RUMOUR: SEGA to Announce New Sonic Game Next Month?

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Sources close to SEGA have informed The Sonic Stadium that the publisher intends to announce/tease a new game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series next month. Sonic fans will recall that February 2nd is of course what SEGA calls ‘Hedgehog Day’, a day the company usually likes to tease fans about upcoming Sonic games. However, one of our sources states that the game won’t be announced until mid-February, while another just says we “will hear about it from official sources next month”. It’s likely SEGA could tease a reveal on Hedgehog Day and make a proper announcement later in the month.

One source has shared what they allege to be details about the new game. The game’s title doesn’t appear to be finalized yet, but its platforms are. It will be released on Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC, and “Next gen” consoles. This source says anything involving these new consoles is strictly confidential to people at the top of the company, so they unfortunately don’t have any information to share about those versions. As for the other versions, the source states the console, PC and PS Vita versions will be identical aside from the graphical differences, while the 3DS version will be another Sonic Rush styled game.

The source elaborates that the console version of this new game will be sticking with the recent formula seen in Sonic Unleashed (Daytime), Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations where gameplay switches between full 3D movement and 2D side-scrolling sections. Multiple routes through a stage will return, but this time you will have an incentive to play through them all. Each route in a stage will lead to one of two or three exits at the end that will each take you to a different stage. You will always end up at the same final stage, though. Our source says final stage count hasn’t been decided, but the developers are trying for at least 20 different stages, not including boss battles.

Character wise, our source says you will begin the game with Sonic and unlock other characters to play as by completing stages. It’s been made clear that this doesn’t mean 20+ characters are available, though. “For example, you might unlock Knuckles in any one of three stages. Sometimes, if you already have a character that would be unlocked first, a different one may be unlocked. Altogether we’re looking at about 10 different characters to play with, and no, Sonic isn’t getting any new friends. All of the playable characters will be existing Sonic characters.”

Our source goes on to explain that each character will have their own skills to help them progress in stages easier where others will have more difficulty or simply cannot ala Sonic 3 & Knuckles and the Sonic Advance series. One example described involves Sonic and Shadow not being able to make it up a wall, while Tails can easily fly up there or Knuckles can climb, allowing them access to an exit Sonic and Shadow can’t reach. Despite that, our source assures us that stages can be replayed with any character of your choice, though.

Moving on to the 3DS version, the source says it will be “similar in idea, but smaller in scope”. The developers are trying to fit all of the characters into the game, but it will feature far fewer stages. There will still be many paths through stages, but at this point, the source says it looks like every stage will only ever branch off into 2 stages.

Our source ends by telling us “All in all, the games look very promising at this point” and assures us that SEGA has their best developers working on the games and that they have been in the works since before Sonic Generations. The game should be out in stores this Fall/Autumn, or at the latest, Winter. Another source corroborates the Fall schedule and expects the game to be released around September.

We have verified our sources as best as we can, but until official confirmation is made by SEGA, we’re marking this rumour for now.

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      1. SOO this game could deal with a the CS from SG turning into a slightly or radically different version of him, heck even scourge might get a cameo.
        And I know your thinking “but they said they wouldn’t have new characters” but technically alternate or not, an alternate sonic wouldn’t count as a completely new character

      2. It does, doesn’t it? I mean Sega has tried before to make worthy sequels to Sonic Adventure 2 (the best Sonic game ever) and it did not pan out to well. Sonic Heroes was okay but Sonic ’06 was kind of a failure (it had potential but their were just to many glitches, long load times, etc.) and it all went downhill from there. I’ll admit Sonic Generations wasn’t bad, but I really enjoy Sonic 4 Ep. 1 and 2. I hope after this game they focus on Sonic 4 Ep. 3, hopefully with knuckles as a playable character.

    1. According to the “source” they meant 20 stages with 3 different acts each (2 for the 3DS version), it sounds insane indeed but then this game has been in development far more time that Sonic Colors and Generations so we shall see.

      Also I wonder if they’re reintroducing the Sonic CD formula…?

  1. Very Excited!

    Ik read more characters than only sonic…..
    The last real good one with that concept was…. Sonic Adventure 2…..
    Could it be…. 3…..

    1. Sonic ’06, accepted or not, was in fact Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic Unleashed was also Sonic World Adventure.

          1. I don’t care.
            When a sonic game comes out with the title “Sonic Adventure 3”, then i’ll believe it is SA3.

            Plus how could ’06 be SA3 when unleashed was going to be SA3? It doesn’t make any sense!Having 2 SA3’s?

          2. LOL why are telling me to deal with it? Deal with what. I don’t care, Heroes, 06 and Unleashed can all be considered as a sonic adventure 3 bro.

          3. That’s like calling Assassin’s creed Brotherhood Assassin’s creed 3.

            Ubisoft proved that to be wrong, why not SEGA?

          4. @General Blue
            ….Well… Because they don’t want to fucking make a Sonic Adventure 3!!! XD

      1. No,Sonic World Adventure was SA3(suppose to be,but not quite).
        It was called Unleashed out here to stray away from people thinking it was officially the third game. 2006 was just an anniversary game that shouldn’t have been released(Because of more time being needed). But was pushed to release for anniversary.It mainly posed as the game that featured the first redesigned Sonic of current-gen

        SA3 never really has an official third game yet.So far every time Sega intends to make it. A new mechanic or focusing on Sonic(to make sure the game is realized) has always been a factor in the intended SA3 ultimately becoming a totally new(unrelated) game.

        1. i cant wait for this game,sa3 sa9 sa whatever at least it wont be called “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” for xbox which reeeeeallly failed, no need for voilence

  2. Sweet. Unleashed Engine with Sonic 3k / Heroes ideas.
    This is what I’ve wanted. (Though Generations was a real treat, too.)

  3. Well all this sounds fantasitc. I’m especially happy about the return of other characters being playable, as the series was starting to become a little bit “same game, different stages” since 2008, with the exception of gameplay options and physics tweaking. If it has a fuller (not necessarily more serious) story than before too then I’ll be looking forward to this greatly.

    1. Professor…that exact thought crossed my mind while reading this earlier lolz 😎
      Shadow The Hedgehog (2005) was one big gigantic parallel universe paradox lolz.

      1. Good concept, bad execution.

        But let it’s legacy be known in that it prepared them to try again in the future.

        …That is, if this one works out well XD

  4. Sounds pretty damn good if this holds up! I liked the branching level style of Shadow the Hedgehog, and I’ve always wanted to see multiple characters, and heck, I’d love to see the new formula applied to these characters!

  5. The structure sounds a bit like ShTH. I.e multiple exits, but that’ still cool.

    My moneys on a Hedgehog day tease but not a reveal until a later date.

  6. Ehh, the problem in Shadow the Hedgehog was repetitiveness when you had to play the same stages over and over to get to everything. I’d be worried about something similar in this game. Hopefully it turns out alright though. The rest sounds cool.

    1. On the bright side we can play with new characters, and hopefully most of these exits will make sense.

      I loved Shadow’s game but I’ll be danged if I can make sense of the storylines half the time in it.

  7. Yeah, it must be the 20th time a “source close to Sega” started a rumor like this. I’m only believing this when I see some trailer appearing next month.

  8. Sounds like a great game for pick up and play or to dive into if you’re so inclined. I hope this is true, ever since Colors I’ve been hoping for it!

  9. It sounds great, especialy on PC, and multiple playable characters would be great, I have wanted to play as Knux again for years. However 10 playable characters, lets see, Sonic, Knux, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Vector, Espio, charmy, and silver I guess. Wonder if maybe we might see fang, who knows what shall happen, I am getting excited, I havent been excited about a sonic release, since well….. never, actualy I never had a console that had it at a release of a new sonic game, so this is a new experience

    1. Please no Shadow, Vector, Charmy, or Blaze. Silver could be interesting if they made him play right, and Espio’s wall and ceiling walking could be a blast if done right as well. Rouge could have some interesting play style differences if they developed her a bit more, a Tails/Knux hybrid style of play. E-102 Gamma would also be a good one to throw in for variation, bit of shooter. Even Shadow (I suppose) could be made to pay different by having his rocket shoes have a lot less traction than Sonic’s. Big the Cat…. can have a short cameo, in the back ground, of a cut scene, he could even be fishing.

      Honestly though it depends on how they are doing the game… If all the stages are going to play the same, then we are just going to end up with 10 Sonic clones which is kind of a disappointment really. I hope they try to choose characters that at least have a different play style. It won’t mean a whole lot to have different characters if they all play the same. Given the choice I’d take the different play styles over ‘choose a skin for Sonic.’

      1. shadow could be played as differently with his ability to use chaos control. I like your big the cat cameo idea, maybe if there is a beach level he could be playing at the beach with froggy… or looking for him… or just fishing like you said. maybe they could imput a life gauge to enemies like in heroes and some characters could be stronger than others.

  10. If these sources are true to their words, then….I don’t know what to say. I’m glad for the multiple characters, but I need more details or at least gameplay footage to see how this game turns out.

    I don’t like how SEGA is not treating the 3DS as a legit platform, as far as I know. It seems like SEGA still seems to be obsessed with specs. I don’t care if the 3D Sonic has to be delayed for 3DS, just let Sonic Team handle it! Sorry for that little rant; it’s too early to judge anything, especially a rumor. Sorry.

    I wonder how story heavy this game will be…

    1. I agree with the 3DS comment. Resident Evil Revelations was released for 3DS and it looked spectacular! They’re even porting it to normal consoles now…the dang ass 3DS can handle really well with games, I wish they would treat it the same 🙁

      1. I don’t think Sonic Team will waste time on a handheld. Dimps often work on the handheld games, and that’s why the Vita is on the list up there, because you can port the games from PS3 to the Vita with a little work and any problem with the port (like slowdown) can be fixed with a patch.

        So, yeah. I think I made my point here.

