“Sonic’s Next Adventure Begins in… The Great State of Texas?”

Aaron Webber, better known as RubyEclipse the associate brand manager for Sega, took to twitter a few hours ago and posted the following image and caption.


“Sonic’s Next Adventure Begins in… The Great State of Texas?”

The destination on the ticket and other photos uploaded suggest that he’s gone to Austin Texas. As for why? Well, unless you take the tweet literally, it could mean anything… Except there is one other significant thing which has happened…

Shortly after discovering where Aaron was tweeting from, it was then revealed that Kellie Parker is also in Austin Texas. Suddenly, the odds of this being an announcement of some kind seem very likely and it could be within the next few days.

We have looked into where a possible announcement could take place, however there are no video game related events taking place in Austin this week, however, a press event can take place absolutely anywhere. So an announcement is still possible even if it’s not clear where or when at this time. The only thing we can think of is that ‘Retro Studio’s’ are based in Austin Texas and that there have been rumors of them working on a mystery project, but a Sonic game? Erm? Speculate in those comments my friends.

Stay tuned to TSS for more updates as we get them.

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    1. Oh I might have been a bit too kneejerk with that comment, I thought it was a fake plane ticket to symbolise Sonic himself going to Texas. It just immediately screamed “wild west themed Sonic game.” No thank you SEGA.

      1. Oh, so it would be a full-fledged version of that one Sonic Shuffle minigame, where you lasso barrels filled with rings while in a mine. Or something like that.

        1. I think with how they are handling Sonic now, I wouldn’t mind a Storybook game. As long as the controls are not terrible and it plays like the Hedgehog Engine games, I think we’ll be fine.

  1. Before anyone jumps to wild conclusions, just because he used the word “adventure” does not in any way confirm anything SA3 related >.< Man wouldn't that be awesome if Retro's game was a Sonic one. There's no way it is, but wouldn't it be awesome. They make some damn fine games.

  2. Well, given Retro is wholly owned by Nintendo, if they really WERE working on it, it’d have to be a Wii/3DS exclusive.

    Perhaps this is one of the games Iwata was talking about when he said they had multiple collaborative projects in the works.

    1. “There come-a-time Kemosabe, where great men must wear mask.”

      “And then there is time where great man must look like chubby, spikey blue mouse who run fast. Visions can be very vague at times. Need fire water for better clarity.”

    1. Hey Sonic! I’m George the Horse, I’m the new character for this game with a western theme. Not only can you ride me, but I use guns and I’m an outlaw bounty hunter! Since I share traits with both Shadow and Rouge they won’t be seeing you anytime soon. I think they are at that bar with Nack, Mighty, Ray, Bean and Bark. I look forward to our friendship that will be forgotten in 8 years time to make way for a new character.

      Sorry, couldn’t help it 😛

    1. Best Transformers series in ages, looking forward to Beasthunters. Only thing I dislike about Prime is movie style Bumblebee and when it goes overboard on the human crap. People don’t watch Transformees for humans, they watch it for badass form changing robots!

      1. He meant Metroid Prime -.-

        Though, I guess Transformers Prime is OK, however off topic it is XD

        1. Whoops, I thought he was meaning the western town type deal. Like how Prime is in Jasper or whatever. My bad lol. Metroid Prime is brilliant, can’t wait to see what Retro is cooking up next too.

    2. Let’s get serious for a second. Metroid Prime is pretty just 2D Metroid wholesale brought into 3D. What if retro WAS making a Sonic Prime in that sense? HIGHLY unlikely, but it’s the best thing short of a real Genesis sequel we could get.

  3. This is really strange. Is this rumoring where the game will be announced or is it rumoring what the game will be about? I got to tell you though, if the game is about Sonic and friends running around America, I would do anything to see Sonic run down the empire state building (or the freedom tower, although it isn’t really complete yet…) like he ran down the building in Speed highway, knuckles search for emerald shards in the grand canyon, Dr. Eggman break into fort Knox, Amy wandering around Hollywood, Shadow mistaking every blond haired girl for Maria, and Tails getting involved with the united states government. I wonder what this is really all about though, looks like only time will tell once again…

  4. Well, I’m probably wrong, but since it has to do with America, it’ll have to do something with Earth? Since Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 were Earth based, you never know.

        1. I dunno if this still holds true, but remember Dr. Eggman’s quote from Sonic X. “This world (namely Earth) and our world (namely Mobius/Still unnamed home world) coexist in the exact coordinates within the space-time continuim, where neither one is aware of the other.” I think that quote is correct, but please correct me if I am wrong.

