SegaSky’s TOP 5: Games You Love, That Are REALLY TERRIBLE.

The Sonic Show’s Top 5 series is one that is annually spun out of its grave to test the community and see if it can get by without upsetting anyone.

This time folks seems to be no different either, as Skyler aka SegaSky aka this guy, takes the helm to discuss the Sonic games that the community defend so hard depsite maybe not being all that a bag of chips.


Do you agree with the listing? Hit us up in comment section below!


  1. LOL This happens to be very close to a similar topic we are discussing on Sonic Talk this week. New episode will be up tonight.

    1. “Watches show” Okay, not EXACTLY the same. We discuss what Sonic games like like that are generally hated.

      BTW, I seriously agree with Sonic Adventure 2. It’s just not a very good game and I HATE Shadow.

      1. OMG! YES! Thank you! Someone who agrees SA2 is overrated! I played the GameCube version 2 years ago and was like “HWRGFHJAUGH! People only like this game for nostalgia!!” and then I bought the XBLA version because I’m a Sonic fag and found a few improvements, but it’s still a really bad game

        1. Oh pish-posh with the both of you. The only bad part about SA2 was the Kart racing. And maybe the overlapping dialouge.

          The game was decent, the music was decent and the chao garden was Amazing. That makes it acceptable in my book.

          1. No, the bad parts were the terrible character animations, lip syncing, overlapping sound, absurdly long knuckles/rouge levels, boring tails/eggman stages, kart racing, emblem collecting, chao (yes, it sucked), glitches up the ass (at least in the pal gamecube release. it has something to do with the game running at 50hz) i swear this game was glitchier than 06, because this game had legit glitches, 06 had one. getting stuck on the walls, and it barely happened.

        2. Ok, SA2 Doesn’t have the best gameplay ever, But its certainly not bad… I love Sa2 Not becuase f Nostaltia, But becuase its the Sonic game I wanted always When it comes to Mood, Balance, And overall everything. Actually, I should not say everything… There are A lot of problems but overall non of its bad. (Besides the Knux Songs) Yes, It may not be perfect by ANY means, But as far as the whole sonic series goes, I really dont think its overated. And as for this, SA1, S3&K or Anything else among those lines, It really comes down to your opinion on which one is better.

          Look, All I’m Trying to say is that, Ofcourse everyone’s opinion should always be respected, But there are universal GuideLines to what makes a game good. Whether it’s Gameplay, Story, Details, Or any sort of element, SA2 Is certainly not “Bad.” And it’s my favorite game so far in or outside of the franchise. Now, I KNOW this game does not have more quality then, Say, Portal 2. Or… Well, I’m a bit tired, so forgive me if I cant think of something right now. Anyway, It’s my favorite, I KNOW it’s not the best. But It can still be someone’s favorite.

          As for Sonic 06: It’s their opinion, Yes. But Like I said, You may love it for whatever God-Only Knows Reason, But it still Sucks!! I think you get my point… Sorry for the long message.

      2. Never played SA2, looks alright… But lemme tell u, you better have nothing against Shadow. He’s gonna put CHAOS into your life!

        Nah kidding, I saw this and I’m like “Shadow is cool dude”

        1. A-Are you kidding me sonicfan004? Do, do you know what a glitch is?

          I can accept your opinions on the matter. You dont like Sonic Adventure 2, that is a debate Ive had and can understand why. That is no longe the subject manner anymore. But, GLITCHIER than 2006?….. Are you serious?!

          I just checked. I spent 218 hours in my SA 2 Profile and 183 on SA2 Battle. And in that time, I have never recalled the following happening to me in SA2,

          Exploding Textures/ Unregistered Homing attacks/ Moon Bouncing Accidentally/ Launching to space/ Floaty Controls/ Flying Boxes/ Trapped in Rails/ Dying in Scripted Scenes/ Losing all control when shoved onto a Dash Panel/ Warping after using the Light Speed Dash/ Getting Stuck in Walls accidentally/ Sinking into Floors accidentally/ Getting Caught in an endless Death/ Shrinking with the Purple Jewel and never turning back/ Experienced momentum going up/ Telekinetically Picking yourself Up as Silver/ had an endless spray of bombs as Rouge.

