Happy Hedgehog Day 2013!

Today people across the globe will be turning their calendars to 2nd February, which means it’s Groundhog Day – or, as SEGA have deemed it in the past few years, “Hedgehog Day”, coinciding with the release date of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in the US back in 1994. To mark this occasion, a special post has been put up on the official SEGA Blog – and maybe there’s a bit more to it than first meets the eye…

The post begins with a brief recap of what Hedgehog Day is all about and then goes on to detail SEGA’s plans for the blue blur in the year ahead… albeit in very, very general terms.

We’ve got some great stuff coming up this year, but we’re not ready to talk about it just yet.

The post is then rounded up with an image of a 10th anniversary Sonic statue signed by Tom Kalinske, Al Nilsen, Madeline Schroeder, and Shinobu Toyoda – described as “one-of-a-kind piece of Sonic history”.

On the surface, that may seem like all there is to it. A quick recognition of the day, a little picture to celebrate, nice and easy.

But look closer. Go on, squint your eyes real hard, and you’ll notice something very interesting…

Scattered throughout the blog post are letters in bold which, when all put together, form an anagram of the word “red herring”. There’s a lot of speculation about what this cryptic clue could mean – is it that this blog post is a red herring and something more is yet to come? Or maybe the bolded letters are just a tease to throw eager fans who had been expecting an announcement off the scent? And why, of all things, a 10th anniversary Sonic statue? Pure coincidence, or an even more subtle clue…?

Grab your pipes and don your deerstalkers, folks – it’s time to go all Sherlock Holmes on this thing!

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate Hedgehog Day this year? And what do you think SEGA have in store for 2013? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. Rumour: A new Sega game will come in This year. In August/ Mid-November, Posably called “Sonic Adventure 3” With the same Phymic’s With the same Engine Sonic Generations and SA2 Had. Combinin’ them together.

    1. “Red Herring” also spells “Ring Herder” so you must “have [had] a bad feeling about this.”

  2. Oooh that’s sneaky!!
    I can’t wait for the next Sonic game to be announced, I wonder if its a clue to that?

  3. Sonic’s 10th anniversary was in 2001, which just happens to be the year the last Sonic Adventure title (SA2) was released. Perhaps this is some type of clue to signal a continuation of that series. Maybe after the success of Sonic colors and Generations, Sega finally feels that they have a good formula to move forward with that will please fans for the 3rd entry in the series. After all, the hints they have released so far about being able to play as multiple characters with their own storylines hasn’t been done since the Adventure series with the exception of Sonic06’ (which was originally intended to be SA3).

    1. If you think about it, ’06 actually is SA3, just not in name or quality. Large overworld hubs, human NPCs to talk to, etc. etc. All it needs is a Chao Garden and to not be awful.

      1. It was a jooooooooooooooke. Gosh. And while I’m here, I think the real red herring is that SEGA is trying to make us think SA3 is coming, but it probably won’t be. I just want to be able to play as Tails and Knuckles again!!!

        1. I’d like to see the return of Big with the same fishing stages. And Gamma. Real Gamma, not Chaos Gamma.

          You can make up some stupid story for that, SEGA. After all, you did it in Shuffle and had the perfect excuse to in Generations but NOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU PICKED CREAM FOR ADVENTURE WHY

  4. Hmmmm the game that came out on Sonic’s 10th anniversary was Sonic Adventure 2. Yet its a Classic Sonic on the statue.
    Seems very weird in usa theres still lots of hours to go so never know. Something…. something may pop up.

  5. 10th Anniversary, SA2.
    All the rumors involving SA3, and the recent rumor of such being announced. I guess this “qualifies” as an announcement, but more of a ‘secret’ one.
    And the words “red herring”, symbolizing more to come?

    Well, it takes no Sherlock Holmes to figure out where this is going.

  6. It’s a red herring to what we were expecting. What comes after SA2? SA3. We were expecting something like that to be announced today, and of course they knew that! The moment all the rumors came out, SEGA caught on and decided to mess with us by diverting the more “dimwitted” fans from the truth of what is really going on behind the scenes. Such trickster.

  7. Well, “red herring” means a clue that may be mis-leading and I have a feeling that there’s more to this post than the obvious. I reckon that live broadcast with ‘Sonic Team’ in a few hours is definetely worth a watch!

    1. Does Puyo-Puyo have a chatbox? We could speculate about the Red Herring. They seriously have something planned now.

  8. Hmmmm… Red Herring…


    Herring is a fish! And Knuckles is red! That means! Big the Cat & Knuckles the Echidna Power Fishing Punch Knockout!

    1. Not going to lie, I would play that game non-stop if it existed. Purely for some form of hilarity factor.

    2. Catch fish with a radar on the bottom of the screen. Reel in the correct fish to make the radar blink faster and find shards of the master emerald that the fish swallowed. Find them all and a crystiline copy of Froggy’s shadow kills Big and Knuckles but luckilly the kisses of Elise, Rogue, Cream, Vanilla, Marine, Lara-Su, and the ghost of Maria revive them. Developed by Dimps.

      Happy Hedgehog day!