  5. On Sonic The Hedgehog’s official facebook, they added a photo of a toy Sonic (much like this one) beside a chilly dog at SONIC. I think Sonic is traveling the U.S. or something (Sonic Unleashed 2?) and/or this is some sort of “creative” advertising by Sega. You never know what those goofs are up to next!

    1. I never thought of that! That would be fantastic! Much rather it be Sonic World Adventure 2 than Sonic Adventure 3… Time will tell!

  6. I’m calling this right now, if it is in Texas might mean the return of Fang/Nack the weasel. He has a cowboy hat hmmmmmmmm?

    1. Omg!! That would be so awesome! Would love to see him back. Eggman needs some kinda henchman/bad guy for hire like Nack. Someone that’s properly bad but isn’t a robot. Not these misunderstood hedgehogs >.<

        1. Just release a teaser trailer with a close up of Nack/Fangs face so you can’t tell who it is in the dark. Saying “did you miss me?” Or “I’m back”. With a grin and having a shiny big tooth show up with the grin. That’s it I’m sold right there even if the games crap, or even SA3 lol

          1. With bonus Sunset Park stage remake from Triple Trouble as a bonus, like how Green Hill was in SA2, with a remix of the original music *drools*

  7. The final storybook theme as a western? Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind.

    I will be disappointed it wasn’t horror or Greek, though, if that’s the case. So. Much. Potential. (But I doubt it’s actually the last in the series like they say it is ;D )

  8. I just thought about this… Sonic the Hedgehog meets Sandy the Squirrel! Sandy is from Texas isn’t she? Not to mention how sandy knows her karate and whatnot. Come to think of it, Sandy would make a good Sonic character. (For the two of you who don’t know, Sandy the squirrel is from the show SpongeBob Squarepants)
    There probably isn’t a chance in the universe for this, but it could work. (:

  9. I like Retro Studios but I hope this game is not being developed by them, as it would almost certainly mean a Nintendo console exclusive. Especially if it turns out as described in the previous ‘rumour’ post.

  10. Ring herder now makes a whole lot of sense, and even I originally thought it was all bunk. Whoever would have believed that ring herder and red herring use the same exact letters but are so pivotal and fitting for this case? But I guess this cans the “A Pup named Scooby Doo” and “Star Wars” theories. Awww.

  11. Somebody pointed out that the anagram “red herring” could also be made to spell “ring herder”. A herder is cowboy-ish.

    Sonic and the Secret Ring Herder confirmed!

  12. You know that Sega Employees take trips ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Just follow one of the employee’s Instagram. I’m not saying that I don’t think this could be related to a new Sonic Game, but most likley this is just them taking anohter one of their trips together. Maybe they should spend less of their income on vacations and more time on games. Maybe then, they would have a budget to make a game that is both fun and original that is not a Sonic Game.

  13. You guys are really desperate for a new Sonic game aren’t you? I know it’s been a little while since we had a proper Sonic game, since 2011, but really just because they said they are going to Texas doesn’t mean a Sonic game is gonna be announced. You never know though, we may have an announcement soon but don’t go thinking “Omigosh a new Sonic game is going to be announced in a few days I can’t wait!” Expect it around Valentine’s Day at the earliest. 🙂

  14. I wonder how many ROFL moments the Sega staff have gotten from our guesses if they happen to be reading our posts.
    What it all comes down to is, if the “Red Herrring” bit has to do with everything Sega is going to say about the new Sonic game from now until an official announcement, then this Sonic at 40,000 ft photo may also be nothing but a false lead. Take good care to treat everything they say as a rumor until the top brass says otherwise.

  15. A Mario & Sonic platformer crossover! Developed in conjunction with Retro Studios and Sonic Team.

  16. Hmm.. Sonic riding Applejack on an adventure, maybe? (from My Little Pony:FiM) Just imagine all the plot~ lolololol just joking guys.

  17. Is everyone ignoring the fact the Retro Studios could be making the potentially best sonic game ever?

  18. Anything a new zone for a 3D Sonic game but not another story book game (unless if it’s Harry Potter)

  19. Half of me feels like this is hinting towards a new game announcement, but the other half thinks this is another part of Sega’s newest plan to better market and advertise the Sonic brand.

  20. As a Texan, I say welcome! I would guess that if it means anything an announcement will be made while there, but some of the other ideas here are good too.