        1. I agree the 3DS has been out for about 2 years I think and sega team are not putting much effort or time into it just look at the resolution on the screen just as Nickyy said it being portraying it as normal console, and I don’t thing sega is seeing that, other that the fact they did a 3D fight in sonic generation with the final boss… my advice to sega if you want to sell well on the 3DS or better, try working on the 3D graphics on it. make it look as good or better as sonic adventure it work with the zelda remake so why not sonic…

          1. i know right? also, look at “Kid Icarus: Uprising”, i love that game by the way, and just look at the 3D game play, rotate the camera and move the reticule with the touch screen, fire with L bumper and walk with circle pad, with a sonic game i could think like, for full 3D not 2.5D, like: Y button: boost, L & R Bumpers: side step, A/B Button: Jump & Homing attack, X Button: spin dash, touch screen: select stage, act, character, skill set, Top Screen: Cut scene area & Game play zone too. but still, i am super pumped for this game if it is real! i would get it for my Xbox360 and 3DS.

  11. I know others have noticed, but this is more than just similar to Shadow the Hedgehog, this is almost the same thing. You could say the entire main cast at the time was featured in Shadow the hedgehog just like in this game how most of Sonic’s friends will be here, except they are playable here which is a plus. The multiple-level-exit scenario is the most obvious similarity. And apparently in that example the guy used about the wall, he mentioned Sonic and Shadow. It came to me that there may be a slight chance of it being Shadow the Hedgehog 2, but I wouldn’t count on it too much. And I am no crazy shadow fan, I just that that this stuck out a lot.
    As Sonic said in Sonic Adventure, “Oh yeah! This is Happenin!'”

    1. In and of itself, the multiple exits idea is not a bad thing. The main problem with it in Shadow the hedgehog (among several other minor problems) was that it made the story so convoluted that, no matter what path you selected, the story would almost always contradict itself or would just drop some plot threads all together with no mention of them again. It also didn’t help that you had to keep replaying the same stages every time you wanted to try for a different ending.

      Going off of the details given, I would hypothesize that it would be similar to Sonic Color’s map system in design. While colors did have linear progression, the map screen showed branching pathways that would lead to the next stages as they were completed. I think that this concept can be handled well, so long as Sega doesn’t try to have branching story arcs to go along with the branching path system.

      1. it said all the stages will lead to the same final stage so it most likely will not have big story archs. mabey it will change some diolouge but not anything that will effect the story.

  12. Also, the same formula as Unleashed? I hope the boost isn’t included in that. I want something new in my Sonic. Plus I recall Iizuka in an interview after Generations that if Sonic Team did another Sonic game, it would be different from Generations gameplay style (most likely the boost formula).

  13. My analysis:
    Announcement in February: Sega’s done that before, like the article says.

    Releasing on everything: Other than the Vita and Wii U, Sonic games have been released on all consoles, so this seems legit. A separate 3DS version happened with Generations. Also, it’s been 2 years (as of when this is said to release) since we’ve gotten a proper Sonic release (s4E2 doesn’t count).

    3DS is Rush-styled, while everything else is Unleashed Daytime styled: See Colors and Generations.

    Multiple routes: Sounds cool, and it’s been done before (Shadow the Hedgehog), although in a different way.
    20 stages + boss battles: Probably something like 7 zones with 3 acts each, although it would be cool if the levels were set up like Star Fox 64’s, with 20 zones, 1 act each, and branching levels.

    10 playable characters: Seems odd, but since the Sonic formula has been improved, extra characters might work. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, (Blaze, Silver, Amy, Cream, Metal Sonic, Chaotix? I guess that would work)

    Different skill sets per character: I’m not sure how that’ll work in 3D sections, but it’s a definite possibility, especially for the 3DS version.

    3DS version similar but smaller: See Colors and Generations. I really wish Sega would try to put as much on the 3DS as possible, because large games are possible on the 3DS.

    “The game looks promising”: Colors did, Generations did, and they both delivered.

    Overall, I’d say this rumor is definitely capable of being legit. The “lots of playable characters” seems odd, since Sega moved away from that in 2007, but maybe they’re ready to bring it back. Also, the game being for unannounced consoles seems weird, since there’s little chance of said consoles releasing in 2013. However, I’ll be expecting/hoping for an announcement in February.

  14. – Playable characters other than Sonic / no new characters.
    – Branching storylines.
    – Specialized in-level routes only accessable for certain characters.
    – Development began before Generations.

    Promising, very promising.
    Let’s see how this works out, If this stuff turns out to be legit…

  15. As for next Gen being a platform, I hope SEGA has learned from their mistakes and decide not to release another glitchy Sonic just to join a new platform as quickly as possible.

    Take your time on this game. Seriously. :/

      1. Sadly the main reason Sonic ’06 was rushed was because Sega tried to release it in time for Sonic’s 15th Anniversary that year. Doubtful it’ll happen again this time around.

        1. It was was the fans, Sony and Microsoft’s fault. The fans because they wanted it for Sonic’s 15th but Sega wanted it Sonic’s 16th and Sony and Microsoft wanted it out by XMAS 06. Also there was going to be a Wii version but since they had to rush the game for the fan, Sony and Microsoft they did not have time to do it.

          1. If you honestly still think the fans pressured Sega into rushing the game, then you’re not the brightest. Sorry.

  16. awesome! the idea sounds really great. redoing levels with different characters to get different endings will give it a lot of replay value. cant wait till next month! so excited!!

  17. Cool, sounds great if true, but I’m a bit skeptical, mostly about the 10 characters, branching levels and next gen consoles parts. Although if it is true and Sonic Team do it right it will probably be a great game.

    1. They almost got the multiple characters thing right in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Now, with the proper work, time, and experience, they should be able to get the character details correct. They should be able to pull it off though; I think things do indeed look promising.

  18. 10 playable characters all different playstyles?

    Sonic- Boost along with all of his normal things
    Shadow- Chaos Control (stops time for like 30 seconds to a minute)
    Amy- Piko Hammer to destroy enemies with
    Espio- Can throw Ninja stars and turn invisible
    Blaze- Can catch thing on fire?
    Tails- Fly (obviously)
    Knuckles- Can climb walls and dig (obviously)
    Rouge- Same as Knuckles
    Charmy- Same as Tails
    Silver- Can use Telekinesis to pick up items and throw them at enemies.

  19. Different playable characters with the same stages like in the Sonic Advance games? 10 different characters? My guesses are:

    1- Sonic
    2- Tails
    3- Knuckles
    4- Shadow
    5- Amy
    6- Rouge
    7- Cream
    8- Blaze
    9- Silver
    10- Vector

    Other candidates could be Omega, Espio, Charmy, Big, Gamma or even Shade but I think are more unlikely, still not completely conviced about the rumor thought.

  20. HEY GUYS – Thoery, Remember when sonic wii u was listed in the amazon website? same with Yoshi wii U. Today nintendo announced Yoshi’s new game! So I think the next sonic game is probably only for wii U

    1. These games along with Resident Evil were also listed on Miiverse (when someone accidentally accessed the debug mode on Miiverse). The Resident Evil game turned out to be an HD port of Revelation to all current gen consoles and the Wii U. So I think this listing does not mean that the game is a console exclusive, I think the game will come to all the mentioned platforms (even release on next-gen platforms makes sense because they will most likely go on sale at the same time this game comes out).

  21. Whenever news like this comes from reliable but anonymous sources I always just wanna know what those same sources correctly reported/predicted in the past in order to gauge how excited I should get lol. 8C

    This all sounds awesome aside from the 3DS getting yet another downgraded port. The system really needs a Sonic game to call it’s own and be as memorable as Advance and Rush were.

  22. what I wanted exactly for MY next sonic game.
    Further improved Generations style game-play? But also with more characters than sonic, with special paths for each character??
    20 stages with branching story-lines? Even though my hope was 14 stages like in Heroes??

    Absolutely promising, could be too good to be true.
    SEGA you must take your time with this game. This could be it.

  23. Hoooooohoho, no! No! I am NOT getting dragged back into it this time! It’s the same thing every time: Sega teases an announcement, I get exited, Sega reveals name & details over the course of the development cycle, I get unbelievably exited, Sega releases a product that (while considered a quality product that I still enjoy regardless) fails to meet the expectations I set & I get upset (though not vocally).

    I did it with Shadow, Sonic ’06, Unleashed Wii, Sonic 4 Episodes 1 AND 2, and Generations 3DS. I’m NOT letting it happen this time; not until I see proof that supports these “source’s” claims!

    …..But I’m not gonna lie; the prospect of a new Sonic title in and of itself has me exited regardless of the speculated content! SQUEE!!!

      1. True, very true.

        But it’s not that I don’t enjoy the games; I just end up getting TOO exited for them. I’m gonna try to avoid that this time.

      1. I didn’t fall into that trap with Colors Wii or Generations HD. Both of those games were really great in my opinion (though I would have liked Generations to have a better story than it did).

    1. I know what you mean. I got myself too excited for Sonic Colors and I was a bit disappointed with the end results. I was expecting mini-bosses, Eggman driven regular bosses which changed, less focus on the endless death pit platforming, and a more serious story (akin to Sonic CD, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, or Sonic Adventure). I did not really enjoy my first play through of the game, but I then toned down my expectation and realized the game had a lot of fun to offer. Thus, even if it was not the game I expected it was still pretty fun in its own way, and it even managed to surprise me a few times in the second play through because I had more of an open mind.

    1. that weird guy…um what was his name lolz…that top hat goon with his chao sock puppet….Wentos lmao….that’s who it was LMAO… from now on when they say SOURCE we’ll just refer to that source as WENTOS lmao

  24. Oh my god, it’s FINALLY happening! Ever since Unleashed, I’ve been WAITING for this moment! A Sonic game using the amazing graphics engine, that has us playing as the friends again! I don’t care if this is Sonic Adventure 3 or not, I can’t wait for February 2nd! It’s gonna be great finally being able to play as Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow again (it’s obvious that those guys are gonna be three of the ten playable characters. Don’t deny it). I really want to see Silver make a comeback and redeem himself. He’s got a lot of potential and I think his gameplay could be the next “Cream The Rabbit” gameplay style, in terms of how broken it will be. 😉
    I’m gonna take a guess and asume that other than Silver, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic, the other characters will be Rouge, and Blaze. I would want to see the others be Cream, the chaotix (either as a group like in Heroes or as separate characters), and Amy. Of all of them, Amy has the bigger chance of making it but I doubt Cream and the Chaotix will. I would LOVE to see MIGHTY come back, and he has a fair chance of coming back as well because of a few things that were said earlier in interviews.
    The only thing I’m not so excited about is the branching pathways thing. If it means 3 pathways per character, that’s something I won’t like at all. If it means a different pathway for EACH character though, then I am really looking forward to that.