  9. I’ve no idea what to make of this… Perhaps the long awaited Sonic Adventure 3… I’m not sure, but if SEGA and Marza Animation Planet put everything they’ve (hopefully) learned these past few years it’s certain to ba a success. To the point of maybe getting on equal planes with arch rival, Mario. Hohoho

    It’s all in speculation, but I’m happy to see Sonic Team seemingly NOT rushing on this forthcoming title. In fact, the longer a game takes to be released the more likely its story quality and length—something Sonic Colors unfortunately lacked—is to be top notch. Although I did love the art direction for that game.

  10. Let’s see, The Only Image, Sonic 10th Anniversary Statue, marking that was the year of the SA2 release….Red Herring is a type of fish, or rather not a fish at all. It’s an idiom. Meaning a clue that is intentionally or unintentionally misleading or distracting from the actual issue.

    So if this is the case. They are leading or misleading the fact with the image showing the SA2 Sonic statue. It could only mean one thing….Sonic…Adventure…Three…Or not. But it’s really leading the Chance that it is. With all the development rumors and such.

    Just gotta wait for that livestream i guess.

    1. It make so much sense! The SA3 fans are the sniffer dogs, the statue is the red herring, and the real announcement will be on the live stream!
      …Unless “Red Herring” is the red herring…

  11. Maybe them saying “We’re not ready to announce anything yet” is a red herring and they’ll announce something very soon? Or maybe they just put that there to fool us… but I think my first explanation is most accurate. 🙂

    1. Thats probably what it is, doubt Red herrings and the in general or the statue have anything to do with the next game

  12. I think red herring is referring to a new character, although it’s rumored the next sonic game would have no new characters. The statue i believe is a hint that there will be a Sonic Adventure 3.

  13. I figured it out! Red Herring means to distract someone by making them think it’s something significant, when the real significant thing is what that person is being distracted from.

    As for the 10th anniversary statue, I have a theory:

    Sonic Adventure 2 came out for Sonic’s 10th anniversary, so for them to reference SA2, it can only mean one thing…..

    1. I agree. That actually makes a lot of sense. The rumors, the “new knuckles music” thing, and this statue all add up. Sonic Adventure 3 is on the way, get ready for June.

  14. I think it could be Sonic Adventure 3. I’m not saying that because I want it, but it kind of makes sense.
    We know that SA3 was domained by SEGA last year (yes this has happened before). But, this 10th anniversary statue was with Sonic Adventure 2. And SA2 came out 2 years after SA. Now SA3 might come out 12 years after SA2.
    I really think this game might be SA 3, and the rumored gameplay style would lead to this as well.

    1. Correction: We know those domains were registered by “Someone” …. And that someone being someone from France….
      I also believe you are looking WAAAAAAAY to far into this.

  15. Red Herring backwards is Gnirreh-Der (pronounced: near-eh durr) which is the new enemy for the upcoming sequel to Black Knight … Sonic and the Derpy Duhhrs. Source : LSD.

    Lol but seriously though I’m always excited for announcement of a new Sonic anything.

  16. If there is something more hidden between the lines than “Red Herring” in the Sega Blogs post, than Sega has just outdone itself and I say kudos to them making it so cryptically hidden. I just hope it does not mean we are getting:
    1) Red the Herring, another slimely and speedy fish friend to join the ranks, playable in Sonic’s next outing;
    2) A Big and Knuckles super duper, 100 stage, high tech fishing and boxing game complete with Sonic 23rd anniversary, limited edition Knuckles boxing gloves and Big high-impact fish pole.

    That is all. Let the hype begin!

  17. I think it’s a reference to Knuckles. They did mention Sonic 3 and K’s Birthday at the start of the post.

  18. In the new game, Sonic finally catches up to Dr. Eggman, only to realize the stunning truth: Eggman was a fish the whole time! Now Sonic must face off against the true villain behind his 22 years of adventures: Elmer Fudd!

  19. I’d hate to be the bringer of bad news. But apparently a red herring is to trick people to make you think it’s something when it is actually something else.
    I am only guessing but judging from this meaning, they won’t be doing anything too special this year.

    Of course this is just a thought and I could be wring completely. Who know it might have something with a new riders game. You the Babalon Rouges were birds. A herring is a bird. Who knows.

  20. This sounds interesting.

    If it was about an upcoming Adventure-style game, one of the stages could be literally surrounded by red herring. But who knows…

  21. Maybe the red herring was Jun Senoue’s tweet saying that nothing significant would happen.
    Maybe something significant WILL happen on the livestream.
    Just a guess.

  22. Maybe its a Sonic World Adventure 2! Again traveling the world with new countries exploration. Hope Mexico, Las Vegas, Brazil, etc will be in it, if theres gonna be another 2nd one………(no werehog tho unless knuckles doing that kind of gameplay than yes)

  23. Hey kids! Guess what time it is! It’s CRAZY THEORY TIME!!~~

    First of all, let’s think about this red herring thing. The tornado is usually red, with the exception of the Tornado 2 and 3 (the cyclone). What if this means there’s going to be some sort of new version or mode to the tornado? Now before you go ahead and say “That’s crazy!” let me tell you a tale. Way back in the day, Sonic Adventure 2 supposedly planned to have a submarine section. [Source] This may be why they decided to show the Sonic 10th anniversary statue, as Sonic Adventure 2 WAS the tenth anniversary game. Now, the red herring is a fish, so what if the tornado is given a submarine or boat mode in the next Sonic game? Now would that be totally


    1. Fasinating, so the Red Herring would be this current gen’s Sea Fox which was introduced in Sonic Triple Trouble and was seen again in Tails Adventure. I would love to see the Sea Fox back in action.

