The Sonic Show’s Opinion Zone Act 1: Playstation 4 & Preowned Games



We feel we have neglected our iTunes crowd for a while so we return to your ears with a new series of discussion shows. And how do we start off? By not talking about Sonic.


But with all the Playstation 4 buzz can you blame us? The Sonic Show crew go over Sony’s conference before going into it’s backwards compatibility and what it means to the industry. Oh and Jay explains why he thinks preowned games are evil!

What did you think?

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Oh and next time it will be Sonic discussion! 😉


  1. Sony is going to lose as shit load of cash to the WiiU and the Next Gen 360 for adding a lockout for preowned games. Right now the economy is still not stable enough for people to buy brand new games at $50-60 a pop. There is no market right now for those new games, preowned is still the best way to go.

  2. @bmhedgehog
    They’ve already confirmed that the PS4 will indeed play used games. The question is whether the next Xbox will.

  3. I’m pretty sure there’s an EU law coming in concerning being able to sell digital licenses. Will completely bone over Microsoft and Sony’s efforts to stamp out used games.

    Or something.

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