Freak-Out Friday: Oscars 2013 – Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Not even the 85th Annual Academy Awards, set to take place this Sunday, are safe from leaks on the internet.

Yes folks, days before the event itself is underway, we’ve already got our hands on the results for the category “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”! And the winner?


Special thanks to thatdarnaccount for uncovering this, and Marcus the Rocker for tipping us. Only a mere cameo and Sonic is already in the big leagues of cinema!

Then again, the fact that Sonic won against Chuck Norris… I dunno, this just screams fake. If true, looks like Tails will be accepting this award posthumously…

On a realistic note, Wreck-It Ralph, the Disney film in which Sonic made several background appearances, is one of the Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature Film! Going up against the likes of The Pirates! Band of Misfits and Bears the Movie Brave, this one’s gonna be close!

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  1. If onlyyyy this were real.

    Well, let’s hope Ralph stomps everyone else in the Oscars at least. If Mario’s going to be in the next one, I can hardly imagine the shenanigans should he and Sonic meet!

  2. I swear I missed some of those cameos. Did some sonic cameos get cut in the UK release does anybody know?

      1. I must have been so soaked up in the plot. I was expecting to be there spotting the cameos, but I wasnt expecting the characters and story to be so well written. It’s an amazing film

  3. Meanwhile, Jaleel, Ryan, and Jason are all like “I USED TO VOICE HIM!” and flipping tables.

    Oh my. Well, I think it’ll be a close race between Brave and Wreck-It-Ralph…Question is if a story about learning to love people for who they are vs. a story about learning to love yourself, which one did it better.

  4. Well it would be nice if that actually happend to the Hedgehog, at first I thought it was for that Progressive commercial he cameoed in. In all seriousness I’m pulling for Wreck-It-Ralph FTW, that would be awesome if they win an award before the film gets released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

  5. I don’t want to be skeptic about this even if oscars don’t do nothing nowadays. 😐

    And funny how I actually watched the movie yesterday and this comes out. 😀

  6. I both want this and don’t want this to happen. Want because dorkiness, don’t want because a cartoon animal winning best Supporting Actor would be a terrible idea.

  7. Could be legit, could be a fake. Isn’t the sonic stadium music adventure 2012 up for best soundtrack?

  8. Pretty confident this is fake I mean here.

    About thatdarnaccount / Ryan Dell

    i use After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Final Cut to do all my things

    Says that on his account.

  9. I see clearly: sonic 1 sprites, sonic 2 stage – Chemical Plant Zone and sonic 3 & knuckles Boss – Angel Island Boss (and it classic sonic on the game-play then switch to Modern Sonic back from the film :lol:)


  11. Fallin’ for erry’ 4Chan “Reliable” Sega Developer about their fanfic game, n’ believin’ That Sonic won an Oscar award for an accumulated 17 seconds appearance in a movie full of video game characters.

    The fucking Sonic fanbase, everybody.

    1. Just because you know how to use apostrophes, doesn’t mean you can spam them in an attempt to look cooler than everyone.

      1. Spammin’ ’em n’ makin’ mah comments look 20 times more awesome than anybody else’s. Guess you’ll have to deal with it, Brah/Sis.

  12. I just watched the ACTUAL best supporting actor on TV. I am so upset. I really thought this was real. I thought Sonic was finally actually making his way back to the top. *sigh* Oh well, I guess the best thing to do is to agree with ItzPrado’s post and pretend it happened. Just tell us it’s fake next time please. Thanks. Being the dedicated Sonic fan I am, this hurts a lot.

    1. Nope, It doesn’t hurt at all. I hate all the babbling about “Sonic is finally back, babeh” when it never actually left and you need NOTHING to prove that. Also, if Mario doesn’t win an Oscar, I don’t know how ANYTHING game related will.
      What actually hurts is the amount of stupid people that actually believed it. I think I’m gonna quit ;-;

    2. …I’m sorry, but how could you have thought for even a second that this was real? Read the first two sentences of the article again.

    3. Okay guys, sorry for sounding so stupid. I apologize for coming off as an idiot. I am sorry if I angered anybody. And don’t worry Vizard, I will take the title Freak Out Friday more seriously in the future, but I guess it did cause me to freak out after all! 😀

    1. My thoughts exactly. I guess in truth, Sonic never even came close to being a hit in the cinema. 🙁

  13. All those snobs at the oscars still can’t grasp the way of the future it seems =\ The only other movie I liked last year was Wreck-It Ralph and Life of Pi.

    1. Same here! Brave is just some “Girls can do anything” film full of bad Scottish-dialect and crudeness. Completely unfaithful to true Scottish culture. Didn’t even bother to see this or Ice Age: Continental Drift.

  14. sonic cameos at, the party at fix it felix jr, the screen, a picture in root bear tappers pub s well as a picture of tails and egg man, seen running circles around a turtle (possible from mario) right in game central station before felix and the commander girl go into sugar rush, when ralph goes into it in his pod he hits sonic and thus makes sonic drop his wrings, he in the audience of the wedding, he also appears in 8-bit form in the credits along with egg man and chemical plant zone as the level, also a sonic the fighter arcade can be seen in the beginning. I think thats all of them haha

  15. ok for people who are upset that wreck it ralph lost to brave, there is a very good reason for that.
    now dont get me wrong, i loved wreck it ralph, much better than brave, but then we have to look at it in an audience standpoint.
    Wreck it ralph was more of a fanservice movie, created mostly for the video game audience. If you didn’t have much knowledge in video games, you wouldn’t understand a lot of the cameos, references, and sometimes jokes.
    now going over to brave, it was created for a more broader audience, and many can go watch it with any knowledge of some of the jokes and references.
    but when you look at story, and animation wreck it ralph had done a much better job.

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