  24. Hmm… I know who the culprit is… Red Herring! I knew it! For the next game, Sonic is going to team up with the cast of a Pup Named Scooby Doo and battle the Cabbage People from Venus!

        1. I would actually buy that game even if its gameplay was worse than Sonic ’06 but I am sure it would be much better anyway.

  25. It’s amazing to me how many young people have never heard of the term “Red Herring” as a literary device. It really is.

  26. What wierd is that i completely forgot what today was yet I bought mean bean machine and spinball for the mega drive today……maybe it was fate :O

  27. Silly guesses aside, I’m about 99% sure this is Sonic Adventure 3.

    Also, why would they have a stream and not announce anything, EVER?
    I have a good feeling about that stream.

  28. This may sound crazy, but. Let’s see what we have here. Last year, domains were bought for Sonic Adventure 3. Someone said that Sonic Team is making a Sonic movie (probably CGI cutscene). Later this year there was a rumor of a Sonic game with multiple playable characters and different routes depending on how you end the stage. Also the fact that they showed us the 10th anniversary figure makes me think. What came out on his 10th anniversary that is still remembered up to this day? Sonic Adventure 3. I’m certain that Sonic Adventure 3 is just around the corner.

  29. I can seriously imagine something like this. SA3’s announced, and all the people who said it wouldn’t happen would probably say “It’ll suck anyway”. Because this fanbase has a tendency to judge a game before it’s released.

  30. hmm, maybe the 10th anniversary statue means exactly 10 years ago, Sonic Heroes 2 maybe? Sounds stupid but I’d be up for that.

  31. Obvious clue is obvious.

    Red Herring by term would describe the situation in Sonic 3 & Knuckles where Knuckles believed Sonic was the criminal, when all along it was Robotnik (Eggman). This is just simply a clue to confirm Sonic 4 Episode III with Knuckles as a playable character.

    Sorry everyone, no SA3 this time. :/

    1. No. This is going to be the BOXED game. This has NOTHING to do with Sonic 4. By that logic, more than 10 characters will be in Sonic 4.

      1. If you were paying attention to the post I made below, I acknowledged the fact I could be wrong. Although this doesn’t make you right either. That game with the 10+ characters was a rumor, and until confirmed you are basing your statement on information that isn’t solid ground. I made my statement based on the clue given and nothing more. This can either be the grounds for Sonic Adventure 3 or Sonic 4 Episode III. It could even be both for all we know, but before shooting me down and flat out saying I’m wrong bring me more proof than a mere rumor.

  32. Clue from the Live Stream:
    Why would the Sonic Adventure 2 staff team be together if they weren’t working on something?

    1. Good point… Sonic was also considered a Red Herring in that game as well. I may be wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.

      1. Besides that point above, Jun Senoue recently posted in his Twitter that he has been working on Crush 40 music. It could be for a Sonic game or it could be independent music, but only time will tell. Like you said, I am not holding breath on this one, either.

  33. Yes, I already watched the opening portion with the trip down memory lane with Sonic Team. It was poorly executed with them just bantering about this and that and not even showing anything worthwhile from the planning or production phases of past products. But this is confirmed: Sega does not know how to market Sonic anymore.

  34. isnt it obvious the statue symbolises the adventure and sonic 06 is said to be the red herring of those game so

    SONIC 06 2!!!!!!! XD

    come at me guys

  35. Wait wait wait i’ve been looking around some stuff and found out Red Herring was used for Sonic and knuckles years ago aperentley so i geuss Sonic 4 episode 3 and knuckles?

      1. No? they said they are releasing boxed titles this year but that dosent mean they wont release any Online games

  36. another thing that might point towards SA3. SA1 and SA2 were released for PSN and Xbox Market. Did SEGA want the players to have the chance to experience SA1 and SA2 before SA3 for those who havent played them already?

    1. Plus, Sonic 1 and 2 came out right before Sonic 4, and CD came out before Episode 2.

      SA 1 and 2 are out.

      Leggo SA3.

    2. Well by that logic we will get sonic advance 3 xD
      ITS SA3 guys the thing you have waited so long for. Sponsered by sega of antartica and Ben Kalough.

  37. Also the post is called “Happy-Hedgehog-Day-3”

    Probably just a url thing, but who knows 😛

    Still makes more sense then Shadow The Hedgehog 2 😛

    1. you miss read the title its “Happy Hedgehg Day 2013”, must be a busted url on your end (and most likly on your end only)

  38. If this turns out to be Sonic 4: Episode III and not Sonic Adventure 3, I will practically explode of disappointment.

    Come on, Sega! Give me my Sonic Adventure 3!

  39. If, and I do me IF SA3 is the game comfirmed, I can see how the fans will react:

    Some will applaud, as they’ve been waiting for that game

    Some will complain and rant how stupid it is

    Me on the other hand? I’ll be laughing in corner pointing at the people who thought SA3 would never happen XD

      1. have it come out on Wii and transfer the Chaos in to the 3DS via WFC, it be having an overgrown VMU like we did with the Gamecube to GBA!

