less cringeworthy. This isn’t even like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Dragon Ball Z where the original shows were flawed-yet-still-good, but the Abridged incarnations made them better. Aoi Sekai is just… bad. If I ever watch another episode of this anime again, it’ll be through an abridged series, CyberLink made or otherwise.

  4. No, I don’t need to watch this again. You can’t tell me to. I’m a rebel. You can tell by my backwards hat! *Ping* Word!

  5. episode 3 had some great inside joke’s, the whole alex kidd old sega mascot dyeing and sonic absorbing him to take his place was sad but funny.

  6. When I first saw the character art for this anime, I literally thought it was a April fools joke. I could not fathom the idea of a anime parody of the Nintendo and Sega console war and just by watching this, This is just awful. The anime I mean, the parody is fantastic.

  7. I would’ve laughed so hard if 10 seconds after Tails died he flew down from the sky and claimed ‘I’M INVINCEBLE!’

  8. I would love to help out doing a Dub voice. I would be perfect for Dr. Eggman, provided he would be in upcoming episode.

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