ESRB Lists Three More Sonic Games for 3DS Virtual Console

Tails Adventure Game Gear Box Art

A few months ago, the Australian Ratings Board posted listings for both Tails Adventure and Sonic Drift 2. Now the ESRB has followed suit, listing not only these games but also Sonic the Hedgehog G.G., the Game Gear/Master System version of Sonic 1.

Of course, nothing is confirmed until SEGA confirms it, but with two ratings boards listing both TA and SD2, it’s probably safe to assume that we will at least be getting those games. If you’d like to read about some of Sonic’s history on the Game Gear, go check out my article about Sonic Triple Trouble.

Source: GoNintendo

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  1. Awesome! I better go get some points cards! I’ve been meaning to try out Tails Adventure for a while now, but I never got to it. (And Sonic Drift 2 I guess…)

  2. This is great! I actually loved Tails Adventure and it’s a very underrated sonic platformer.

  3. I want a Tails Adventure 2 xD. I remember playing this game. Did it have the ability to save? If it can, then I’ll buy it!

  4. SEGA should make a remake for both Tails Adventure and Knuckles Chaotix with the same graphical styling as sonic 4. It would be so much fun and a nice tribute to tails and knuckles fans.

    1. Wouldn’t it make a ton of more sense if SEGA re-released the Sonic Advance games?! This is cool too, but the Sonic advance games deserve more love for being such awesome games!

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