  40. Sega’s releasing Sonic Adventure 3 so people demanding it can shut up already. Because Sonic 06 wasn’t named properly and had the misintention to be a series reboot.

  41. Hrmm, “Red Herring”, Sonic 10th Anniversary autographed Modern Sonic statue….Oh! Maybe the next Sonic game will be a 3D romp with modern Sonic and those who signed the statue will be working on it. So, the question now is, who’s signatures are those?

    1. ask and ye shall recieve.

      All Info sourced from Sega Retro.

      Tom Kalinske: Executive Supporter (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992)
      Executive Management (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles 1994)

      Al Nilsen: Development Support (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992 and Sonic CD,1993; Both Uncredited in-game)

      Madeline Schroeder: Unknown. Yeah couldn’t find any info on her.

      Shinobu Toyoda (aka Judy Toyoda): Producer (Sonic 1 and Sonic 2), Project Manager (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), PC Division Staff (3D Blast), Executive Coordination (SA1 & SA2), Executive V.P (Mega Collection, SA1DX & Battle(GBA)), Special Thanks (Heroes)

      1. holy shit…. come to think of it. what if all those things are a representation of the 3 we will be getting. Either that or it is the red herring. But look. Sonic “3” and Knuckles 199″3″ “3”D blast. Ok sorry looking way to much into this by far but seriously. Hopefully If it is SA3 they still use the formula from Generations and Colors and Improve upon them. I don’t want another sonic 06 splitting the fanbase again… He almost died off in the gaming universe. SEGA DO NOT SCREW THIS UP.

      2. Madeline Schroeder: said to be “Sonic’s mother” lead the design team back in 1990 that recreated Sonic from the Japanese concept to the one we grew to know and love on June 23, 1991.

        Just google her name. It’ll pop up, but thanks for all the other info. And I agree, a continuation of the Adventures series would be pretty cool

        1. Thanks for the info. I was going to make an update on that, after reading a little bit of it from the Games Master Mag that had the Sonic 20th Anniversary Special Issue.

  42. I’m pretty sure alot of you have all ready said this but I assume it’s going to be a continuation of the Sonic Adventure saga…I’m just…too lazy to read all these comments…

  43. Well enough of the specultaions for one day. Time to Party and Play Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles once again.

  44. I guess it could be SA3, the only thing that’s really doubting that is that at ‘Summer of Sonic’ last year, when Takashi Lizuka was asked if he would be making any new games that continued on from old titles, he said that he’s focusing on brand new titles instead. But then again, ‘Sonic Unleashed’ was originaly going to be SA3, which goes to show that ‘Sonic Team’ still had interest in making it!

  45. You do realize that if they confirm “Sonic Adventure 3” it would not have Shadow due to him “dead” is SA2?

    1. You do realize that Sonic Heroes, and Shadow The Hedgehog are canon, right? Just because this is a sequel to number 3, doesn’t mean at ALL that nothing else matters…

      1. And Shadow the Hedgehog fished up that whole ark, so why must there even be a sequel to these people??

      2. I agree with this. For all we know SA3 can take place after Shadow The Hedgehog. Heroes proved to us that Shadow did survive the fall from Ark and Eggman was covering that fact up by building Shadow Droids (not Metal/Mecha Shadow, though they were built in Heroes) and saying that he (refering to Shadow) as an android in Shadow The Hedgehog.

    2. Just because Heroes and Shadow aren’t numbered doesnt mean they dont have a place in the main canon. Same concept with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Revelations.

  46. I know that, but if SEGA want to make this game canon, they probably put this before Sonic Heroes, but after Shadow died.

    1. So it’s Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Heroes, and then Shadow the Hedgehog.

      1. Doesn’t Sonic Heroes not exist in the same canon as Adventure and StH? If so, too many contradictions and plot holes.

        1. Heroes is Canon. No there is no plot holes or contradictions Please re-read what I just posted…

          “Heroes proved to us that Shadow did survive the fall from Ark and Eggman was covering that fact up by building Shadow Droids (not Metal/Mecha Shadow, though they were built in Heroes) and saying that he (refering to Shadow) as an android in Shadow The Hedgehog.”

          Let me clear something up here using 3 classic Sonic Games.

          In order of their respective release dates we have Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. However storywise and canonwise it goes Sonic 1, Sonic CD and Sonic 2. In other words they can put Sonic Adventure 3 before Heroes or After Shadow, If they plan in incorporating Shadow as Playable Character then the story will most likly explain how he survive the fall from Space Colony Ark or if placed after Shadow, he would most likly still “Soul Searching” (finding his purpose in life).

          Please for the love of god people. Let’s stop speculating and let whatever happens… happens O.K!