    1. The fact that its returning characters is a good thing not bad. Only having sonic has been boring for awhile. Really limits my time spent with the game.

      1. He meant that all of the things listed in the preview of the new game seemed legit, EXCEPT the multiple characters one. Doesn’t seem too believable at these moments.

  25. Now THIS sounds legit. Slightly far fectched, but exactly what I’ve been waiting for in a Sonic game.

  26. Ya know, multiple characters doesn’t seem to be too farfetched either.

    Since we’re talking about a game that follows Unleashed and Generations, and that models for 11 unplayable characters (not counting Eggman) have been created for ’em (Tails, Knuckles, Amy, the Chaotix, Rouge, Shadow, Cream, Silver, and Blaze – Metal Sonic by reworking Classic, perhaps), this might not be too unrealistic since the models are already created.

    Plus, Unleashed assets have been found in the Generations demo before, so it shouldn’t be too big a stretch to imagine this new game being built off of Generations’ assets in turn, including these characters.

      1. Boost to win : The act of half dimpsing and making the stages liniare and able to boost straight trough

        1. ….That’s actually pretty misleading term and definition then…. since you don’t, ya know…. actually have to boost TO WIN. I can boost through The levels in Unleashed, Colors and Generations, but I don’t HAVE to.

          1. I’ve been saying that forever. “Boost to win” implies that in order to win you must boost.

            They’re TRYING to say that all you gotta do is boost and you’ll win. But what they’re actually saying by accident is you can’t win unless you use the boost somehow.

            However, even their intentional message is misleading. It implies that the stages have no obstacles and you never have to use any other moves. But there are chains of enemies, bottomless pics, walls, twisting paths, platforms, enemies, rails, switches, pulleys and 2/3 of the time now multiple paths. C:

  27. Obviously just a rumor, but this sounds like a good concept to me. It’s about time we had some more playable characters other than Sonic (or some alternate form of Sonic) in the game. The franchise took a good long break from them after the Sonic ’06 debacle, and I think it’s time to give them another chance.

    Also, if it’s true that the next core Sonic game will be available on next gen consoles, then it looks like I won’t actually be picking up a copy until I get that next console (probably sometime in 2014).

  28. I really hope they make Sonic’s controls less stiff. I miss the control I had with him/other fast characters in the Adventure games.

    1. Shadow the Hedgehog was the last game where I really liked the controls. Ever since they started with this new engine I’ve just felt more… restricted, I guess? Anyway, even if this ends up handling the same as everything else since Sonic 06, just the return of playable characters besides Sonic himself means it will be a different experience from anything we’ve had in the last seven years.

  29. My wishlist of the ten playable characters:
    Metal Sonic
    Classic skin for sonic
    Also, 1v1 racing like SA2B, but online? ((Hopes))

  30. Wow. Sonic Stadium rarely puts up rumours, and when they have decided to in past, they usually turn out true. So then, it seems that this may be a reason to get excited again, finally! We’re due a huge announcement soon anyway, and this sounds great. Plenty of levels and characters means lots of replay value, something that Sonic Team have yet to master properly in their latest top notch games. The only thing I find to be worthy of skeptism, is the 10 characters thing. If so, I hope all 10 characters are different enough to consider playing the game through as again. So Sonic and Shadow would need defining abilities, if Shadow is one of the characters. Same could be said for Knuckles and Rouge, or Cream and Tails…

    My wishlist would be though:
    Sonic (der)
    Knuckles (PLEASE! I miss the knucklehead)
    Amy (Since the rumour says “like Sonic Advance”, Amy was great in that game)

    Have at least them and i’ll be happy. Also, I’m glad that the 3DS will have a different version, I enjoy having two different games to play, and Sega can definitely have my money for both a Wii U and 3DS version.

    So yeah, i’m hoping this rumour is true, unlike the many other rumours I’ve read on the net.

  31. hmmmm a few more months what are we down to now…4 months I think lolz. “THE MAGIC MONTH OF MAY”

    Here’s My Rules For Engagement. This is only my opinion with some dry humor in it.
    Please take it with a grain of salt XD we all got our own opinions after all lolz.
    1. NO AUTO RUNNING/SCROLLING/AUTOMATIC FIGHTING/DEATH WHEN YOU HIT THE WALL STAGES. Shadow Fight in Generations was okay so I’ll make an exception there but Silver’s battle in Generations(GTFO!!!)
    2. Physics! <–is there a way to underscore that? ^^
    3. Gimmics <–as long as they are not either a total pain in the @$$ or are totally meaningless I guess…
    (The Red Rings of DEATH)<–PAIN IN THE @$$ or Save the princess before the princess dies and Jim Sterling sheds a tear!
    4. Annoying Characters – well this speaks for itself I think. Use your own imaginations. Refer to Omochao's getting run over by Trains @ Pumpkin hill on youtube. Or rehashes of old McDonalds characters XD.
    5. Music Plz – ummm all I ask is keep it original gentleman and/or ladies. If you use remixes from any old songs make sure it sounds EPIC!!!

  32. The right choice about characters is the Four Main:
    Then Shadow and Blaze because they are popular. Rouge has priority over characters like Spio, Vector or Charmy. Maybe Cream returns because the Sonic Advance related tip. Silver may appear too, but I only certain about the four main and Shadow. The others, well, we’ll wait and see! ^_^

  33. September? Please tell me this is true, my birthdays the 15th, and it will be good for a sonic game to come out near my birthday, but looking at previous release dates, i’m expecting a November release

  34. Awe, so Sonic Dimensions is for sure not happening? XD Good.

    I am actually so excited. Kinda sketchy on the other characters..don’t want it to turn into an ’06 O_O I think this time around I’ll stay away from major spoilers….I got spoiled way too much to even enjoy was so hyped but it didn’t live to that hype. Sure it was good, but it was too short! I want a nice long game again, like Unleashed!
    Eeeeeeee I hope they tease on Hedgehog Day….even though school will be hard to focus on now..

      1. ’06 had all those other characters and their gameplay…Amy, Tails, Omega, Knuckles…They all had horrible gameplay. Need I say how much Knuckles and Rouge love walls? I just meant that I hoped they handled the other characters right, so that they don’t turn out to be as horrible as the extras in ’06 were.

    1. I agree that Generations was too short. I loved Unleashed for its length 🙂
      I also spoiled Generations for myself to a certain extent, because I was so excited about it that I sought out any information I could find all the way up to release, so nothing was new when I actually got my hand on the game. Gonna make sure that doesn’t happen this time. Just wait for the announcement, then try and minimise intake. Though it will be really difficult to resist if the announcement confirms much of the information in this rumour!!

  35. Another watered down 3DS version? SERIOUSLY?!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHBLEH

    Damnit, make a full 3D Sonic game for 3DS already!! Just do it! It’s capable! Just look at Mario 3D Land! Not to mention IT’S THE REASON I BOUGHT THE CONSOLE… -.-

    *end of rant*

    1. This is my only problem. Sega needs to brake away from the Rush style. And your right 3DLand proves it can be done. Hopefully the 3DS version has interested 3D style boss battles to make up for it.

    2. Agreed, justlook at Resident Evil Revelations….It’s now being ported to normal consoles, only getting HD graphics now and some extra things. This handheld can handle a lot.

    3. Hmm, if you make a fully 3D Sonic game for the 3DS, when will we ever see a 2D-styled Sonic game ever again?

      It’s a handheld console. They’re probably trying to use those to preserve the handheld 2D series of Sonic games like they’ve always done (due to handhelds remaining mostly 2D for a long time and the console games being 3D)

      And they were CAPABLE of making fully 3D games since the DS… And PSP had that much point a long time ago but all they made were Rivals and Rivals 2.

      1. I thought Generations 3ds was pretty good…..much better graphically than the Rush series!

        hope they have something similar to that….colours DS was pretty poor graphically.

        1. I think he meant gameplay wise. It’s the 2D game style of gameplay. But I thought it was good too.

  36. Ok first off my god i am already hyped for this game i just hope that :

    1: if Silver is playable for FUCK sake make his ass a lot freaking faster and at least let us do some of that cool stuff we saw in 06 and Generations (please)

    2: do not put Big ANYWHERE NEAR THIS GAME ( i am dead serious)

    3: Shadow better be just as fast as sonic

    4: Amy meh i can see it doable just make her a lot faster than she was in sonic 06

    5: story story story i cant wait to see how the story turns out ^-^

    really looking forward to this game 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. i hope they remove Shadow don’t get me wrong i effing love shadow but his voice is just….ugh

      1. Then again, we’ve never heard him really speak much with a good director.

        Example. Griffith’s acting as Jet in Riders 1 and 2 are drastically different. In 1, he’s meant to sound like a parrot (due to their symbolism as pirates… which is ironic since he’s a hawk) but in Riders 2 he’s meant to sound aggressively competitive. The 2 games had different voice directors.

        Roger’s acting as Sonic in Free Riders is a little different from Colors and Generations. I found some of Shadow’s voice clips appealing in Generations. The only thing I hate is that growl in his voice. But in short clips, you can hardly tell. Even in Free Riders, I recognized Shadow’s voice in a preview cuz it was just a grunt. But when he spoke full lines is when it got weird.

        He has that “badass” haze in his voice like Griffith and that posh evil guy tone in his voice like Humphrey. He just needs to make his voice less gruff and more smooth like he does with Orbot and we’re set (since most of the current cast sound like the previous 2 casts combined)

        That said, even if Shadow’s in the game, he might not be in the story.

      2. His voice sounded better in Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games. And besides, they all eventually get better as the years go along. It took Griffith a while to get his Sonic and Shadow voices down packed.