          All on a regular basis, I might add.

          You may Hate Sonic Adventure 2. And thats ok. We all have our opinions. But Dont EVER say ANY Sonic game is Glitchier than 06. Because then you would be lying.

  2. …..This guy just screams asshole. Not only does he give completely biased remarks (Sonic 1 ain’t exactly a crowning achievement either), but he downright insults people who like the games he talks about, not to mention the completely jackass vibe before the intro. Yes 06 is a terrible game, but to completely degrade people who like it is just dickish.

      1. You know i caressed the “post comment” button for about 2-3 mins wondering if it was a troll. Eventually I took my chances. I hate trolls anyway.

  3. I agree with most of this list. Except Adventure. I played it well after it came out (and not long before Colors was announced if memory serves), but I liked Sonic, Tails, and even Knuckles enough to call it a good game.

    Also Sonic R by default, since I haven’t played it.

    Also also, I agree wholeheartedly with what SA2 did to the fanbase.

    1. Is SA2 really to wholly blame for the current state of the Sonic community?

      I’m sure “ORIGINAL CHARACTERS DO NOT STEAL” were made before SA2’s release. Granted, SA2 didn’t exactly HELP, but I doubt the recolor fad is Adventure 2’s fault entirely.

      1. “We never said we hate SA2. This is a top 5 suggesting 5 games which the community over protect to a point of tedium. SA2, is the best example of a game hailed by some as second coming spawning some frankly annoying people in the fandom who won’t except that’s just a “ok game”.”

        – The Sonic Show

        1. I never said anyone outright hated it (though there are people who do), I’m saying that I don’t think this title alone is completely to blame for the slew of the more radical fans in the community. Though, I guess that’s because I was introduced to Sonic through this game, so maybe I don’t see it as much.

  4. This video is just a big troll basically. I think he’s judging a lot of these games as if they were released today, and not as games that over a decade old. For example, stock character animations were part and parcel of video games back then, and no-one really cared. And it’s ironic that half way through the list he mentions a game that he claims is terrible, but he loves it. Which is exactly the people he is calling idiots throughout the entire list.

    Anyway, I’ve given my criticism, but I’m not taking the bait 🙂

  5. How DARE insult SA2, its my favourite games. I have only ONE word to show my anger:


  6. Nice list. I would put Sonic 06 at the top of the list personally seeing that game is a disgrace not only to Sonic fans but gaming in general in my opinion. I mean, what kind of company hypes a game to such a degree that they called it the rebirth of Sonic and a new age of Sonic only to have it rushed and basically incomplete when its released? Anyways, I personally like Adventure 1 and 2, but only certain parts. The games as wholes havent aged well at all.

  7. YES! I am not the only one who remembers the Sonic Advance HD Collection! And yes, sadly, I did believe it was real. (It deserves to be! The Advance games deserve more respect!) Anyways, I can agree with what he said- especially Sonic Adventure 2- but the things he said at the beginning really made me feel bad about being a Sonic fan. Saying that colors and stuff was worth shit and all. 🙁

    1. Personally, i hated Colors. Although it was mostly because of the cast’s new voices, I didnt like the shorter levels. Im too stuck on the traditional 6-7 Longer levels as apposed to like 30 Shorter ones. Not as much meat on the bone.

      I also loved Sonic Unleashed. Night and Day levels. The day levels are obvious, but the reason why I like the Night is because the gameplay was solid. It was EXTREMELY different from traditional Gameplay, but so was Sonic Battle for the GBA, and that got great scores.

      And Finally. I liked Sonic and the Black Knight. The gameplay was very fast paced, with critical timing and multiple routes to take, just like the other games with the addition of a sword. I personally believe that the only thing holding it back was the Wii-Mote. If it was on a more responsive controller, it would be golden.

  8. I’m not sure how much trolling is taking place since there seems to be truth mixed in there as well. Well I knew if Sonic Adventure 2 was on there it would generally cause a shit-storm so I wish he would actually give at least a quick analysis to why it wasn’t all that instead of just shooting it down for the fanbase itself.

