Sonic Team to do Internet Live Stream, February 2nd/3rd


On February 3rd 2013, Japanese online TV show Puyo-Puyo will be hosting a live stream event. Their guests? Sonic Team. The staff members joining the Puyo-Puyo team are as follows.

Tadashi Takezaki/SEGA
Takashi Iizuka/Producer
Jun Senoue/Sound Director
Kazuyuki Hoshino/Art Director

It might not be related. But… February 3rd is a day after Groundhog day, a day which Sega have unofficially called ‘Hedgehog Day’ due to their tradition with making big announcements either on or around it. Could it be?

You can watch the broadcast here. Please be aware, this will almost certainly be in Japanese and it’s unlikely that there will be any English subtitles. The show is broadcast at 2am (japanese time) but for you guys in the UK, thats 5pm (GMT) on Saturday 2nd February. Please use this handy converter to find out what time it is in your area.

Livestream Link:

Source: Sonic-Scene (thanks to Blue Wisp for the heads up)

Stay tuned to TSS for more updates.


  1. Hmm, sonic team on a show called Puyo-Puyo?
    what could that mean….

    1. you wish. Although i will admit it is kind of strange to see some of the sonic team staff on a puyo puyo online tv show livestream.

      1. Sonic Team knows that no one cares about Puyo puyo. 😉

        They know what the fans want to see, and it’s SONIC. 😛 All aboard the hype traiiiiiin!

        1. Maybe not you, but Japan is crazy about it, and Japam really doesn’t care about Sonic. 😉

          1. They do care, just not as much as America and Europe. Please don’t make it sound like they have absolutely no interest in Sonic at all. It gets tiring that people keep on thinking Sonic has no place in anyone’s heart in Japan.

          2. That’s not what I meant at all, I was just putting it the same way he did, people in the west also care about Puyo-Puyo, but not as much as Japan.

          3. Having been to Japan many times, I think Sonic has by no means disappeared from the Japanese public’s concsiousness, he’s just not mainstream like he used to be. He’s something for gamers. Pretty much the same story as in the West really. Sonic’s popularity has been increasing a little bit again over here, in recent years, but from what I can tell, I think his mainstream hype lasted a couple of years longer in Japan than it did in the West during the early years, (hence Sonic X.) I might be wrong though.

  2. To the hell with Puyo Puyo I want the announcment of Sonic Dimensions / Sonic Adventure 3 / Sonic Propel / Sonic Turbo / Sonic Revolution / Sonic & The Return of the Friends / Or whatever.

    Anyone knows what time will this be in America?:D

  3. I’m lucky this live stream is on Sunday morning if it was on Monday I wouldn’t watch it, it starts at midnight Western Australian time and I start school on Monday. Also, I’m really excited if the rumour is trueI’ll admit I’m not a fan of the adventure series but an SA3 would be good, I don’t have my hopes for it though. We’ll have to wait until then!

  4. So is it on the 2nd or the 3rd? I’d like a Sonic announcement to be on the 3rd; it’d be an awesome birthday present.

    1. It’s broadcast in Japan on the 3rd… but depending on your time zone it’s likely to be the 2nd.

  5. Hopefully the decent(?) amount of Japanese I know will help me understand what they are saying. Lol…

  6. This… it’s a d*** thing to thing the game will be announced, it’ll be an official announcment, not an ‘OOOH! I ANNOUNCED THIS GAME IN A LIVESTREAM!’

      1. …I think you need to sit down, and take a breather.

        Who cares whether it’s announced via livestream or on their official page? The videos will end up on YouTube anyway xD (so calm down).

  7. How interesting. I would greatly enjoy it if it was another game, however. Personally I think Sonic needs a little break so they can focus on other game series first. Ecco the Dolphin I would like to see a new one, or Billy Hatcher.

    Puyo-Puyo, though, would be a contender due to the name XD

    1. 3D Sonic games come out every 2 years for the most part. So they did give him a break. Plus, Sonic Team makes Sonic, not SEGA. Sonic Team does not make Ecco, although I would love to see a new 2D Ecco.

  8. I would bet $20 that the next game is going to be Sonic Adventure 3. A third party a couple of months ago already secured the domain name a ton of domain names for it. Its going to be Sonic Adventure 3 for sure.

    1. It does seem likely, some say it’ll be Puyo-Puyo news, but it is and/or is after Hedgehog Day when this will be hitting. I do hope it’ll be SA3, But it is is kinda unlikely. Hope though, hope.

  9. Why is everyone talking about a stupid game called Puyo Puyo? This is a SONIC news site not a stinkin Puyo Puyo news site! Anywho I hope itis that rumored Sonic game and I will hopefully be here at 12 pm. (That’s when it’s showing in US. 😉 )

  10. well, if it is sonic related, I figure we will get the news on here translated, so I will just wait and see

  11. I love how most people here are all like “I dont give a shit about [game that is not Sonic]!!!”. Yes I know this is a Sonic site but people need to get over the fact that Sega is not just about Sonic.

    Anyways, looking forward to whatever is announced, even if t turns out not to be (but most likely will) Sonic related.

  12. If I could asked them a question, I’d ask them why haven’t THEY-themselves, created a Sonic RPG? Bioware’s Dark Brotherhood doesn’t count. All that talent pouring into Phantasy Star, and no one at Sonic Team said, let’s do a Sonic RPG?

  13. Cool but I’m wondering is their anyone on the team who runs this website speak Japanese. It would be useful is the sonic Stadium did I know the language

  14. I’m not familiar with this show but it wouldn’t be a bad guess to think that they might announce something Sonic-related since we can reasonably assume that Sonic Team has been working on a new Sonic game since Generations was released. Does anyone know what kinda stuff this Puyo-Puyo show usually broadcasts? Is it usually only stuff relating to the Puyo Puyo franchise?

  15. For anyone interested, no one said anything about new games unfortunately. They just talked about the history of Sonic.

  16. Well, remember, the Pokemon Direct talked about the history of Pokemon before announcing the news games.
    Maybe this is like that, but in two parts with the big announcement another day.

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