        1. All? All means 100%. If ALL the fans would bitch about him not being there, it’d be STUPID to not have him there when it’s so obvious he should be.

          But seriously, he’s a major character. That’s why he should be there. It doesn’t matter if some people don’t like him. He’s also well liked. I’m sure a lot of people would bitch if everyone EXCEPT Tails was there. Because it’s freakin TAILS, bro!!! lol

    2. As long as big isn’t playable I would really like him in the game. He is good for a laugh and is just that awkward guy who stands out in a funny way.

  37. Unleashed/Generations stages with more characters other than Sonic?
    20 or more stages?
    Branching pathways and several routes through stages?

    I’d buy this game just based on this article alone.

    Fingers crossed.

  38. 10 different characters? Why do I think it’ll be Sonic plus the 9 Generations “helpers”? I.e. Sonic, Tails,
    Knuckles, Cream, Amy, Blaze, Charmy, Rouge, Espio and Vector. Though if they are going to use multiple characters, I can’t see them skipping Shadow given how popular he is with some.

  39. It says no “New” friends…i can still hope that they may bring back an “old” friend or two then can’t i? 😛
    Id rather not play as characters like Rouge, Charmy, Cream, and excesses of hedgehogs like Shadow and Silver.
    Tho i do realize Shadow is rather popular and if they do end up having others playable he will be in it…even if he does nothing that Sonic can’t already do…and don’t flippin say Chaos Control, go play Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic can do that too.

    1. But Sonic got lucky.

      On the other hand, Shadow has FULL control over the chaos emeralds, and can stop time too. He also has his wrist rings which hold down his true power. He can also use Chaos Blast and Spear.

      There are lots of things that Sonic cannot do.

      1. Um, in battle mode in SA2B, Sonic has all the same moves. However I like Shadow for his character design and would like to see him just for that. Plus if they do put a vs mode in, it would mean that 2 players could use a ‘Sonic’ gameplay character. Also Shadow should sort of glide as he did in SA2.

    2. what ppl are gonna say is Shadow can use chaos control without a chaos emerald its the only thing sonic cant do that shadow can

  40. Sheesh if they’re going to water down the 3ds version I want it to be like colors or unwiished, I mean the 3ds has 2 ps2 games that were ported to 3ds mgs: 3 and tales of the abyss, beenox’s port of Spider man: edge of time is near on point with the wii version, and resident evil revelations, do I even need to explain

    1. Here’s the thing though. Sonic level’s are way more massive than any of those. Not only do they have the difficulty of making a good level, but they also have to make sure it lasts a good deal of time AND that it has multiple paths.

  41. Oh my! How wonderful! To be honest, I’m mostly excited about it being on PC. Especially with Generations’ PC announcement being so freaking confusing, I thought I’d never get to play it because all I had was a Wii and PC >.<
    And I'm actually excited about multiple characters. I hope the stories are interesting and the stages are creative.

    Other hopes:
    Jun Senoue as Sound Director
    Crush 40 makes kickass theme song(s). 😀

  42. And who is your “reliable source”? I won’t easily fall for these “details” from random guy on reddit or what the fuck ever.

      1. Because you know how many times those 4chan “verified sources” actually led into anything but a fan excitement shitstorm.
        Yes, the concept sounds interesting but it’s not backed up with anything especially that another false rumor was believed by so many fans just a couple of weeks ago. It’s like the whole Mayan calendar bullshit thing and when it doesn’t happen they start pointing towards another “end of the world” date that is 2020 or whatever.

    1. Some sites report on just about any rumour that pops up on the web (which isn’t necessarily a bad strategy, really), some don’t. If it’s of any relief to you, our sources aren’t related to either of these sites. That, and we don’t report rumours without doing an extensive bit of homework to make sure there’s some very possible signs of legitimacy. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

      We /did/ receive a few prank ones that were just meant to be bullshit, something about a “Sonic Thunderstorm”. That made ’06 look like the greatest game ever in comparison, concept-wise! Sonic with a kid… BAD, BAD IDEA.

      Dunno if we still have the message… It was pretty funny!

  43. WOW! Finally! If I had to pee right now, I had probably wet myself out of excitement! God, I’m so happy right now! Have been waiting for such news since a looooooong time! Can’t wait! 😀

  44. *Takes deep breath*

    My birthday is Feb 8th…

    DO IT SEGA!!!

    Also, PLEASE make a solid, branching story. Please?
    And if the 3DS Version is different, please keep it entertaining. Please?

    1. Oh yeah, by “in production since before Generations”, do you mean before Generations came out, or before it was put into production?

  45. Im crossing my fingers for a better balance between 2D and 3D, there were barely any 3D platforming sections in Colours

    1. But there was a ton of it in Generations, where they pretty much perfected the Boost gameplay.

  46. Also this branching paths idea reminds me of Shadow the Hedgehog, especially with the whole, each level leads to three different levels. While I didnt like that game, I did like the branching paths idea

  47. Regarding the news about Ken Pontac, this sounds a lot more legitimate than that Sonic Propel bullshit.

  48. More characters? Thank God. I’m getting sick of playing as JUST Sonic. I’m glad I modded Sonic Gens to play as other characters.

  49. Sonic’s Schoolhouse 2 FTMFnW

    lol j/k … I’m always excited for the announcement of a new Sonic game. Can’t wait!

  50. YES. FINALLY. I’ve waited for over a year for something like this to be announced! I am so excited now, it sounds amazing! And it’ll be interesting to see how other characters play in this post-Unleashed style. I can’t wait until it’s announced! 😀

  51. It sounds awsome I cant wait for another sonic game on the ps3 , it would be nice if they put Mephiles in the story line sence hes a very serious villian for sonic..Not like Eggman..I would really like a very serious and maybe dark story this time around. They got really close with Sonic the hedgehog 06 and it was nice so Im hoping for this again on this new game

  52. This better be real. I wasn’t impressed at first when hearing it would be like the recent game formula, until I read 10 playable characters with the same gameplay, but exclusive abilities. Finally! It’s like a 3d adventure/sidescroller of the Advance series!

  53. It seems like they have learned from Genrations 3DS and are taking their time with the 3DS version. Genrations 3DS wasn’t announced until 2 months after the announcement of the console versions of Generations. That’s because the just began development on the 3DS version earlier that year. However, I am certain they have been planning a 3DS version at the time they began this game because development began in 2010, so I presume development began on the 3DS version sometime in 2011. The 3Ds isn’t nearly as powerful as the other consoles so don’t expect it to be as good. If it’s anything like Colors DS (as far as level design) then I’ll be happy because that’s why I loved Colors DS so much. However taking the gameplay of Unleashed with me seems much more exciting so I’ll get the Vita version first and maybe the 3DS version afterwards, though since the Vita is more capable of better games, I predict the Vita version will be dominate over the 3DS version. I hope it’s on par with the console versions, like Rayman Origins Vita and its console brothers.

    1. you do realize that the vita version is a port of the console one while the 3DS is an version of its own similar to the consoles but with a slight different story



  56. This sounds pretty legit, and if it is then colour me intrigued! Oh, and if Knuckles is playable…ALL. MY. WANT.

  57. Here’s what I’m hoping for:

    Each character would have a homing attack in 3D sections because it’s pretty established that fast paced gameplay is extremely difficult without it in the 3D sections, but set it to a different button like in Unleashed so that characters can still use their other jump abilities. As for each character, here’s some basic concepts I came up with:

    Sonic – Fast paced platforming, Insta-shield in 2D, no boost. Boost NEEDS to go, no matter what.

    Tails – Flight, tail whip for attack.

    Knuckles – Glide, climb, punch.

    Shadow – Fast paced platforming, chaos bolts for attack that can help him access different paths, not dissimilar from guns in ShTH, Chaos control abilities.

    Rouge – Flight AND climbing that help her reach her own sections, possible stealth?

    Amy – Hammer, normal paced platforming.

    Silver – Slower paced gameplay, long horizontal flight allowing for reaching far platforms, psychokinetic attacks.

    Blaze – Boost, fire attacks, homing attack is a drill so there’s no vertical movement on impact. Blaze is the only character I would allow boost on.

    Espio – Climb walls AND ceilings, camouflage, ninja tool attacks.

    Vector – Slow paced, brute strength, sound based attacks (Like he had in Heroes and Generations), fast swimming.

    I cut Cream and Charmy due to not having any ideas for them and Omega due to his recent irrelevance.

    1. I came up with the perfect gameplay formala for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow for a Modern Sonic game (not necessarily SA3 tho, more like a combination of styles, Classic/Adventure/Modern styles)

      That sounds messy and as a fan idea, but when I lay it out for people it always sounds legit, balanced and entertaining. Haven’t come across a person who didn’t like it so far, which is odd cuz there’s so many narrow-minded out there. lol o.0

    2. Would this be open feeling like adventure games or super fast like generations and unleashed? Probably first because of no boost.(You should go tell some fangame creator about this it would be AWESOME.

      1. Definitely more open feeling like Adventure, minus the drastically different playstyles. Each character plays similarly to one another, but each has different abilities. Sort of a cross between the Adventure games and S3&K.

        That would be my dream Sonic game.

        1. I think my dream Sonic would require a little more than that, as these are too vague for me to believe could automatically be an awesome game to me. I might not like something like the music or the style or the acting or story, etc. Kinda like Heroes. It’s a decent game, but something about it makes me find even 06 to be more interested. Way more broke, but less dull. idk what it is tho.

          However, Generations seemed to be more open that Sonic Adventure to me. Sonic Adventure had more detail and a reason to explore, little secret spots, while Generations was simply ope and it did have multiple paths like in Seaside Hill worth exploring for the sake of exploring, however there wasn’t anything to find. And the areas were like in Heroes only since everything is essentially bigger in the Modern Games (like item boxes, enemies, spikes, rings, stuff like that) probably to make it feel the same size as normal while Sonic covers ground faster, there’s a lot of open space full of nothing. Fill it with something, add more nooks and crannies and this will be like SA1 but a step further. lol

    3. What would be Sonic’s unique ability (given everyone has homing attack and no boost)? It wouldn’t be speed seeing as, with boost, Blaze would be faster.
      Ring dash(/Light Speed Dash)? I hope they don’t forget about this and implement it for any line of rings like in Unleashed, rather than for specific ‘events’ like in Generations.