    2. I’m cool with that, though I don’t know about anyone else.
      And I’m a Shadow fan. I believe SA3 (if that’s what it is) can be a good game without Shadow (or any of the other recent characters). I just hope sega makes it a good one. 🙂 After all, E-102 (BEST ROBOT. Sorry Omega, gamma’s way better than you. >c), Tikal, and Chaos never truely made reappearences. (2player and enemies that look like Gamma don’t count.) I found SA2’s conclusion very sentimental and sad, but completely satisfying. I don’t need Shadow in the game, as much as I like him. If he turns up as a 2player character, then brilliant. That’d be cool, but if not, then Shadow’s presence still will not be what makes or breaks the game for me. Just give me Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles in some way, shape, or form, and a chao garden, and the rest can be whatever Sega wants to make it.

      And if the game isn’t SA3, well, SA2’s over 10 years old, so we really shouldn’t be expecting a sequel anyway. If Tails is going to be in the games more, I’d say that’s a step in the right direction as it is.

      1. Sure, shoehorn in a game years after it’s so-called sequel was released… That ALWAYS works…
        inb4 Sonic 4.

  47. Red herring and 10th anniversary… well, that just makes me think Knuckles and Sonic Adventure 2. Maybe we’ll get another game that plays similarly to the Adventure titles, which would be nice.

  48. “Today people across the globe today will be turning their calendars to Feb 2nd”? I think not good sir!! I happen to live in New Zealand and it is already Feb 3rd here, just cause all you mooks are still catching up 😛

    Anyway OT, i personally just think its a “red herring” aka they have done that trick in the past and figured that people would be on the lookout for a clue and the whole bold letters thing. So they did this to show that this time, that is not the clue, that perhaps there isn’t anything to be seen in this post. That’s just my 2c tho 😀

  49. Herder Ring
    Herder Grin
    Herding Err
    Grinder Her
    Regrind Her
    Herd Ringer
    Herd Erring
    Red Herring
    Herd Re Ring
    Herd Re Grin
    Herd Err Gin
    Rend Her Rig
    Nerd Her Rig
    Red Her Ring
    Red Her Grin
    Red Err Nigh
    Ding Her Err
    Grind Eh Err
    Grind He Err
    Grind Her Re
    Gird Hen Err
    Grid Hen Err
    Hind Erg Err
    Rind Erg Her

        1. New possibilities:

          Her Red Grin-A new red, smiling female echidna enters the picture for some unapparent reason.
          Her Nerd Rig-That new female character builds a computer rig and is overjoyed by the possibilities at her fingertips.
          Rend Her Rig-An unknown character then begins to obliterate that new computer, rending it useless.
          Her Regrind- Amy Rose is discovered to be the culprit behind that dirty deed and proceeds to regrind the remaining transistors, resistors and capacitors. Why would she be up to mischief?
          Her Grinder-But Doctor Robotnik is the actual villian behind this with a more sinister end to a much larger mad scheme. He brainwashed Amy so he could have her test his new Grinder, a device which mercilessly grinds all electronic and mechanical hardware to powder, a tool to destroy all forms of production, communication and transportation across the entire globe.

          1. Over speculating again, hifihedgehog? Can you please just let this go and let what ever happens happens?

  50. Hasn’t anyone looked up the names of the signatures? The bold lettering’s meant to get your attention away from the picture (hence the reason why it spells “red herring”). I’m not sure if the statue itself has anything to do with it, but each person who signed that statue had something to do with the original “retro” Sonic’s, specifically Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I believe. I think it’s a hint that there’s going to be an Episode 3 to Sonic 4, and it will include Knuckles. I don’t think it has anything to do with the retail game rumored to be announced later this month. Just my thoughts and opinions, I’m not sure anyone’s gotten it right thus far, including me,s (it could be a hint to SA 3), but I don’t think that there’s no meaning behind it.
    BTW does anyone remember what Sega did last year for Hedgehog Day?

    1. holy f*ck did you not see the post I’ve already made on this!?


      All Info sourced from Sega Retro.

      Tom Kalinske: Executive Supporter (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992)
      Executive Management (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles 1994)

      Al Nilsen: Development Support (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992 and Sonic CD,1993; Both Uncredited in-game)

      Madeline Schroeder: Unknown. Yeah couldn’t find any info on her.

      Shinobu Toyoda (aka Judy Toyoda): Producer (Sonic 1 and Sonic 2), Project Manager (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), PC Division Staff (3D Blast), Executive Coordination (SA1 & SA2), Executive V.P (Mega Collection, SA1DX & Battle(GBA)), Special Thanks (Heroes)

  51. It could be SA3, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m not as good as figuring out clues, ironically, as I am about picking out hidden meaning in stories. I do think the post itself is misleading however and to pay attention to the statue…

    Or, there could be no meaning here at all. The post itself could just be a tease 😛

  52. Red Herring.
    Detective/Mystery Slang.
    And nobody’s made any sort of reference to the Chaotix detective agency?

      1. And the release of the Team Chaotix toys, shown in the very article where the new game was mentioned? This can only mean…


  53. I will just descretely leave this post here in the hope that someone can come up with something substantial from it:

    @Sheyla: I reassert what I wrote. But, after looking through Hedgehog day posts from previous years, there is the remote possibility that there may be something beyond the surface of this when you look at it more closely. It is also my thought that they made several articles for today but only one made the cut, meaning that there was a lot of information that was originally going to be revealed but it had to be held back probably due to some special directive from the top brass. Still, my original theory of the blog page names simply being different makes more sense if you look at the links below. If you want to dig a little deeper, here are the links from the posts from the previous years:

    (Note: Before 2010, Sega Blogs did not have a special blog entry for the community on Hedgehog Day.)

