SEGA Finally Releases S&ASR Transformed 3DS Screenshots & Details

S&ASR Transformed 3DS Screenshots 1

UPDATE: The game will be available via the 3DS eShop in Europe this Friday for £29.99. We’ve also added ten new screenshots to our gallery.

SEGA has finally spoken out about the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on their blog. The post on said blog has revealed that the game will include 22 characters (including your Mii character), with over 20 tracks and arenas to explore. 3DS specific features include StreetPass challenges and features and multiplayer with up to seven of your friends using multi cart or single cart play.

SEGA has also confirmed that there will be a Limited Edition version of the game at launch featuring everything the other versions got: Metal Sonic as a playable character along with his transforming vehicle and Mod Pack, an additional Outrun Bay Track plus challenges and time trials, and stickers for your in-game driver’s license.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be available February 8th 2013 in Europe and February 12th 2013 in the US. Check out eight new screenshots of the game in our gallery below.

Sources: SEGA Blog,, ONM UK

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  1. Wow! It is about time! We 3DS players always have to wait a long time after the console version in order to play the 3DS version. This should be very interesting.

    1. Yeah!…

      Except this will hopefully not be a down-graded version, like the 3DS version of Generations (although it was still fun while it lasted).

      I didn’t like the 3DS version of M&S2012, though.

      But, I’ve heard that this is a good version of the game so far, and it looks like it from the footage I saw.

      1. this 3ds version has all of the same levels on the console but less graphically detailed

        p.s. the film wreck-it-ralph coming to europe on friday as well!!

  2. Ugh…looks horrendous, I feel sorry for the little kids who only have a 3DS and decided to buy this over the console versions

    1. What is the problem? I just watched some of that footage and the game looks fantastic. What is so bad about it?

    2. All 3DS game screenshots are this pixel-y. 3DS graphics look great when seen on a 3DS screen, but pixel-y on non-3DS screens. And your logic that only little kids own only a 3DS is fallacious.

  3. I had this pre-ordered at one point, but then I got a Vita and I promptly cancelled it. I’m glad I did because it looks awful. Hopefully it’ll at least run in 60FPS like Mario Kart 7 does.

    1. You filmed it? FILM MORE! You already have like 10,000 views from that one video alone, and you could get so many more if you uploaded more footage.

  4. The screen shots look terrible, but the footage looks fine. Just hope it contains the same amount of characters from the wii u version. Had to wait a long time for this version to release.

  5. Oi. XD The graphics look horrendous for 3DS standards, but maybe that’s just a sign of pre-release imagery. Still though, it looks only slightly better than Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on the DS so… eh. I bet the game itself will be great though, graphics aside.

  6. Looks freaking amazing, especially the jet plane parts and the footage from Dafster~ (Thanks dude!) I’m gonna get this game first thing and I bet it’s gonna beat Mario Kart 7, though I have MK7 and it’s really good.

  7. Awesome but I’m wondering… is the demo coming soon cuz I would like to try before I buy

    1. I’m expecting one on Thursday when the eShop updates (in America; I’m not sure when the European eShop updates).

  8. Wait, £29.99? That’s like $47 in the US. Most AAA 3DS games are around $40 in the US. Over here this game is $30, or £19.

    1. Yes, but we Brits are currently under the rule of rich money-grubbing tyrants who hike prices and raise taxes on absolutely everything in an attempt to kickstart the economy.

      65p for a Freddo, honestly….

  9. These are some good screenshots, though it’s hard to tell what some of the tracks are. I think the game looks great for a 3DS version. Hopefully all the tracks are just as good as the console tracks, and none of them get replaced or severely redesigned like in the first game. Too bad NiGHTS (and most likely Reala) don’t turn to normal post race, though. If anyone asks, it was in the video footage that was recently uploaded. Also, I’m so looking forward to release so I can purchase, particularly while Game Stop is still selling Bonus Editions, and that the price will remain $29.99 there.

  10. had a 3ds a year ago, traded it in because it was getting boring. not surprised about the release to be honest but sure took them long

  11. the dark hero, you wouldn’t happen to related to Shadow would you? Anyway, I’m not sure about tilt controls, but I did see a picture with this game, and Mario Kart 7, alongside a 3DS steering wheel. So it might be likely, though would that work well? Also, kimplix, your loss. ^_^

  12. Hi there

    Well, I got my copy of it today… and theres already a problem for me. The code I got that comes with the game to download Metal Sonic, Outrun Bay track and stickers isn’t working. Saying its invalid. Has anyone had this problem or is it just my code I got being a duff one?


    1. yea, mine doesn’t appear to be working either =(
      Here’s hoping they just need to allow the DLC to be downloaded in whichever way they set it and that It’s not some crazy someone-took-our-dlc’s scandal 😛

      1. I got the bonus edition of the game, and the download code works for me. The thing is, though, you have to enter the code in the game, not the eShop. Like so: Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed› Start› Extras> Add-ons> Enter Code… you get what I’m saying right? Download in-game, not eShop. You can thank me later. Enjoy. Oh, and good luck leveling up your Metal Sonic, 3DS didn’t give the full mod set. 😀

  13. why are you guys complaning about graphics I thought we all estblashed something as long as its good gameplay its good

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