      1. Good point! Sonic would need some kind of ability and I think Light Speed Dash would be it. I remember how in Sonic Adventure 2 you could speed through levels quickly using that technique. Generations did a terrible job of implementing it.

    4. If Shadow is in it (he will be) there’d better be no guns. He’s my favourite freakin’ character and I’m not allowed his game!

  58. Wait, I’m not getting it.

    So the game has 20 stages each with multiple paths that take you to different stages but all end on the same final stage aka boss battle or stage 3?

  59. This has been in the works since before Generations which means that game was done by a different team. That means this one will have had nearly 4 years of development by the time of its release putting it on par with Unleashed, and look at the production values on that game. Very psyched.

  60. Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic Adventure 3. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GLORIOUS, PLEASE BE SONIC ADVENTURE 3!!!

    1. And then everyone gets pissed off at you, saying “NO STOP IT YOU RETARD”.
      I don’t want an SA3 myself, but this fanbase sure gets touchy whenever it’s brought up.

    2. Or how about a Sonic game that could easily be 1000x better than any Adventure-related Sonic game? Hmmm???

  61. 10 characters sounds like a lot actually, I’d really be good with 3 or 4 playable characters, so sega could focus more on the game and take their time.

  62. All of this is very very promiseing, sega has been doing a phenomenal job with recent sonic titles (Colours, Generations and personal fave Unleashed all 3 versions)

    I don’t really care what its official title is, aslong as sega delivers the goods in the end.

    I have a doubt my favourite Fang the sniper and Blaze the cat, will be in the game (or at least home console version) but ah well that would be pushing our luck in haveing a big enough character rooster.

    Will there be a Episode 3 for sonic 4 dispite how silly the fanbase can be?

    Sonic Colours we got episode 1, Sonic Generations we got episode 2.

    Good Luck! to ya sega and sonic team.

    1. I don’t think it will be bad this time around. With Generations we had a game that had 3d platforming and 2d platforming in the same game that worked multiple pathways and all. If we are still in the 2d/3d gameplay then obviously that is a bonus. If you are going to add charachters and make the gameplay styles similar in virtually every way other than platforming differences then another bonus… just like s3 and knuckles and sonic advance. Multiple pathways system might be different considering I hated it in shadow the hedgehog but the way it sounds they might just make sense. If they go to different stages and fix the problems…. Either way… even if the story sucks because of the multiple endings…. what is it that makes a game great….. GAMEPLAY.

      1. I don’t think it was ever really bad any time around except for with 06.

        I say this because no one really complained about Heroes at first. Shadow The Hedgehog got some complaints but I don’t recall the hype for it.

        By this time, they already started spreading “Sonic Cycle” BS before Unleashed’s release, which got me thinking. WTF were they talking about? Other than Heroes, Shadow and 06, what other games could they possibly be referring to? The beloved Advance series? The beloved Sonic Rush? The beloved Adventure series or the beloved Classic series?

        They coulda been talking about Secret Rings, if it weren’t for the praise that game got around that time.

        Then people loved Unleashed and said WereHog was best on Wii. Then they hated WereHog, especially on Wii but said the Day stages were what future Sonic games should be. Then while this is exactly what they were gonna get in the next game (Colors), they decided it was too linear. But Colors was loved anyway. The Cycle obviously doesn’t apply here. Didn’t apply to Generations.

        It kinda applies to Sonic 4, except ppl dissed Sonic 4 BEFORE it released, then praised it on it’s release, then dissed it later on cuz the few ppl who didn’t like it started being jerks to people who did, then a bandwagon started. Now most people like S4ep2… I THINK. Last I checked they did, but you never know. Coulda changed their minds again.

        There’s also Black Knight, but I didn’t hear much reaction to it anyway. lol

        1. The Sonic Adventure 3 thing. They know it’s never gonna happen, but they’ll keep talking about it until the end of time. After this game, Iizuka should clearly state they are never making Sonic Adventure 3.

          1. They said the same thing about Sonic the Hedgehog 4. And although it wasn’t exactly up to most expectations compared to Sonic 1 – Knuckles, it still happened.

          2. And that’s why it shouldn’t be made. Just like Sonic 4, it won’t meet people’s expectactions, and if they see 1 thing they don’t like, the same controversy that sparked with Sonic 4 will spark with a Sonic Adventure 3. And to be honest, even with Sonic 4, it’s a stupid idea to make a sequel to a game that came out years ago.

          3. people will always have different standards when it comes to games and especially their sequels. It’s simple fact. Many people hated sonic 4 yes, but many people liked it as well. heck, there was a fair share of criticism on the adventure series yet they still did well. there’s no such thing as a universally perfect video game (let alone a perfect Sonic game lol)

            just speaking hypothetically here, what would you say if this “rumor” actually turns out to be a Sonic Adventure 3? Lol

          4. I’d be pretty suprised, because it sounds like it’s doing the exact opposite of the Adventure games in a most aspects, out side of multiple playable characters.

  63. sonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonicsonic

  64. Damn it, I wish they’d drop that stupid Sonic Unleashed engine. It’s not fun at all, PLEASE go back to what you did in Sonic Adventure 2, and modernize it a little. This On-Rails gameplay that’s been in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations just sucks the fun out of these Sonic games. >_<

      1. The way Sonic would run in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, where it felt like I genuinely had control on where Sonic went. This On-Rails engine from Sonic Unleashed that fans eat up is JUST SO BORING. It’s sloppy, I barely have any control over Sonic, and I can easily cheat my way through with that stupid Dash Gauge.

        1. You’re comparing two different things when talking about unleashed and the new refined gameplay. Adventure’s controls were decent for slow platforming, but when the game wanted you to go fast, THAT was when it got sloppy. The Unleashed style (now perfected since Generations) provided not only the goal of getting to the end of the level, but doing it as fast as possible with as least error as possible.

          1. There’s no room to have fun in there. I don’t know how you think that’s fun but it’s boring tedium to me.

            The basic core of Sonic was to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible, yes, but they threw in plenty of secrets for you to find unless you just wanted to charge head on. These new games don’t have this and it sucks the soul out of Sonic. The game might as well be on autorun because no matter what I do, I’m going to get to the end bored out of my mind because all I can do is run forward.

            I hate to use this as an example but if Sonic 06 were polished and not buggy as hell, it would’ve been an amazing game because it had a good balance of this “Charge forward with no secrets” and a decent platformer. Sonic was a great platformer and it bugs me that a lot of these Sonic fans say that the platforming element is destroying Sonic.

        2. Sonic Unleashed had more secrets and reason to explore than most of the older Sonics. Only the 8Bit Sonics really demanded you explore to find the emeralds. Unleashed had medals hidden in all manner of obscure places, even with some substantial areas created just to house that medal (outdoor area round the back of a cafe in Apotos). Many people disliked the medals. Maybe it was the requirement on them to progress. Perhaps they should just unlock bonuses. Personally, I liked the incentive to explore, because I like exploring in games. But then this is Sonic, and it really always was about fast paced platforming rather than exploration.
          With regards to controls, I feel I have far more control over Sonic in Unleashed or Generations than Adventure or 06, so much so, that going back to these games after even just Unleashed, made them almost unplayable in areas. SA2 is slightly better, probably because it is more linear than SA1 and therefore somehow less likely for the player to kind of lose control over Sonic. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adventure and particularly Adventure 2, but really feel we have moved on now.

    1. Yeah, all the mech shooting, treasure hunting and floating highway speed levels…. DEFINITELY what we need to go back to…. XD

      1. You know, if we can mech shoot with Omega or Eggman, as long as it’s creative and fun, I’m down. I liked those. lol Eggman could probably add some variety his second time around. lol

        The treasure hunting wasn’t bad, but it was kinda weird to do it twice. I always said just give Knux his Adventure gameplay, maybe the spin dash (since he could originally do it) and just give him multiple endings he can go to (much like what’s rumored for this game) and IF he has to treasure hunt, just make it more interesting and different but only as a mission for a stage or 2, not all his levels.

        1. It’s fine with Omega, as long as it remains how it was from 06…. But without all the things that the game suck. But with the Eggman/Tails levels from SA2, it’s just a hallway shoot em up.
          I found the Treasure Hunting especially bad, seeing how fun Knuckles was to play as in Sonic 3 and Knuckles and then going to…. that. I mean, why can’t it be normal Sonic level design with Knuckles add his Natural abilities to spice it up a bit? If you took how Knuckles played in SA1 and put him in the Sonic levels, that would be great!

      2. Not what I was referring to.

        But you know what, that sounds a thousand times more fun than just running on a single road with no sense of direction. I can’t enjoy a level or find any secrets because all I’m doing is running down a fancy looking hallways and I can’t move anywhere else but forward.

        1. You sir need to replay Generations…
          Because if that’s what you think is all you do, you must have some Wii Version created by Dimps I never seen before. If anything, the Speed levels and Mech levels from SA2 are exactly what you described. And the Knuckles levels? With that terrible Rap Music, broken radar and stupidly huge levels. You sir, need to look in the dictionary and find out what the word fun truely means.

    2. I think they should come back to those once and a while too. But I’m still happy to play this game

    3. You mean Havok Engine? I KINDA agree. But you know that engine was also used for Classic Sonic in Generations right?

      I think they can keep the engine as long as they can tweak the programming a bit better. It’s probably a next gen thing. That weird heavy feel started in 06, tho in 06 it was REALLY heavy. In every game since it’s been heavy but not nearly as bad. idky

      I like the gameplay in Unleashed/Colors and Generations. Tho I do like the free tight controls of SA1/SA2, and I like the spin dash. I think the boost should merely be more of a special move, not really cutting it out. I had a mapped out plan for the perfect Sonic gameplay that includes Classic Style, Adventure Style and Modern Style. lol

  65. Unfortunaly guys, I don’t think this game will have a deep story like the Adventure saga or Unleashed, because it was announced that Ken Pontac will write the story of “an upcomming Sonic game”, and he is the one who wrote the story of Sonic Colors and Generations…

    But well, we have to wait and see…

    On the other hand, if this is true, YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

  66. About time they brought back multiple character, but… 10 characters? Why not just Sonic, Tails and Knuckles? 10 characters seems to be pushing it. Especially considering that there will surely be redundant characters, such as Shadow, who is a Sonic clone. Oh well, as long as they have the same objectives and gameplay styles as Sonic (ie: reach the Goal Ring), it should be good.