  21. Texas could be the first level of Sonic World Adventure 2 (Sonic Unleashed 2), just like Mykonos was the first level of the first game. Personally, if that’s the case, I’m very much excited! In Sonic Unleashed, I didn’t like the Werehog either, but I loved the idea of Sonic traveling the world and how they translated those awesome location in the Sonic Universe. I would absolutely love them to do this again with a whole new set of real world locations!

  22. I think retro is working on Starfox WiiU , so most likely this might be a sign of a Sonic Unleashed 2 seeing as its about sonic travelling the world. in Japan it was called Sonic World Adventure.

  23. Hmm… next Sonic Game in the West (why I have the feeling it be like An American Tail: Fievel goes West/Fievel’s American Tails) “nothing to do with it Sonic Team & SEGA” and somewhere in Texas could it be Green River (Wyoming/Utah)? “it just the feeling I have”

    The Title that I thinking about it is: Sonic The Hedgehog goes West/Sonic The Hedgehog the Lonesome Ranger.

    (Maybe a crossover with An American Tail: Fievel goes West/Fievel’s American Tails with Sonic The Hedgehog “What if”) ?.? “What do you think?”

    1. Ah, not really. I think there will be at most a western themed level, and even if it were a whole western there would be no crossover.

        1. (well that more like it, but it is a shame there is no crossover “maybe is for the best, but taking reference should be an iedas for this”) ^.^

      1. (maybe this title will give any idea “from early topics”)

        Title Ideas: Sonic The Hedgehog goes West/Sonic The Hedgehog the Lonesome Ranger/Sonic The Hedgehog: Wild Wild West (“not related from the film Wild Wild West/American Tail: Fievel goes West or other wild west film” so fell free to inorge these if you like)/Sonic The Hedgehog: The Great State of Texas/Green River

        “This will Dr.Robonik (Dr.Eggman) will say (sort-off) “WHY IS THE PESTING HEDGEHOG IS IN TEXAS, WHY I AM REACH YOU FROM LOCATION OF WEST AMERICA, WWHHYY, WWHHYY, WWHHYY!!!” 😀 (“watch too much of Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog but I change thing around :giggle:” 😆 )

    1. Ah I wondered how long it would be before that popped up.

      Yeah I found out about that. But you know why I didn’t include it? The guy is aparently always wrong. His track record on getting stuff right is very very poor.

  24. This is a very strange move. Do you think retro is working on a sonic V.S mario title?

  25. @everyone: it’s got nothing to do w/retro, sonic, nor aliens, this is just a vacation, go home everyone

    “Everyone starts inching closer” Whao there! Git along little doggies, yaw yaw!!

  26. The name’s Sonic the Hedgehog. I sell Chaos Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds accessories, I tell you what.

  27. A secret project? I don’t know why but something says they will announce either a new Sonic game or a Sonic movie @_@ I think it might lean more on the game side

  28. You wouldn’t know it, but Sonic is gonna be one of the toughest guys from the state of… (clap, clap, clap, clap) Texas!

  29. This could also be a red herring. I’m just gonna wait until more solid information is announced.

    1. Same here. I have had high expectations of Sega since Sonic Generations and I have high expectations for this next title in the line-up. Sega simply cannot go wrong if they reuse what worked there and then here and now.

  30. Mr Iwata said that retro has been working on a game that everyone has been wanting to see a mario and sonic adventure game 0.-!?

  31. Man, everyone seems to think all of us here in Texas are cowboys/cowgirls, and that it’s all desert….so wrong. Most of us have never even been on a horse, visited a farm, or any of the common stereotypes. Actually, Austin is so full of artists and game programmers it’s amazing people just assume we go to work wearing cowboy hats and spurs. Austin is also known for it’s famous slogan “Keep Austin Weird”, and trust me, if you’ve been…it’s definitely…odd lol.

    1. I agree, this stereotyping is getting out of hand. I’ve never been to Texas, but I believe they have came a long way since the days of the Old West (this is where the cowboys/girls originated from). All I know of 2 things about Texas: 1) Everything in Texas is big (since it is one of the largest states in the nation) and 2) Never ever piss off a Texan (surprised they still didn’t kill Bush for destroying our wonderful nation), but I’m probably stereotyping as well and I’m sorry and will stop.