    Regardless I generally agree with the list though for my own reasons.

    1. You misunderstand. He’s not saying the game is bad. He’s saying the game is terrible because it introduced the fanbase as we know it today. Full of recolors, fanfics, and the whole 9 yards. And I agree. I love SA2. One of my favorite games but man did it bring a whole bunch of unwanted baggage.

  9. Maybe I should say this. He has his own opinions, even though we believe he’s being harsh on the games we like. Reason I love SA2 is that it introduced me to the Sonic franchise with Sonic 3 and K being next. I kind of hurts me though but hey what do expect in this fanbase?

    Although this does make me want me to finish my top 11 Favourite Sonic Games and my Story of Sonic the Hedgehog where I talk about the Sonic series, I’ll be talking the fanbase as well. Oh I can’t wait 🙂

  10. Wow, Sky has just hit an all time low. The only game I actually agreed with him on was Sonic 06, but I honestly think he needed to cover Sonic Labyrinth. He is getting cockier with every Sonic related video he involves himself in.

    1. But everyone agrees Sonic Labyrinth was a bad game. This countdown was about games that a lot of people like that, in some way or another, are overrated.

  11. You know, as a 14 year old growing up in the modern CAHL UV DUTEH AND GRAPHIKS R EVRYTING!!!! gaming world, Sonic Adventure in my mind is my favourite game. Sure, Amy, Gamma and Big wern’t exactly fun but because Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were so good I hardly care. Plus Big is voiced by Duke Nukem. (Side note, when I found that out, did anyone start expecting Big to say “It’s time to find Froggy and chew bubblegum…and I’m all out of gum”)

    As for SA2, Sky, what’s in your coffee and can I have some? Horrible fanbase =/= Bad game. Bad gameplay = Bad game. Sure, the Shadow/Sonic shipping is a “Why?!” moment and the fan characters suck, but the fanbase started going downhill with the retro fanboys in 1998 going “Y DOS SANIC HAV GREEEN I’S????”. Blaming the fanbase for the downfall of a game is stupid, even in Sonic 06’s case. And SA2 was alright, definetly not the worst Sonic game.

  12. Pfffft..people actually got their panties in a wad over this? it’s supposed to be all in good fun! It was supposed to make Sonic fans laugh at themselves; essentially, a joke lol.
    Sonic 06 was bad, not going to defend it, but I still enjoyed it (got all achievements, a true test of patience!)

    Sonic Adventure has aged a bit, but it really comes down to personal preference; for example, I like the Knuckles stages (much better than SA 2 Knux stages) as much as the Sonic stages in SA 1, and the game as a whole, better than SA 2 (don’t like the Chao gardens in either game, however…)

    Sonic R…I agree 😛 Terrible game, but I can’t help but to play it and like it

    Sonic 4: EP. 1 I take for what it is. I mean, it got fairly good reviews (IGN gave it like an 8 out of 10). It’s not a classic Sonic game, but it’s a great homage to the Genesis days, and very addicting.

    Adventure 2, again has aged, but it’s like SA 1. While adventure 1 started the trend of a more dramatic story in Sonic games, Adventure 2 did so even more, with the intro of Shadow and G.U.N., and yeah, is the reason part of the Sonic fanbase exists (going to look at my Sonic Group updates on DeviantArt has became disturbing; every day, I have to see “fan art” of male Sonic characters making out with each other, or cross-dressing. The most disturbing was actually an explicit drawing of Sonic & Shadow having sex O.O). Again, SA2 comes down to personal preference (doesn’t everything, really???)

    If this was more serious, it would include games like 3D Blast, Black Knight, etc. (I do like those games as well, but most people don’t). I personally enjoyed the video, had a good laugh XD

    1. Thanks for comforting us all. Your positive attitude is literally just what we needed to remember this doesn’t mean anything.

  13. Does this mean we can all agree that Sonic Heroes was the best Sonic game during the Gamecube/Dreamcast era?
    Because that game was solid and had no problems besides knit-pick problems. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with Sonic Heroes.