  67. *Tents fingers.*

    My cautious optimism is piqued. The sound of the game (everyone following the same basic “get to the goal” objective but using their own unique abilities to traverse the level) is something I’ve always wanted in a 3D Sonic game (Sonic Adventure was too varied and Sonic Heroes was too same-y between all the teams; this strikes the right balance, at least going by the synopsis). I’m hoping this is real.

  68. Gggyyyyyech. I’m really interested to see what happens to Sonic post Generations; it was sounding like they wanted to take the series in a completely new direction. But this sounds like more of the same with a few big steps backwards. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  69. If legit, this is “on paper” what I wanted the next game to be. =D I love Sonic Colors and Generations so much, but they largely played it save with only Sonic playable and you can only have Sonic solo for so long. I welcome the return of Tails and everybody else to the play field, as long they are not absolutely mandatory for story telling. It’s nice to see the branching stages idea from Shadow returning as for what I’ve read, this is what it should of been in Shadow. I really hope this is real, If so… Then this has so much potential to push the series forward. Colors and Generations “while both amazing” just revived the series and lead the way for future titles to follow.

    1. Possibly but I don’t believe so, since its following the footsteps of Colors and Generations. Besides, I always thought Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was technically Sonic adventure 3.

  70. It does sound really awesome i must say. This is obviously the product title for 2014 ( big sonic game every 2 years cycke since Sonic Heroes 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011 with only Sonic Generations breakin the trend. Now its 2 ywars later).
    10 characters well
    But I could see
    As non playable characters in cameo roles. Id shit a conker if they get some of the canned lot back in like Mighty etc

    Villains may be
    Metal Sonic as a sub boss
    Obviously Dr Robotnik as the primary villain but id sooo love Nack/Fang as a second sub boss.

  71. If this rumour is true, 10 characters would indeed be pushing it.
    But just in case, here’s hoping they throw Silver in there so we can actually have a proper game with him, his concept is great and his potential got lost in 06, Tails and Knuckles obviously need to be there as well, don’t know about Shadow since he’s basically a Sonic clone but maybe he can use his Chaos powers ala Shadow the Hedgehog? Espio for stealth or mission gameplay aka Mission Mode aka Team Chaotix style from Sonic Heroes. Don’t know about the rest of the cast since they are pretty much clones of each other at this point, wouldn’t see the use of playing with Amy, Charmy or Big for example.

  72. I really hope silver is playable. I think him being playable in this might make people think better of him considering the only 3d sonic game in which silver is playable is… Sonic 06, which wasn’t really received well, as I’m sure most of us know.

  73. Wow! This Is definitely sounding like an adventure game style (SA SA2 SHeros). But damn that long tel September? Well my birthday is in that month, so it’s birthday gift from sega!:)

  74. I’m thinking they should do knuckles levels like the werehog design lol…the only difference would be, it will be kunckles, no sharp nills, no wolf design lol….

    1. Welp. That is except for my boost-y-boost gameplay… Maybe if they REALLY limit it though.

      (That being said though this is probably way to good to be true.)

  75. No, really, I wanna know, why do people get overly upset when someone brings up Sonic Adventure 3? Like…”ohhh that makes me angry! sa3 would suck! angry! let it go!”. I’m just curious. This fanbase sure is something else.

    1. For what I can tell, fans are just either sick of the subject, really pessimistic with the idea of a SA3, or just want to be a dick. It’s a sequel that fans have been begging for over 10 years, although we kinda already have a SA3 of sorts ( “cough” Sonic 06).

      1. Don’t forget Unleashed, or as it’s called in Japan, Sonic World Adventure



        1. While it is true that Sonic Unleashed was originally intended to be SA3, Sega decided to make a separate game in the end for good reasons, Unleashed feels nothing like the Adventure titles and claiming Unleashed to be SA3 just because it’s called Sonic World Adventure in Japan is like calling Sonic Rush Adventure SA3.

  76. I think this has a large chance to be true. Does anyone remember the FACT that Knuckles and Shadow would have been playable if not for the Wii’s capability? Shadow was unlocked after obtaining all Moon Medals while Knuckles was to be unlocked after obtaining all of the Sun Medals. Their models were even on the disk.

    It seems to me that Sonic Team simply want to release a game that they’ve been wanting to make since what? 2008?

    1. I did not know this! That is very interesting. That might just explain why they didn’t just use Knuckles instead of the Werehog in the first place (which might’ve got the game higher ratings).


  78. i read somewhere at some point that the 3D sections will be more open and explorable that the narrow corridoors of SU.

  79. This sounds exactly like what I’ve been wanting out of a new Sonic game for years. Which probably means it’s not gonna be true. But I can still have some fun!
    Ok, so 10 playable characters. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are obvious, so that leaves 7.
    I’m guessing Shadow and Amy are in there too; major and popular (well, apart from some circles) characters and so on. This leaves 5.
    After classic Sonic’s popularity in Generations, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added him, probably as some “secret unlockable character”, who doesn’t have a part in the actual story, but is playable nonetheless. Probably playing exactly like modern Sonic too.
    The others can be anyone, but I’m guessing they’ll choose them according to how well their powers can be used to differentiate them from the other characters, as well as their popularity among the fanbase. If I had to guess, I’d say Blaze (one of the most well-received new characters, plus fire-related powers), Cream (Cheese the chao and her ears), Omega or some other robot (guns and robotic powers), Rouge (spy-related powers and boobs). Maybe Metal Sonic too, since they’ve been pushing him recently, and Silver because of his psychokinetic powers, though I think people would react pretty sharply to him, because of Sonic 06, and Sega would really want to avoid that. Chaotix would be a good guess too I suppose.

  80. It’s the Sonic Cycle all over again…we’re getting hyped up for a game and it’ll be much less than we hoped D:

    If it’s thrue, though, then I appreciate the Shadow-style multiple pathway idea. And it pretty much has all my want behind it.

    1. Actually, the way this is beinging announced and recieved so far, goes the complete opposite way of the Sonic Cycle. Not to mention how irrelivant the Sonic Cycle is now….
      Sonic Generations
      Sonic Colors

      1. Then you have Sonic 4 Episode 2, hyped up and fell short.

        It was really a joke, but I guess it didn’t come across as such. I’ve known the cycle’s been dead for years now.

  81. Why do people keep insisting Sonic 06…Sonic Unleashed…are SA3…
    They simply are not…even if they were at one point.
    They are not.

    1. Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog both continue, expand and close the Sonic Adventure storyline so they can be called Sonic Adventure 3 and 4 respectively, Sonic ’06 followed the same exact gamepleay style and plot formula so it can be called Sonic Adventure 5 and lastly, Sonic Team said it themselves that Sonic Unleashed was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3 hence why the name was changed to Sonic World Adventure in Japan, so it technically is a Sonic Adventure 6.
      To ask for another Sonic Adventure 3 would be asking for a continuation of the Sonic Adventure story which has already been wrapped up in Shadow the Hedgehog and 06. Unless you want another reboot which was what Sonic Unleashed did, but calling it Sonic Adventure 3 then wouldn’t make sense and confuse other people who aren’t fans of the franchise, es+ecially if it doesn’t continue the Sonic Adventure stotry lines.

      1. Well, actually Heroes and Shadow continued Adventure 2’s story. The 2 Adventure games have completely different stories, so I imagine a potential Adventure 3 would have an entirely new story too. Although it’s very hard to distinguish what makes a game a part of the Adventure series, since the first two were quite different themselves, and as you said other games have used elements from them.
        I say leave this whole Adventure mess behind and start a new series that takes all the best elements from Adventure and the recent Sonic games. “Sonic Quest” sounds like a good title to me.

    2. Nope, they aren’t. But 06 is the closest you will ever have to a Sonic Adventure 3, so get over it….

    3. Sonic 06 is modeled after the original Adventure, so much so that it’s almost painfully obvious. It’s the closest make to how the Adventure games played, and even though it was shit, it was still mostly designed the same way. Secondly, Sonic 06 was actually going to be called Sonic Adventure 3, but they pulled the name because that would be suicide.

  82. Nope. Sonic Adventure 3 doesn’t exist yet. Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, sure they could be considered sonic adventure 2.3, 2.5 and 2.7. but the actual sonic adventure 3 will have 6 playable characters and a chao garden just as the adventure games before it, had.

    End this silly debate already.

    Also, theres no way in hell that sonic adventure 3 would include this 2.5D bullshit.

        1. …..Such a compelling argument. So, let me get this straight….
          The only way any game can be considered a Sonic Adventure is by having that stupid Tamagotchi mini game? Yeah… that makes your statement MUCH more valid… -__-

  83. Hmm… I wonder what title the game will have?? Can’t think of one… Anyway I’m not gonna get so hyped because this same thing happened when sonic unleashed and generations were going to be released they said playable characters and what happened nothing!! Until I SEE physical proof I won’t believe it!!

  84. Y’know, even though I’m not expecting it, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an SA3. Think about it, you unlock more characters throughout the game, the Sonic Adventure titles were both re-released recently, and those SA3 domains back in July and whatnot. But this is still a rumor, all of this could be bullshit. Who knows. I certainly HOPE it’s not SA3, because I never liked the Adventure series myself, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be true.

    1. Those domains were registered by “someone” in France…. just thought I would put that out there…..

    1. It’s called Ground Hog day, but it originally was called Hedgehog Day….look it up 🙂 I know Wikipedia should have an article about it

      1. I know. In Sweden (I think) they had Hedgehog Day. But scince they aren’t in America other than pet hedgehogs, it was changed to groundhogs.