  54. I will just descretely leave this post here in the hope that someone can come up with something substantial from it:

    @Sheyla: I reassert what I wrote. But, after looking through Hedgehog day posts from previous years, there is the remote possibility that there may be something beyond the surface of this when you look at it more closely. It is also my thought that they made several articles for today but only one made the cut, meaning that there was a lot of information that was originally going to be revealed but it had to be held back probably due to some special directive from the top brass. Still, my original theory of the blog page names simply being different makes more sense if you look at the links below. If you want to dig a little deeper, here are the links from the posts from the previous years:

    (Note: Before 2010, Sega Blogs did not have a special blog entry for the community on Hedgehog Day.)

  55. I can’t wait much longer! Must know.
    Hmm. Sonic seems confussed. He is crossing his arms pointing to the right. Or his left. So, I guess it’s a sequel to something to us, and a prequel to him? Please, I want a break from time travel! I heard a rumor suggesting this to be like Shadow The Hedgehog. Where you get to decide where to go after clearing a stage depeding on hero, normal, or evil. Now, I don’t think Sonic is evil, but it may be something similar like that. What do you guys think?

  56. i just realized this, but the statue is for the 10th anniversary
    it is now sonics 22nd anniversary
    if you subtract 22 with 10, you get 12
    what came out on sonics 12th anniversary?
    if you put those two together we probably could make something up.
    then again i could be wrong.

  57. If the entire post is not a red herring, then it would be logical to conclude that those who signed the Sonic statue have some sort of involvement in the Sonic game series again or that the series is supposedly making another attempt to reboot or go back to its roots in the early to mid 1990s. In light of this, it is my guess that either (1) those original staff members and executives were temporarily hired as consultants and technical advisors for the new Sonic title or titles or (2) the game or games is or are supposed to actually mimick the form and style of the classic series, not try to bridge the two series and fail miserably at it like Sonic the Hedgehog 4 saga did.

    Take this with a grain of salt and your milage my vary with this theory as the inclusion of the hidden phrase “RED HERRING” appears to delegitimize everything in the blog post. But, if you still have a spark of faith in what was posted, Google and re-Google everything if you want to make an educated guess about it and try your hand at this!


      All Info sourced from Sega Retro.

      Tom Kalinske: Executive Supporter (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992)
      Executive Management (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles 1994)

      Al Nilsen: Development Support (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992 and Sonic CD,1993; Both Uncredited in-game)

      Madeline Schroeder: Unknown. Yeah couldn’t find any info on her.

      Shinobu Toyoda (aka Judy Toyoda): Producer (Sonic 1 and Sonic 2), Project Manager (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), PC Division Staff (3D Blast), Executive Coordination (SA1 & SA2), Executive V.P (Mega Collection, SA1DX & Battle(GBA)), Special Thanks (Heroes)

  58. I believe the statue is meant to throw us off into believe Sonic Adventure 3 is going to be announced, but instead we will get Sonic 4 Episode III. Then later in April, the boxed game will be revealed. Sonic Adventure 3.

  59. The comments are really funny here xD I have no idea what this will be, I have a feeling the ‘red herring’ means ‘disregard everything in this blog’ and that they’re going to announce something on the Live Stream, as in very soon. On Jun Senoue’s twitter when he was asked about the Live Stream he replied “…nothing serious”. I wonder if he’s playing along too? I just hope the next game is good lol.

  60. When you really think about it, anybody’s prediction could be correct, they all make sense. Sonic 4 ep. 3,
    Sonic adventure 3, or whatever strange idea, but what about that picture, can anybody identify the two figures in the background? they are quite blurry but what if whoever they are give some information? Maybe the whole red herring thing is that we are making up all these pointless suggestions that are themselves deceiving us? Darn it SEGA, was it necessary to drive your fans into a spiraling craze?

  61. All the clues seem to point at Sonic 4 ep. 3.
    The only clue pointing to Sa3 is the 10th anniversary stature.
    Although i really do want Sa3!

  62. Sega Why do you torture us with this speculative nonsense. Are you that pissed off that all your games have been leaked so far.

  63. If they announce Sonic Adventure 3, I hope it’s Sonic Adventure and GTA combined! Here is what the game could have:

    Exploring Station Square, Angel Island, some caves, Eggman’s fortress, and even the ocean(while in Scuba gear of course!)

    Lots of techno-ish music

    Having the ability to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Sally Acorn(newcomer), Antoine D’Collete(newcomer), Bunnie Rabbot(newcomer), Shadow, Silver, Scourge(newcomer),Fiona Fox(newcomer)and other characters!

    It should be on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, WIN MAC DVD-ROM, and Steam, and it should come out in the Christmas season of 2013!

    These are my ideas, you know. Good Luck out there, SEGA! And Happy Hedgehog Day!

    1. I highly doubt that Sega/Sonic Team would ever incorporate Characters from the SatAM/Archie Comic series (yes, I’m well aware of Spinball,though that was just a cameo apperance). Besides you’ve listed more than 10 characters, so I seriously doubt that the “newcomers” will ever be playable in a Sonic game. Wishful thinking though.