  14. I solely disagree with the Sonic Adventure 2 part, although your reason is valid (the new members of the fanbase), the countdown is games that we LOVE that aren’t GOOD within the series. Sonic Adventure 2 did alot more right than wrong, and it remains a favorite of mine to this day. I’ll agree Sonic Adventure, although it remains one of the most creative games to date (Sonic Colors is up there), it has aged POORLY. And for many of the reasons you mentioned. Finally, is it OK to like one character’s story and gameplay and Sonic 06 and absolutely hate another’s? Because I thought they got Shadow quite right in that title and had an intense storyline. Sonic played horribly in that game and had a storyline Mario would be proud of (His RPG’s excluded). And since Sonic is the only playable character from the onset, it didn’t give players good first impressions – especially those like me who got a Game Over on the very first level and it wasn’t the player’s fault.

    One more thing: Sonic 3 by itself (key phrase) wasn’t better than Sonic 2. So that kinda invalidates the the comparison between S4EI & S3&K. (Comparisons between S3&K and Sonic 2 we can make all day long)

  15. Well, I can totally understand the Sonic ’06 part and Sonic R.

    But the Sonic Adventure games are simply amazing, sure they have their flaws, but is any game really perfect?

    By the way, the part with him talking about the glitches in Sonic 4 E1, it totally looked like he was trying to get in that glitch, and was milking it pretty hard too.

    This is my opinion.

  16. Someone tell Sky to die and that he’s really ugly and has no life, and someone tell Sonic Stadium to post actual news and not stupid Youtube videos, and someone tell Sega to stop being so secretive and show us the next mainline Sonic game.

    1. You really feel that way, you tell him. I’m not being no messenger for some angry kid.

      1. It’s a joke dude. Don’t take everything seriously. I disagree with what he’s saying though (except Sonic 06) and I still really want actual Sonic news. However, I don’t want him to die. Sometimes you need to know when someone’s serious and when they’re not. :p

          1. Well did you really think I would want someone to die just because they said they hate Sonic 4, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure 2? Really? Just, really?

  17. It’s weird to say this but I agree and disagree with this list at the same time. Sonic 06 is terrible but it’s a guilty pleasure, The Adventure games are classics but I detests the treasure hunting stages and they haven’t aged too well as a whole, Sonic 4: Episode 1 is flawed but its decent enough, and Sonic R is really the only game on this list I don’t like but I love the soundtrack.

  18. After seeing this video, I can laugh at this cause I guess it’s his own opinion, but I kinda feel bad that the likeness for a Sonic game (old and new) has reached an all time low. The guy might have been harsh when talking about other players about their likes from his top 5 list, but that has gone a little out of hand. Being a 90’s child, I didn’t know much about older sonic games until I got the port versions of the originals, and I didn’t get into Sonic games until I had all 3 GBA Sonic Advance games. SA1 and SA2 for GC are all right, cool soundtracks and interesting boss battles (especially the final bosses) at the time. I have Sonic R for the Gems Collection, it’s one of the few games I actually enjoy (along with CD and Fighters), Sonic 06, well, I can’t really say anything good or bad about it. Don’t hate it, but still enjoyable for all 3 hedgehogs (especially Crisis City), minus the glitches, but I think we should all remember that SEGA was rushed to finish the game to coincide with the 15th anniversary at the time. If they had more time, the game might’ve been epic like its trailers were back then. Sonic 4, never played the classic 1,2,3,K (except Game gear 1 from SA1 GC port and 2 in Gems) until after Generations, but 4 has its perks. An interesting homage to the 4 classic genesis games I never got to play. Anyway, I think I rambled on too much :P. In its good times and bad times, I’ll still like Sonic games no matter what.

