Sonic Generations Unleashed Project Mod Now… Unleashed!

unleashedproject-logoAfter a little over a year in development, Sonic Retro community members Dario FF, Twilightzoney, and Chimera have released what is likely to be the one of the greatest non-Christmas presents PC gamers could ever ask for. For those who own Sonic Generations, start howling with joy, because the Unleashed Project Mod is finally available to the public!

The mod replaces the Generations stages with the daylight levels from Sonic Unleashed! That’s right: Apotos, Mazuri, Spagonia, Holoska, Chun-nan, Shamar, Adabat and Empire City have been successfully ported and beautifully remastered in high definition for your gaming pleasure! Not to mention a brand spankin’ new White Space to go with it, complete with its own Unleashed White Space Medley!

Be sure to thank the Unleashed Project Team, because this is a job well freaking done. Check out the release trailer after the jump!


For extra details as well as downloads, head on over to the Unleashed Project Mod DB page! Don’t forget to pick up the trailer music via Falk’s Soundcloud page while you’re at it!

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  1. FINALLY! HELL YEAH! Too bad I don’t own Gens PC partially because my PC could not handle it……….

  2. Man with all these Sonic Generations mods for the PC maybe I might consider picking up a copy of the game.

  3. Yay! Now I can play Unleashed without going through those %#*%*(@*#@)(&%#& Werehog levels. Seriously, I almost threw the controller before I shelved my PS3 copy. Thanks Dario and Co!

  4. Sadly I had to pass on this since my laptop has a bad Graphics Card as I got Sonic Generations on PC but it doesn’t work. If can nitpick one thing is that Rooftop Run looks the same, but that’s it. Can’t wait for the soundtrack however.

  5. Me: Yay!! No stupid button sequences!!
    Everyone: …… Really??
    Me: What? You all know you hated those!!

  6. Well…THIS should keep me busy till the next sonic game! there was only 1 dlc for generations and THAT sucked balls! whoever did the music should do more mixes like that, especially like the way the handled it when whitespace was showcased! (to bad I don’t have it for pc…)

  7. Excellent. My only complaint is that during the middle of Jungle Joyride (After the forest section when you run on water) the game drops to about 20-25 fps (from the consistent over 60 fps) and keep in mind that I have a high-end rig (way more than enough for Generation’s optimal) and that even the forest section which most people seem to have a problem with it runs perfectly for me, so what’s up with that water section?

  8. Wow. If only I had the PC version.
    I’ve got the demo for the game, but it doesn’t seem to run as smooth as I’d like. However, since I’ve recently hundred percented the PS3 version, I might consider even if it doesn’t run as good just for this.

  9. Beautiful… Brings a tear to my eye~ Also, totally grabbing that sweet music, thanks for the link!

  10. No PC version here, but props where props are due.

    These guys are really dedicated to spend a year doing this. Hats off to you!

  11. Truly a wonderful achievement. This game looks so amazing in every way… I’m speechless. 🙂

  12. But…I liked beast Sonic (well “like”; it was more fun than playing the speed Sonic stages but overall it wasn’t a great Sonic game, just a good game).

  13. When will the Classic versions be done?

    … Just kidding, of course. I’ll try this out as soon as I can 😀

  14. I reckon that Sonic Unleashed had better Werehog stages on the Wii and PS2 than on the other versions and the 360/PS3 versions had better day-time stages than the Wii/PS2 versions. The daytime versions in those were the best of 3D modern Sonic games in my opinion 🙂

  15. Wow, this is pretty impressive. Kudos to all the people who worked on it all this time.

    Honestly I’m still surprised that sega hasn’t actually made any new DLC for Generations other than the Casino Night pinball stage. The game is like a giant canvas; I don’t see why they wouldn’t add on to it.

    1. The cars that you have to avoid in Empire City are even a greater (more original) touch!

  16. So, after Sega seeing ALL of these mods fans made on their own.. Aren’t they going to integrate a workshop in steam to attract even more players?

  17. Too bad I don’t a PC version of Sonic Gen or I’d get the mod. Also, I wish someone would also redo the night stages that they were meant to be as well as other pre-Sonic Adventure stages (as of mods of Bean, Bark, and Fang/Nack for this game), but only one can dream, huh?

  18. I’m not entirely sure I understand the point of this. Is it just to have the daytime stages in a format that you can skip to and not have to mess with the hassle of the night stages? Also, I think it’d be neat to set some of these stages at night. I feel we missed that opportunity in unleashed to rush through a late night city skyline.

  19. Congrats on the release! From what I’ve seen it looks impressive.
    …But can everyone at the front of the comments leave Sonic alone? ;_;

  20. I love seeing Chris K. getting so mad… even though he will probably just comment below saying he isn’t.

    1. And then he’ll go on TSSZ and start the same nonsense with the same comments… XD

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