  64. Holy shit why didn’t I think of this sooner. What if they announce the new sonic game at the superbowl?

  65. Odd. The admins haven’t been replying much…

    I’m wondering now, since they help set up Summer of Sonic, maybe they know something we don’t? :p

  66. okay as much as I WANT it to be SA3… (sega, my GOODNESS if you’re reading this GIVE US A BOOSTLESS, 2DLESS, CHAO GARDEN-FILLED SONIC ADVENTURE 3 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! 6 CHARACTERS TO PLAY AS! GOOD MUSIC AND STORY!!! mother of MERCY! What the hell do I have to do?! I’m willing to do ANYTHING.)…I don’t believe that it’s gonna happen. We keep mistaking sega for a logically thinking company. Either way, This IS very interesting. I’m gonna say sonic 4 Episode 3 or Chaotix, which is what the fans, and Iizuka WANT to do.

    I’m all for a new chaotix game. I’ll take another sonic 4, but theres NOTHING to get hyped about with those games. I’ll buy it simply because it’s there… because it’s cheap and gives me something to do when standing in line at the stores….

    Other than that, I’ll continue waiting endlessly for [s]PSO2[/s] SA3, Chaotix, or another A+ sonic title.

  67. Prepare for chaos energy and the Force to fuse universes, as this is going to be the most riveting announcement of the year for two major franchises and their fanbases: It has been discovered that the phrase “Red Herring” as found in a Sega Blogs post is actually an incorrect sorting of the letters when, in actuality, the phrase should be “Ring Herder, ” a subtle play on words of the famous phrase “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf Herder” made by Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars series. Upon finalizing the purchase of LucasFilms, it has been confirmed by one of our sources, likely a well-paid Bothan spy who died to get us this information, that Disney not only decided to make a Angry Birds parody of the world famous space drama but is also making a Sonic the Hedgehog parody in the next year. Seeing that the Sonic the Hedgehog series already mimicks many of the plot devices and characters in its series, such as with the clear nod that the Death Egg and Space Colony A.R.K make to the Death Star, all of which is sure be a pleasing combination to fans on both sides. In fact, George Lucas and Fugi Naka, who are secret penpals to one another, were said to have been seen together in vast crowds at a recent Star Wars Weekend parade at Walt Disney World, casually talking between themselves and jesting about the future of both of their franchise. And both seem to feel the best is yet to come because of this.

    All of the original cast members of the original trilogy are set to reprise their original roles as the voices of their counterparts in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, will be none other than our own blue dude with ‘tude, Sonic the Hedgehog, along with other familiar faces such as Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik by Emperor Palpatine, Shadow the Hedgehog by Darth Vader, Amy Rose by Princess Leia, Knuckles the Echidna by Han Solo, Miles “Tails” Prower by R2-D2, Omochao by C-3p0, Big the Cat by Jar Jar Binks, Froggy as himself, Rouge the Bat by Mara Jade, and Team Chaotix by various X-Wing pilots. Likewise, serious consideration is being given for extending the cast to include characters from the Saturday Morning TV series, the Archie comic series, and even the Sonic X TV series from cult group of fans requesting Christopher Thorndyke to not be forgotten. However, matters have remained quite touchy as fans have argued over whether or not Sally Acorn should take Amy Rose’s place as Sonic’s and ultimately Knuckle’s romantic interest, whether or not Sonic should have green eyes and so forth, but until fans and Sega representatives can end these spats and come to a consensus, it is very unlikely to occur.

    But know this: The power of a Death Egg is insignificant next to the power of the Force… err… Chaos Emeralds.

    1. While I doubt it is an actual crossover, Ring Herder actually makes more sense than red herring. Maybe we will finally get an explanation of what the rings are?

    2. Woah woah woah… wait… I really don’t know about those comparisons and characterizations, but if that thing is true, and means something, then the teased game is neither Sonic Adventure 3 OR Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode III…

      … Oh God… how could I not notice…

      > Star Wars SONIC PARODY

      The teased game…

      …is the Third Installment Of The Storybook Series!!!

      1. It all makes sense. First, it was Star Wars Angry Birds. Force-squashed, blaster bolt-blasted birds. Next, it will be Star Wars Sonic the Hedgehog. Spines and sabers (again -__- ). Finally, it will be Super Ma-r-r-rio Star Wars. Force-enriched mushrooms.

  68. Come on guys…seriously. Do NONE of you understand the meaning of the term “red herring”? Sure it’s a rather old term but still.

    Red Herring (noun)
    “Something, esp. a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting: “the book is fast-paced and full of red herrings”

    What ever could have been intended to be a tease or a clue on the page is FALSE! So the bold letters were one yes, but it stands to reason that the picture was too, or anything else in that post. It is NOT SA3 or even SA related.. it’s a flippin Red Herring not a clue!! Geez, people make something out of nothing even when they are out and out told that it’s not a clue >.<

    1. I took the bait and ate this red herring whole in a Super Sonic chili dog, ’cause it ain’t wut it luk lik bro’. Question: What is a red herring when it looks, smells, sounds, feels and tastes like a red herring but it isn’t a red herring?
      Answer: See also: Plot devices. Or a 1960s corny, tongue-in-cheek, campy Batman movie.