  19. I won’t say the adventure games are perfect, but they’re my favorites. I started off with SA1.

    Let me counterargument just a few things for the sake of thinking about it logically:
    First of all, there is a rule that probably isn’t as well known as “haters gonna hate”, but it is an identical principal. It’s called “shippers gonna ship”. I was (blatently honest here) horrified the first time I saw a Sonadow image. While I veiwed the two had become somewhat like brothers by the end of SA2 (though at the same time I wrote stories about them fighting and namecalling like nobody’s buisness) I never saw, nor have seen in all these years, any solid evidence of them being a couple. But shippers will ship who they like. No matter what. Even pairings that most people could not see happing in a million years. This applies to EVERY fanbase, and that being said I don’t think under any circumstance SA2 is to blame for the shipping problem. More or less, I’d say it’s more likely that the fact that the characters showed personallity and the plot was deeper was more to blame: but that started with SA1, and continued after SA2 nearly to present day. Before then, the characters were characters but not much personality was revealed. The stories were extremely simple, and the cartoons aside there really wasn’t anything in the franchise TO ship. Once sega [likely inadvertantly] made that more possible, it opened the door. If the next game had been Sonic Riders, people probably would’ve somehow put Sonic and Jet together instead. Or Amy and Wave. Who knows. My point is, the pairings part is more or less something that was inevitable unless Sega continued the original trend from Sonic the hedgehog 1, where you have a bunch of characters but no real incentive to do anything with them. Like Hello kitty. Does anyone make hello kitty pairings? I never heard of it, personally, but maybe some do.

    Next, the recolors.
    Let’s put it this way: my first recolors were sprites from the advance series. Advance, not adventure 2. My first two characters were “swirl the fox” and “Rosa flower”. Guess: recolors of tails (rainbow splattered fox) and amy (blue amy rose wearing pink). Here is the natural process which most children seem to go by: Take what you know.
    Take what you know, and do something with it. So kids know sonic. So they draw Sonic. They want to make their own character, some just don’t think outside the box. And that’s that. Their character’s a green sonic who’s neither ashura or scourge but likewise green and very recolor-like. It’s an utter lack of originality in the design department, but it’s not impossible for the character’s personallity to be original on a whole new level. As the kid grows up, many times they’ll start to understand (especially if they are explained to and NOT hassled) that their character looks [perhaps painfully] unoriginal and they will actually take steps to either totally revamp their character to a more acceptable level, or they will scrap the character and make something totally new. Not all kids are this way, but a good portion are. And I mean about recoloring. Yes, some kids do actually make original characters first try. But not everyone’s gifted in that and for others it takes time. Kinda like a baby barfing. Eventually the kid will stop barfing but it’s part of nature for them to do that for awhile after birth. If this post sounds dumb to you, consider that most all other fandoms USE HUMANS.
    A lot of people look similar. They’re not animal sonic characters with funky hairdos, gadgets, gloves, shoes, and possibly clothing. I’ve seen animes where the characters look identical to characters from other shows but with different clothing and personalities. So in short, as long as the picture isn’t recolored, I don’t often see bashing over recolors in other fandoms. I think our fandom sets the bar higher because of the higher level of originality in the character’s designs from sega. You’re never gonna confuse sonic with some random guy, unlike with some other fandoms. I also wanna say, I don’t see the problem with Shadow having the same quills as super sonic. Super sonic is a form obtained supernaturally, it’s not Sonic’s natural look. In additon to this, considering the jump between sonic and shadow to silver, I think Sega, at least at the point they made SA2, had a very specific reason for making Shadow look “like sonic”. Reading Rouge’s report on Shadow (from Sonic Retro) makes it sound even moreso. And… Why does no one bring up all the echidnas? Prior to Sonic Chronicles, LIKE ALMOST EVERY ECHIDNA LOOKED LIKE KNUX. In Archie, in SA1, I walked around in the past and said, “Why are there so many Knuckles'”? Shadow was not their first “recolor” guys… Sure, they were background echidnas, but really. They were still recolors as much as Shadow. (and don’t forget Mephy)

    I’m just saying. Shippers gonna ship, kids gonna recolor. Kids who never played SA2 made recolors (unless you wanna just pin it on Shadow’s mere existance). Maybe you don’t like it, you don’t want it to happen, but it’ll just happen. The most effective way of discouraging recoloring is to politely encourage the kid to learn to draw (if they didn’t even bother to do that much) and be more creative.