  32. I were wondering if they put back sonic grinding shoes (SA2B HD) in the next game? “It sort of wild west shoes and the same time it isn’t” well maybe we see if (there a Wild West episode on the adventure of sonic the hedgehog maybe it take some ideas of that@:))

    1. wait, wait, wait. Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting? Having Sonic make an appearance in RvB (Red vs Blue)? That would be awesome. *imagining Sonic in a MJOLNIR suit*

  33. I read an article that said when SA1 was in development, SEGA teased the fans and the series by going to Peru in South America to the Tikal Mountains (or Maybe it was the Ancient City of Tikal?) which I never even thought existed until now, and then coincidentally there was a new sonic character named Tikal the Echidna.
    When SA2 was being teased SEGA was in their US headquarters in San Francisco CA and then when the game came out we ended up having a San Francisco themed level at the beginning of the game called City Escape.
    Now their saying “Sonic’s next ADVENTURE is taking him to Texas” so I have to assume that since SEGA knows we don’t like or want a new character, the first level of SA3 could possibly be a Texas themed Checkered level as tradition holds Sonic starting in a Checker board kind of level.
    Perhaps called the Lone Star Zone or something else Texas-like, but I agree that we don’t need a new sonic character, but if your going to add another character bring back Mighty since his lore and personality portrays him as a peaceful traveler, perhaps he could have settled his home in that Texas level since Armadillos are known to be inhabiting the southern area, perhaps give him a Cowboy hat because if Knuckles and Fang/Nack could wear one, hell so can Mighty!

    1. I forgot about the travel teases made by Sega until you posted this wonderful historic bio, deserving of an “S” rank on all scales. Furthermore, your guess makes the most sense out of all of the ones made so far, making it the most probable, all evidenced and considered. However, I now have to be flip-flop by making the statement that I now feel that Sonic Adventure 3 is much closer to being a reality than ever before, certainly to disgust of 1000 fans in the community who read this message. For now, that means that I will have to scat out of here before the anti-SA3 crowd starts throwing rotten chili dogs at me and calling me a pin cushion for this.

    2. “SONIC TEAM’s Travels
      “When we first set out to make Sonic Adventure, there had been such a jump in the hardware that we really wanted to make a more realistic world, and more realistic environments for the next Sonic game. We really wanted something closer to the world that we were all imagining inside our heads when we set out to make the design. And even though we wanted to create this realistic world, none of us had ever actually seen environments like ruins or jungles.

      “We’d all seen them in movies, but none of us had ever seen them in real life. So, we thought that in order to create a more realistic world for Sonic, the first and foremost step would be to actually see these environments with our own eyes. So, the core members of the Sonic Adventure development team, including myself, decided that we needed to go on a trip to Central and South America. If anything, we knew that there, at those locations, we would find at the very least, inspiration to create more realistic environments for our Sonic Adventure game.

      “We visited the jungles, the ruins, temples and beaches in Cancoun, Guatemala and even Peru. We saw everything with our own eyes, and we ended up taking a lot of pictures as well. But that just wasn’t to get a better feel for the environments. It wasn’t to take pretty pictures home with us. We actually used these pictures as textures in the game, to create more realistic environments. For instance, for the rocks and the jungle walls in some of the levels, those are actually pictures taken on our trip. And we feel that this helped create a certain sense of realism in the game that never existed in any previous Sonic game. The inspiration, and the pictures that we took on our trip really helped add to the quality of Sonic Adventure.”

      SONIC TEAM’s Travels, Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut Commentary with Takashi Iizuka. Shadow of a Hedgehog (site).

      1. “Unlike the other games, Sonic Adventure is more storyline-based. Sonic Team had actually took a trip to Central America to find inspiration for their next Sonic title, leading them to create the character, Tikal. They even named her after an ancient assembly of ruins in Guatemala.”

        Article talk, Tikal the Echidna. Wikipedia.

  34. Texas? Hmm… I know that SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Conference) makes its return to Texas in the summer… Maybe something will happen there?

    Other than that, I’m stumped…

  35. I live in Austin. Maybe I should keep an eye out for any sight-seeing hedgehogs around town. Oh, and by the way- I’ve lived here my entire life and have never seen a desert, have had any sort of accent, worn a cowboy hat or boots, or gone cattle ranglin’.

    … I have, however, ridden a horse, but that was in Colorado so it doesn’t count. XDDD

    1. Oh, the pain of stereotypes! I happen to be a resident of the Detroit Metropolitan area and I don’t act like a thug from the ghetto, say “dog” and “wuz up” to everyone I meet, listen to rap and R&B at full volume with 100% bass through an Escalade or wear gaudy gold and diamond bling strewn across my body, but everyone seems to think one or more of those things are true for me.

      … But I do love Journey’s classic rock hit Don’t Stop Believing and its lyrics are fitting in certain sections and its style and rhythm are more true to my nature.