  69. @N. Harmonik: I, and as I am sure many more feel the same way, am not particular about the nomenclature of whatever species of game Sega chooses to produce for us, but it better have the tried and true traits of the super hybrid rose we all have been waiting for, lacking the thorny flaws and pricky problems, clearly what I have come to mean by Sonic Adventure 3 in my posts. I have previously noted that there should be some game that takes everything good Sega learned and put into practice in the Adventure series and everything good found and applied in the current crop of games and someone merges and molds it all into the holy grail of Sonic games. It could have such things as optional characters to please all of the fans and varied storylines like a “Choose your Ending” storybook where you can do anything with anyone to get to finally reach the coveted win screen. (Ironically, that is what I outlined in a post a while ago and, surprise, surprise, a supposed inside source leads us to believe Sega has exactly this in the works!) That is my Sonic Adventure 3 in every good sense of the title.

    Quick history lesson. Years back, we all thought Sonic ’06 would be the natural heir to the Adventure series throne, complete with a blue knight to save a princess in distress, but it turned out to be nothing more than a masked imposter and, in no time, we all went on a rampage with pitchforks and pillaging to make sure all knew it was not what it should have been and that it would not happen again. Not long after that blotch in the chronology, another game came into the picture, Sonic Unleashed, which tried to please the “blue boy only” fans and, in doing so, robbed us of the pure fun of the rest of the gang, and even offended those other fans with the innovative werehog stages. Now we have come full circle with Sonic Generations in which the cast plays the sole role of either fair maidens in distress, innocent bystanders or pep rally cheerleaders–still not quite where all of the fans would like the franchise to be headed, but I can attest that the gameplay and menu design is the best I have seen for AGES (pun intended). That’s my point.

    And yet, I am wisely quick enough to point out that there are oh-too-many Facebook fan pages saying “Oh my goodness. SEGAZ. MAKEZ US SONIC ADVENTURE 3Z. EVERYBODYZ WHOZ WANTZ IT POSTZ HERE! WOOT! WOOT!” *FACEPALM* Umm… That’s what makes the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase so outrageous, embarassing and disgraceful at times.

    It is important to realize that a Sonic Adventure 3 is not just another title added to the continuity of a now 10 year-old game, but it is something simple, functional, playable and innovative, simplfying and intensifying those innovative elements that take the gaming experience to a whole other level. Once Sega can reproduce this which is what they essencially did in the early 1990s in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, not merely rehashing the same old, same old into some ugly disaster, but by making it applicable and entertaining for today’s market based on its current interests and circumstances, or making the market adapt to them by thinking outside of the box and marketing as they should and are capable of doing, I will once again be pleased with the work done by Sega for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. For now, it is an inexcusable “meh.” That’s all I can say of them.

  70. I don’t care if it’s named Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Heroes 2 or Sonic Superdooper Awesome Mega Tennis 9000. As long as the game plays good, I’m happy. And maybe having a canon console game with Blaze in it that DOESN’T confuse us about her backstory…

  71. If they make Sonic Adventure 3, I’ll leave the franchise for good because it means Sonic Team have learned nothing. They should just make a proper sequel to Sonic 4 Episode 2, called Sonic The Hedgehog 4 (since the name alone hasn’t been used without an episode tag following it), without the episode crap, and blow us all away with a full blown return to franchise.

  72. I seem to recall one of the higher ups at SEGA saying that they may make a Sonic Adventure 3 if there is enough interest in it. If they are not working on SA3 for the next game, I hope that they take one look at the comments in this page alone and realize just how bad we want SA3…

  73. Guys, the red herring IS the Sonic Adventure 2 statue. If a red herring is meant to lead someone off-track, then the 10th anniversary picture is the red herring, and the mention of Sonic 3 is the main focus. However, I hope we’re both right and they make
    wait for it…

    Sonic Adventure 3 and Knuckles!!!
    That’d be sheer brilliance.

  74. Ok can we please stop beating on a dead horse or in this case a dead red herring? We’ve heard just about every speculation out there. This well has run dry, so lets move along people and wait for Official Announcements within the next couple of weeks. Lets just let whatever happens happens OK?

  75. Red herring is an literary device employed by writers that leads readers or characters towards a false conclusion.

  76. the red herring is a reference to sonic 3&k and the 10th anniversary statue is sonic adventure 2 so it could be hinting at sa3 and sonic 4 episode 3

  77. Maybe they don’t even have a presentable part of the game completed yet to tease so they are just buying time with this. Although, It has been nearly the entire month now so perhaps the post itself was a red herring and we all over-thought it.

  78. i grew up playing sonic games on the sega genesis, dreamcast, gamecube, all 3 playstations, the wii, the xbox 360, and handheld gaming devices. i call myself a true sonic fan. but i trully lost intrest in sonic after playing games like unleashed, generations, colors, secret rings, and knights. i dont like these boost to win, and almost a 2D experience sonic games. i like the direction sega took with sonic ’06. though the game was crappy, i can picture it being pretty good if it was finished. what my point is, we need more adventure style games. so YES!!! im gonna say it! we need a sonic adventure 3!!! and also, a freaking chao garden!!!!!!!!!!!

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