    Personally, recolors aren’t the prettiest but if the kids do their own drawings I don’t care. I have a recolor or two myself, and I honestly keep them that way for my own personal (and honestly legit) reasons. =_= A good, original design can be really nice, but I’m more concerned with powers/backstory/personality/quirks and everything that makes a character a CHARACTER rather than a pretty face. A gorgeous original character is an empty shell if all they are is a design, though design seems to be all that people want to look at, much of the time.

  20. I don’t hate any Sonic games, because they’re all important to the Sonic franchise in one way or another, but you can’t deny Sonic 06 is THE WORST Sonic game ever released. It IS.

    1. I challenge you to argue how Sonic 06 is worse than Tails’ Skypatrol for the Game Gear, Sonic Jam for the Tiger, and Sonic Genesis for the GBA. Go.

  21. SA2 completely warrants its spot as number one. Why? Because all the kids love it and have made the game overrated. And that’s what this list is all about. End of story.

    And while I dislike recolors, I DO hope it becomes a stepping block towards better achievements for said recolor-er. Because I know I was a stupid kid who had a recolor back in the day, but that fan character is the main reason I’ve been drawing for almost ten years. And improved. And gained a love for art. I’ve moved on to better things, but I’ll always have a smidgen of sympathy towards recolors… Well, unless they refuse to learn or improve. Then they’re just stupid.

      1. Here’s the problem though. There ARE people out there who make videos like this, and they’re completely serious. Tons of them. I just figured it was another stupid fan on the shit pile.

      2. Are you telling me I read almost three quarters of these comments and now your telling me it is a joke video? Not to mention all the people who commented alone thinking their personal opinion even mattered. I don’t know if that’s hilarious or cruel.

        On a side note, I’d have to say my favorite top five the Sonic Show did was the one about the Sonic females. Tanner was hilarious. 😀

  22. The biggest problem is, who would actually take the joke? xD

    Myself, even though I give Sonic 06 more credit than it’s due, and even though I actually really liked Sonic Adventure 2, I found the vid to be hilariously awesome, especially the fangasming for Sonic R xD

  23. All of the angry comments here justify this video. I forgot how funny it all is, watching you all flail about helplessly. I miss it.

    Never change, Sonic community. Now, back into hiding for me.

    (Good work, Skyler. This is why we are IRL friends.)

  24. People need to realize it’s a joke. Let me tell you something. onic Adventure 2: Battle (Yes, the Battle version, not the original Adventure 2) is my all time favorite game. Nostalgia and fun is what makes it my favorite game. BUT that doesn’t mean I think it’s the best game ever made. Because in truth, SA2 was good but it wasn’t THAT good. SA2B made it way better, but even then it’s not the greatest Sonic game ever made. People do over defend it and it makes us, the fans of the TWO Adventure games, look stupid. But anyways, great video and Sonic ’06 sucks. Good day.

  25. Eh I liked the dreamcast games as much , if not somewhat more than the genesis games. I even repurchased them on the xbox recently and have replayed the stories…I still found them very fun.

  26. I honestly believe its due to Sonic x that we ended up seeing all that stuff, not just because of Sonic Adventure 2, because as soon as Sonic x aired alot of that material showed up, in fact alot of the recolors are from Sonic x screen shots.

  27. The games I don’t like to play are Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Sonic Colors. My two least favorites are Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Colors.

    1. And some of the people saying such things should get a Pulitzer for their unequivocal rudeness to certain fans! XD lol

  28. Ok. Joke Video? So why post it? People don’t need to stir crap up just to stir it.

    06 sucks. It’s not finished. Who likes this that much?

    Sonic 4 is bad game with a good idea behind it. But no, they just messed it up a lot.

    Sonic R is just that great horrible 90’s music. That’s pretty much what all bad Sonic games have in common. Music. Good or bad.

    Adventure 1 is good for the first real attempt at 3D. Not just a simple over world like in Sonic Jam or R. And I like Gamma. Big not so much.

    Adventure 2 is good due to the fact that we all played and liked it. Besides, if we had internet back when the 16-bit games came out and we were kids, We’d be flooding places with bad fanart none of us should be making.

    This seemed like a forgettable post and video. But tomorrow’s Friday so maybe there’s a funny video to post.

