Freak-Out Friday: A Date to DINE For…

If you remember MarkandFlops from his animation style in Sonic Paradox’s Seaside Denied, you’re in for a real treat, for what is arguably the best scene in Sonic Adventure 2 is now even better!

…come on, you remember that one, right? No?

Maybe showing Nick’s enhanced version of the meeting will jog your memory!


To be fair, Sonic did warn him. Shadow could’ve gotten away… now he’s naught but a sinking cadaver. That is how it went, right?



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    1. Actually, it’s because those were funny. If you don’t like MF’s stuff, fine, but it’s not just intentionally terrible and blatantly terrible stuff that end up on FOF – I would’ve figured that was known by now.

      In any case, I did have something else planned for this week – Real Facts on Hedgehogs, but that video got removed because hedgehog footage. I tend not to put reuploads on other channels not belonging to the content creator up. If it’s of any reconciliation, you can look that up instead.

    2. @sonicrush1991

      The only terrible thing I see here is your grammar.

      Anyways, these got a chuckle out of me. Love the idea used in the first animation, haha. Pretty funny. And I’m normally not a fan of videos that “borrow” audio from something else and attach it to something unrelated, but I still rather enjoyed the second animation, as some of the expressions on Sonic were so lively and fun to look at, haha. Good stuff.

      Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

  1. The first one actually made me feel bad for shadow, especially at 0:30 in. His face just sort of looked… helpless. But on a more positive note when sonic jumped at shadow and his arms were all over the place, that was hilarious.
    The second one was genius. Although, I bet Amy would never pass up a date with Sonic, no matter how awful he acts.
    P.S. For those of you who don’t appreciate what is put on Freak Out Friday, please know it is just for laughs. I had to figure that out the hard way for the academy award one but just remember that there is no need to feel negative towards anything displayed here besides simply saying you didn’t like it.

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