Aliens: Colonial Marines has a Sonic 3 Reference

Aliens: Colonial Marines was released last week and… it’s pretty bad. No really, it’s bad, and not in the good ‘Who’s bad!?’ kind of way. Anyway, it’s also a game that’s full of hidden Easter Eggs, including a reference to the Special Stages from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles.

During chapter 6 ‘For Bella’ you enter a large building and have to run past a room with a sentry gun on the left hand side. If you then enter this room and disable the turret, you can now safely check out the lockers. Inside one of the lockers are 3 small balls, one red, one blue and one textured exactly like ground you run on during these stages.

Nothing happens once you find this, just a small hidden extra added to the game. Please, do not buy this game just to see this for yourself, it really isn’t that good.

Thanks to… I can’t believe I’m typing this… Barack Obama on SSMB for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Eh… I’m hoping that the MP is good. I’m gonna finish collecting Dog Tags, play through on Ultimate Badass difficulty, then give it a shot. Hopefully there’s something worth going back to…

  2. No! To even make a reference to Sonic in A:CM is bringing him back into the suck zone! He’s just now getting out, don’t put him back in!

    But seriously, what’s with the whole “Gearbox used Segas A:CM money to fund Borderlands instead” thing going on? Does anyone know what’s really going on with that; or is it not being covered on SS because it hasn’t been confirmed as a fact as of now?

  3. I guess we should have quit after NINE THOUSAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD!!!!! ahem levels that is in those special stages lmao.

  4. For those of you in the UK who were suckered into preordering it like me (that’s the last time I fall for that until the next time), CEX is trading it in for cash for £28. Do it before the shelves are full of em.

    Also, Saturday I learned the staff in CEX take the pieces of paper with preorder codes for themselves, just in case they are unused.

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