  85. you don’t even need to look to see the 3ds version will suck. it can support 3d gameplay AND cutscenes. and sega, don’t even try to release it short please, it needs to be long, if anything, improve physics and level designing and please add the cheats and debug mode again!!!! i love that, at the sound tests and the title screen, you enter codes with control panel and buttons and unlock crazy things(sonic classic collection, YOU SUCK[add sonic classic collection plus for 3ds]). add debug mode. we also need hub world again.
    sa3 will never happen guys!!!and 06 was terrible. if you even think about adding big…………………………………………….at least make his gameplay better, because truthfully, i do miss him, very little, but still, he came and disappeared quickly because of you stupid people(sorry, i had to say that) bring back hyper sonic like in s3ak and generation mods, put him and super sonic in the 3ds version or ds version for ONCE!!!!!(what was the last ds game, colours?¿)
    MJ!!!!just kidding, big fan, he made music in sonic 3,

    they could make this
    sonic fractured soul
    sonic dimensions
    sonic colors 2 part 1 and 2 released separately
    sonic quest

    sonic fractured soul where sonic gets a special power to travel to a parrallel universe, while eggman tries to take over the world,

    sonic dimensions, sonic tries to stop the chaos emeralds from flying away to destroy all dimensions, while eggman tries to catch them as well,

    sonic colors 2:
    pt.1, the wisps’ planets are destroyed by eggman using chaos control, sonic and tails try to find a new home for them, they come acrossed a solar system of planets with new wisps, meanwhile eggman tries to create his own planet with chaos emeralds;Eggplanet

    pt.2 after failing to create Eggplanet, eggman tries again by using a mechanism death egg-like to swallow up the mother planet of the new planets, along with the mother; and he invades the new planets, and without the mother planet, the other planets slowly die. he also captures wisps and turns them to pale wisps with hyper go-on and nega energy gone with hub world(generations) like substance with energy that turns sonic into Super Colors(a combination of super sonic,hyper sonic, dark super sonic, nazo[look on youtube] and all the old and new wisps combined) with at least seven of them along with chaos emeralds.sonic, tails, old and new wisps race against time to destroy the Eggplanet and free the mother planet(mother wisps die in the end as a pale mother wisp)

    sonic quest: sonic and tails fail to destroy the Eggplanet but manages not only to free and restore worlds, but end up in a place with a checker board ground and a sky filled from bottom to top with endless portals( shapes of all polygons that look like those portals where on the inside is a bunch of the same polygons getting smaller towards the middle) that lead to Mobius, they realize they’re in the special zone and the sky of portals means the special zone being destroyed because chaos energy got exposed to pale energy. there’s only one thing to do to protect the special zone from exploding and destroying the universe, destroy the wisps to prevent chaos energy from being exposed to pale energy. eggman tries first, sonic and tails go in the portals while trying to think of what to do

    sega should really make those games

  86. I am looking forward to this and perhaps it’ll be better than Generations, Colors or even Unleashed. I’m sure it will be, the Sonic franchise is probably my favorite gaming franchise (yeah I like it more than the Street Fighter franchise). BTW if anyone reads this, it’s Foxboy Mick. (still alive and well) I’m taking a vacation from SSMB and I don’t know when I’ll come back. I’ll be still here and I’ll be posting comments in these updates on the main site. I miss you guys.

  87. If this rumor is true, then I predict that the playable characters will be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, E-123 Omega and at least one member of the Chaotix.

  88. Here’s my guess for the character list:

    Sonic (duh)

  89. 10 characters… Sonic Jump
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, Cream, Vector. It’s that easy.

  90. I was with you all the way up to 10+ characters to play with.
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles MAXIMUM! Maybe Shadow, but his play style should be very different to Sonic’s. If Shadow can boost, I will be pissed.

    1. But most of the time when Shadow ends up playing differently to Sonic, he ends up sucking….

  91. I want to say it could be SA3 because of multiple characters being playable because all adventure games wre got to play as muultiple characters but who knows for now its just a rumor as for characters id like to see tails,knuckles,amy,shadow,rouge,silver,blaze,cream,vector

    1. …How about I make a deal with you Adventure fans, if the next game ISN’T named SA3, never speak of it again.

      1. You could simply ignore them too. That works. Pretty much what I do with people who want a Shadow the Hedgehog 2.

          1. What I mean is you don’t need to reply to them. You almost seem mad when someone brings it up. I mean, it’s just a video game.

          2. A fake video game that appears every single day, in completely unrelated topics… It’s annoying.

  92. Sounds like an interesting idea, kinda reminds me of Shadow the Hedgehog in some ways, mixed in with Generations and, to an extent, the Adventure games, which is a great thing. I won’t hype it up just yet, but it sounds promising.

  93. Well this game could be the Sonic Adventure 3 we’ve always wanted but SA3 could be very unlikely well SU (A.K.A) Sonic Unleashed was ment to be SA3 but SEGA chaanged it to Unleashed for some reason other games I highly doubt is: Sonic Colours 2, Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic Burst, Sonic Unleashed 2, Sonic Heroes 2, Sonic Advance 4, Sonic Riders Battle, Sonic World Rush and Sonic and the Black Knight 2 but these games are possible to come out I just hope SEGA reveal the name of the game soon because I really want to know and I love SA and SA2, be lucky for SA3 to come out but 2015

  94. Other than the multiple characters, it sounds good. I don’t think additional characters should be added until Sonic’s 3D gameplay has been ‘perfected’ and while Generations was good (and on the right track) that hasn’t happened yet.

  95. Please, we all know who the characters are going to be, it’s time for the sensational return of Big the cat, cloned 8 times by eggman for the ultimate fishing action!!!

  96. The chances of the game being SA3 is at a 50/50% chance for me, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. When I hear people talking about what it’s going to be called they throw out names like Sonic Revolution or something else and all that nonsense.
    Let’s just all agree that we would like to see good gameplay probably a mix of Adventure/Generations elements and a good story that is short and simple but good quality like a Pixar Film with or without other characters and if they are going to be playable let me settle this debate on first 4 characters besides Sonic of course who have the best chances of being in the game.
    Along with Sonic we have Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Amy because in a poll of popularity they did a while back they all ranked as the top 5 in that same order, but as for the others IDK just make their gameplay styles good and sufficient redeeming Sonic 06 whether people call that SA3 or not and let’s all just have a great year for Sonic’s 22nd Birthday coming up soon!

  97. My wish:

    More playable character in a 3D platforming Sonic game for a Nintendo home console. I’ll even settle for just a handheld release.

  98. Maybe it’ll take a page from Epic Mickey 2 and have musical numbers during the cutscenes. I’ve always wanted to here Shadow sing, or have Silver and Blaze do a duet. And no, I’m not being serious. Well, about the character list:
    If you don’t have Espio, I’ll scream. Still gonna buy the game though.

  99. I feel like no game is going to top the grand mix of classic and modern gameplay they had with Generations. That said, this sounds interesting.

    The 10 chars thing has got me worried though and not because I hate the supporting Sonic cast (although they are getting increasingly annoying). I remember reading an article sometime last year about sonic trying to follow in the footsteps of Skyraiders. If you don’t know about it, its a spyro game that basically did away with its platform origins and opted for this rpg-ish gameplay that involves buying action figures in order to unlock more characters. That’s why you local Gamestop has a whole wall devoted to this little spyro figurines. It was an awesome marketing ploy for them, and one that I’m afraid Sega might try to imitate. Imagine seeing walls full of sonic little furry friends that you can buy and play in game. No thank you.

    But whatever, hopefully I’m wrong. It just seems weird that all of a sudden sega is embracing the idea of more characters when they seemed to be straying away from them ever since 06.

    1. I believe it’s Skylanders, not raiders, but I definately see your point and agree completely. I’d like to also add that by Skylanders Giants (which is only the second game if I’m not mistaken) Spyro has been almost completely forgotten in light of a wider cast. That would indeed be a terrible turn for our blue blur.

      While I doubt Sega’s dumb enough to make /that/ move, I think ten characters is way too many to plug into one game regardless, the only possible outcome disappointment. Either they won’t be developed enough and we’ll have to settle for buggy or clone characters, or they’ll be perfect at the expense of disk space that could have been put to better use elsewhere (extra missions/acts for stages, quality refinement, etc). I think SA1 had the perfect balance at five good characters in eleven stages, ten of which with three separate acts, one with two. That’s part of why SA1 still has a special place for me, and why I wish Sega would try that formula one more time. Nostalgia aside, this new game looks… relatively promising. Here’s hopin’ for the best! *clinks glass*

  100. This time why can’t Sega listen to the fans for once (AS much as i want SA3 i know it will never come).
    Other characters to be playable, co-op up to 4, and a better intriguing story line is all i want. (I could include awesome music, but every sonic game including 06 had a great soundtrack so….)

    1. I don’t hate but idont they should create a sa3if this game has silver the best character and is like sonic unleashed the best sonic game it will be the next sonic game even better than unleashed.

      1. Correction: Last time SEGA listened to their fans, we got Generations…
        Why do you guys think the fans rushed SEGA and Sonic Team for Sonic 06? That makes no sense….

      1. Sonic Adventure 3? Why would you want that? We had Sonic 06, and Sonic Unleashed/World Adventure.

  101. I think most of us have the thought that the 10 playable characters are from Sonic Jump (also has 10 playable characters) but I hope that they allow you to choose what character, again from Sonic Jump. At least then people like me who want to play as say Blaze but not Amy don’t have to be forced to play that character. I know for sure that a few people won’t be wanting to play every character, let alone having them shoved down our throats. It can be a bit “Oh come on!” moment sometimes when you’re playing as your favourite character and you’re enjoying it then you’re enjoyment is cutoff because you have to play a level with someone you hate. Other than that, this sounds good so I can’t wait.

  102. Sonic Battle for the future handheld SEGA! You know have WAY more characters to customize and unique fighting styles.