  29. That’s exactly it! Sonic Adventure 2 isn’t the blame for the strange Sonic fans at all! Sonic Adventure 2 just happened to be introduced to the world at the time when the internet finally became part of the average American home. So I bet back in the 90’s Sonic fans had the exact same re-color_strange-couple ideas in their heads, but they just didn’t have a way to show the world. Now when the internet finally became common, the fans began showing the world their disturbing recolors and couples. Everyone blames Sonic adventure 2 for the crazy Sonic fans when really it was the internet that let the world know about these disturbing fans. Yes, Sonic adventure 2 is definitely an over-credited game that deserves to be #1, but Sonic adventure 2 is most certainly not the blame for the out-of-control Sonic fans. I hope everyone agrees with me on this.

    1. Take the Sonic Stadium itself for example! It has been around since 2000! The time when the internet became normal. You never see a Sonic website that has been around since the 90’s am I right? So at this time all the crazy fans began their introduction to the world and since SA2 came out the year after, everyone just pins the blame on SA2 when really the introduction of the internet is the true reason why the world knows about these crazy re-colors and couples.

  30. That video is the reason I stay way commenting on this website… and going on the forums… and other “Sonic fans” in general….

  31. Well, this is agreeable, although, you would think Sonic 06 isn’t on this (I mean, what Sonic game countdown is complete without mentioning Sonic 06?)

  32. I love how he criticizes the Adventure series with no solid ground to back his defense.

    His main criticism seems to be that with the inclusion of additional characters that the game is tarnished or held back. I just have to ask what does the word “Adventure” connotate. Does it equate to a game who’s sole character is Sonic with the same prinicple that was being used for the last seven years?

    Man, I just don’t get it. I don’t mind opinions, but I feel that what many are doing is just criticising without a basis for doing so. Present an elaborate defense at least.

  33. This video is so terrible i am going to make a commentary about it. This is Gligar13vids terrible and that’s saying something. he just bashed games that a lot of people liked just because its popular. and the reason sonic adventure 2 was on there was terrible . many recolor fans joined later so get your facts right. also if you think sonic 06 is bad why is it number 5. The fan base is being called bad because of these videos!!

    1. Agreed. I wish people like this would give up on Sonic and find another hobby. I mean, if they don’t think there’s been a good Sonic game since the Mega Drive, then don’t they think it’s time to move on? People like this are the reason even more ignorant people in prominent places are making statements as nonsensical as ‘Sonic CD was the last good Sonic game’ (I’m look ing at you IGN’). I mean, have these people never heard of Sonic 3?! The same people talked about Sonic always collecting coins. I mean they were completely ignorant and were making statements that they think were cool, because they had heard people like the idiot in this video shooting their mouths off. We as Sonic fans should not entertain them and should avoid posting videos like this on websites like Sonic Stadium. I just think they perpetuate negative attitudes and elitism, particularly ‘old skool’ elitism, from people who in many cases are too young to have even experienced the old skool at the actual time.

    1. TSS gives us yet another shining example of its dimming quality. Dreadknux, who founded and headed this website for years, always knew how to jibber jabber in a hilariously elegant way. Once he left, TSS started going downhill in the quality of its content. Now, only a handful of TSS staffers, such as T-Bird, keep me coming back for more, but even their involvement is waning in comparison to some of the clowns now at the helm.

      1. Hey. The video’s only a bit of harmless fun. I think perhaps US humour doesn’t necessarily translate well on a British fansite maybe. This is in the same vein as Brad, and we all know how Brad loved to joke around.

        And I haven’t gone anywhere. Yet. 🙂 Real life work’s just been knocking me for six at the moment, so have mostly been keeping to backend work. I’ll be ‘back’ soon, promise!

  34. Yeah, as a kid that came into the fandom with Adventure 2, this sort of offended me a bit, not gonna lie. I still love adventure 2, and think it is an incredible game. Sure, Colors and Generations are really incredible as well, but Adventure 2 will always be my favorite.

  35. I buy Sonic adventure 2 HD for Xbox live arcade on October 6 I saw Sonic adventure 2 HD is the most popular third arcade game. Only on user ratings maybe Sonic fans or some people like this game more.

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