  36. There is a new twitter from RubyEclipse suggesting that Texas may not be the only territory to be covered by the blue rodent in his latest adventure. Now, the situation is of more vague proportions since there is a picture of Sonic in front of a well-served pepperoni pizza in a clearly American restaurant, with a stand-up menu conveniently stationed to the right for anyone who is familiar with it to be able to immediately recognize it. At this point, it is important to point out that RubyEclipse has already mentioned that he is back from his Texan adventure and onto other matters in the many duties and tasks of his job when this photo was taken. And, of course, I did a little homework to see if it was Johnny’s Real NY Pizza, a fitting tease to ensure everyone that Sonic Adventure 3, if there is one, would feature the guitar crunching, vocal conquering Crush 40 as the lead band, but to no avail. What could this all mean?


  37. I can’t stop think about this next sonic game is coming @ South West toward Texas or Green River (Wyoming/Utah), I think it will take place around the year 1892 (if they are going to make a 3rd and final of Sonic’s storybook series “Game or Animated Movie”)

    I believe a special guests should be added “maybe/what if” – Fievel Mousekewitz (A Hero who defeat his arch-nemesis however he not yet a true hero), Tiger, Wylie Burp, Mousekewitz Family (Tanya Mousekewitz, Yasha Mousekewitz, Papa Mousekewitz & Mama Mousekewitz), Aunt Sophie and Miss Kitty (From An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and Fievel’s American Tails – non-SEGA/non-Sonic Character) this will help/teach Sonic to become a cowboy “or it I recall as a Cowhog :lol:” and defeat his arch-nemesis like Dr.Ivo Robotnik (Dr Eggman), Sweet William, Slim and Feloneous, Chula the Tarantula & Cat R. Waul (Also from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and Fievel’s American Tails – “again” non-SEGA/non-Sonic Character)

    By the way lots of them didn’t like the wild west shoes for sonic, so my idea is put back sonic grinding shoes (from Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE HD) for the next Sonic Game or Animated Movie (but don’t put super sonic on it just say we seen him too many time and it getting old) but at least Sonic will not be alone because Fievel & Tiger will tagging/joining along with his adventure (and this time Tails & Knuckles should be added on his adventure)

    Here is the Idea Title (show on earlier post, but there be only one title):
    Sonic The Hedgehog Goes West
    Sonic The Hedgehog The Lonesome Ranger
    Sonic The Hedgehog: The Great State of Texas/Green River
    Sonic The Hedgehog: Texas/Green River Adventure
    Sonic The Hedgehog: Wild Wild West
    Sonic The Hedgehog Meet Fievel Mousekewitz & Tiger (“What if”)

    “Chao, Chao” :3

    1. (Addition Comment)
      I forgot to add something extra, Sonic The Hedgehog: Wild West Adventure (addition title idea), also the original ending song -Dreams of Dream Finale Version by Linda Ronstadt- so I wondering if Crush40 will do this song -Dreams of Dream Finale Version -New Mix- by Linda Ronstadt & Crush40 “they will do their own version (again “what if”) :3

      1. (Another Addition Comment)
        “again” I forgot addition stuff – mostly music “Dreams to Dream (Tanya’s Version)” – and “The Girl You Left Behind” Cathy Cavadini (hopefully Crush40 will do some new mixes of these songs along with Dreams of Dream Finale Version -New Mix-)

        (Does it confirmed as Sonic Adventure 3 or is is going to be a different title “my idea title from earlier post?)

        1. Addition Comment “again”
          I seen to forgot one more addition title (“What if may occur”)
          Sonic The Hedgehog in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
          it probability going on the Wii/Wii U/3DS but it should be great on PS3/XBOX 360/PS Vita/PC – Stream

          1. One last comment ^^;
            I miss out “again” one last thing
            to include Bentley Jones for addition singer along with Crush40 & Linda Ronstadt for new mix from the following song -use early post-

  38. I want to tell you about the modern crisis city level in sonic generations in the start off the level go back above and you will see 2 signs one of them wrote in it chao garden you can see them near the end of the level

  39. They’re going to dig up the 2600 E.T carts and fill the hole with copies of Adventure 2 ..

    Or more realistically, after reading about location complaints they’re scouting possible Boom 2013 places

  40. It is confirmed that this post by Aaron has nothing to do with a Sonic game. I went through his posts after this one and he basically just brings his Sonic plush with him wherever he goes, and soon Aaron himself posted that he didn’t have any new game announcements. I expect no more comments on this post now. Yet, that Aaron guy sure does have a cool lifestyle.

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