    – Special moves (like Sonic ‘Spindash or Buzzsaw’)
    -Ex-Moves (Knuckles ‘Maximum Heat’)
    -Kao Drive Moves (Amy’s ‘Hearts of Wrath!’)

    I mean it can be built from scratch and it shouldn’t be cheap like spamable moves (One of my biggest complaints about Sonic Battle was the easy spamming moves until you win). I will like a storyline but I want it to intertwine without the arc-effect. In other words no individual storylines.

    If only…

  103. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Mighty, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Amy, and Ray would be my Guesses.

    Sega did say that Mighty could make a future appearance. And everyone considers Mighty and Ray a Team

  104. Who cares about sonic adventures 3 first of all second this game sounds great so stop obsessing over a one time thing.

  105. I agree with superdowg316, SA2B made me made because i had to play as Knuckles/Rouge, and the Knuckles/Rouge levels were SO hard. As were the Tails/Eggman levels.

  106. I only want Sonic to be playable. I want great gameplay, replayable levels, 3D with 2D segments, memorable music, boost or adventure gameplay, and a nice story. THAT IS IT.

    1. I agree with everything except the 2D in 3D. I’m sick of that, I just want 3D, I feel the switching is incredibly unnecessary. Also Adventure gameplay. I don’t want SA3, I just want my spindash back.

  107. 10 Characters? I Got a Clue!


    Thank You Generations! Now i’m One Step Ahead From SEGA! LOL!

    1. I seriously doubt that Shadow will be excluded as a playable character.

  108. Okay, I think I’ll go ahead and say what I think this game will end up being like. First, it will have 20 stages, probably 1 act each, but more variety than in Generations. That would still be more levels. The first level would be the same for each character, and how good you do the level will determine where you end up, an easy level, a medium level, and a hard level. This will be followed Shadow the Hedgehog style by 15 more stages arranged in 3’s, and on the final 3 levels you always end up at the final zone, although you may have different starting points depending on how good you did and where you came from.

    As for story, I can guess it won’t be as “deep” as the adventure stories, I think Unleashed is the deepest we can expect, which may be a good thing. As for what it is about, well, you know that hidden anagram on Sega’s blog that everyone thinks says “red herring”? I think it might actually mean “ring herder”, in which case it will probably have something to do with the rings that are never explained.

    Now for the meat of this post: characters and their moves. I’m going to list 12 both because then I am more likely to include them all and because we only know it is AROUND 10, they could do more theoretically. (Of course they could also do less, but let’s be positive)

    Sonic: No surprise there. His moves would be pretty much identical to Generations, with the exception of the boost meter instead being called the “power gauge” or something similar, since all characters will have it whether they have a boost or not. He will be the fastest character of course. Unless stated otherwise, all other characters will have the same moves as him.

    Tails: We know he will be in it, they used him as an example. He may or may not have a boost, but whether he does or not, he will be able to use the power gauge for flight, better than any other character, as well as being faster than the other flyers. His power gauge may or may not recharge automatically on the ground, but it will also refill from rings or enemies just like any other character.

    Knuckles: Another character who we know will be in it thanks to the example, my biggest concern about him is that Sonic Team may make the mistake of having him show up for no reason, when he should be guarding the Master Emerald. The best way I can think of solving this is for all three of the first 3 levels besides the beginning to take place on Angel Island, with Knuckles joining you there, possibly to get the ME back after it is taken (again). As for his movies, I think his power gauge is what allows him to climb walls (he can’t hang onto them indefinitely anymore), and his glide will no longer be a simple “descends at a constant velocity after a while” thing, you will have to control not only his turns, but also his dives to gain speed and pulling up to maintain altitude, like a real flight simulator.

    Shadow: We also know he will be in this game (see above), and he will be pretty close to Sonic. I do have a variety of ideas of how to differentiate him, including (but not limited to) being unable to turn as sharply (especially noticeable on the drifts), being slightly slower (he may even be the third fastest if Metal Sonic is a playable character), having a faster homing attack, an automatically refilling power gauge, and/or using chaos control like a time break.

    Metal Sonic: Not that likely, if anything he would be an enemy, but if he is playable, then he would play a lot like sonic, with slower speed, a shorter power gauge, but better jumping (he can FLY after all).

    Amy: Much more likely, she will be able to use homing attacks and such, but of course her specialty is her hammer. You can use the attack button quickly to swing it fast, or you can hold it so you can aim WHERE you hit your target (including boxes and other items), and by extension, where your target will fly. This will allow her to launch heavy objects to places other characters couldn’t damage, but she can’t easily move them closer to the targets for a better shot. She also has a powerful ground pound.

    Blaze: I’ll be honest, she’s my favorite character (possible exception of the blue blur himself), but if they can’t come up with a better explanation for her presence than “the Sol Emeralds started glowing and I found myself here”, then I would rather they not use her. Not only is she a guardian like Knuckles, she lives in an entirely different world. Her power gauge would be used for boost and/or a hovering capability like in Sonic Rush, she may also have a double jump which allows her to use chains of homing attacks on enemies stacked higher than other characters can reach. She may also be able to trigger fire related objects (lighting fireworks to blow up a wall anyone?).

    Rouge: Not one of my favorites, but she has a good chance of showing, so I’ll say what I would like her moves to be. She can use her power gauge to climb like Knuckles or to give short range flight by tapping the jump button to flap her wings.

    Cream: She can fly, although not as good as tails, but her strongest point is Cheese. She can order him off and you essentially switch to controlling him until HIS power gauge runs out (which is very quick, and he can lose your rings if he’s hurt) allowing you to attack far off enemies or slip through small spaces.

    Silver: Much faster than in 06, much more like in Rivals. Also, he can hover and/or glide with his powers, as well as pick up multiple objects and even enemies to throw, although this takes more energy for him than anyone else, especially when he has more than one.

    Vector: May be able to trigger fire objects with his breath (see Sonic Heroes) as well as pick up and carry objects to throw, not as hard as Amy but with the ability to move, and not as many as Silver but with less energy even with one object.

    Espio: Some possible moves include the ability to climb walls, turn invisible to avoid being attacked, throwing shuriken to stun and/or destroy enemies, and using a grappling hook to swing from certain objects like in the Sonic Generations mission.

    That’s all I have time for, what do you all think?

  109. Fake. First off it was supposed to be revealed on Groundhog Day, second Iizuka said he wanted to make a new gameplay formula for Sonic, and third he said he wanted to focus on just Sonic and not his friends too much. I’m actually pretty happy that this rumor is fake because I wanted a new formula and I want a more Sonic focused game, because that’s why his name’s in the title.

    1. Yeah forget everything I just said. It says it might be announced in mid-Feburary. Sorry for sounding like a lunatic guys. 🙂 Although the past me has a point, we can’t give up on this rumor just yet.

  110. Well, they re-released the first two Sonic Adventure games on PSN and XBLA, so maybe that’s a sign.

  111. I’m glad they didn’t reveal anything on Hedgehog Day. It may mean that they are putting a lot of effort in this new game, it’s been in production since Generations after all. They should go slow and not rush this game, or ‘you know what’ might happen again. So lets cut them some slack and be patient guys! :3 (btw, It’s tacky I know but I want to see a surprise Cosmo in this game, for Tails sake. She gave him a little more story than just being the sidekick :D)

    1. I probably should have read your post before I wrote mine down there, but anyway, I totally agree with you. I just wish SEGA would at least tell us this post is true, that is all I need. (Yeah, Tails does need much more of a story for him. Whether it is a love interest or something else, Tails needs some more to him.)

      1. Maybe a near death experience between Tails and Sonic would be a good element, but then again I may be wrong. I want to see Tails toughen up as a person. But still be the innocent little fox we know. Plus isn’t he an orphan? That would make a cool side story, finding a relative of his. Or did the comics already cover that? :/

  112. Here’s the idea. First off I will go by everything said here, from the gameplay to the playable characters. Here’s my plot idea (the game will have hand-drawn cutscenes, like Sonic and the Secret Rings). Eggman captures all animals, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Cream, Rouge, and Espio, but Sonic manages to free his friends and some other animals in time. Eggman hears Sonic escaped robotization and sends all robots after him.
    So gameplay is the daytime Unleashed formula that has been used for almost five years now, but controls have been improved to have the smooth controls the Adventure games did, with the faster gameplay of the Unleashed gameplay. Each character has different routes they can take, abilities similar to that of Sonic Generations: only Sonic can Stomp and Wall Jump (but Knuckles can wall climb), only Amy can use her hammer to hit certain objects, only Shadow can slow down time, only Tails, Cream, and Rouge can fly (Knuckles can glide and Silver can levitate), and so on. Also, each character has a special ability, similar to Sonic Heores, but one character. Sonic has Sonic Boom; he’s temperarily invinciblle and can bust through anthing, Shadow has Chaos Control which slows down time and he is temperarily invincible; Silver has Phsychic Explosion, where he picks up a load of projectiles which he can hurl, and can fly, Cream can call a swarm of Chao, Tails has the X-Tornado, and so on. The game will have 20 zones (3 acts each), and to name a few, a grassy world with giant fruit, a volcanic world with a fiesta theme, a sky land with lots of mythical flying creatures and objects, a futuristic animal utopia, an ancient sanctuary rebuilt in Eggman’s image, and fifteen more. You also have an objective to find secret exits leading to different levels, to free animals in each level to unlock a better ending, and find the Chaos Emeralds too to unlock the best ending. With ten playable characters, lots of stages that’ll make the experience last, and tons of different gameplay twists, it’ll be a worthwhile Sonic experience. The 3DS version will have some of the Zones cut out while the PC and Vita versions will be identical. The 3DS version, of course. will have Rush-styled gameplay, but have better level design than Generations 3DS, better graphics than Generations 3DS, special stages like the console version, unlockable Super forms, all the characters the console versions have, and even have multiplayer and Streetpass, and Missions like the console version. The console version will have multiplayer too, but different.
    I hope SEGA uses some of my ideas in their next game.

    1. So they kind of have final smashes like in Brawl? *pictures Cream calling in a swarm of Chao* Awesome idea!

  113. Oh god, I really hope this rumour is true!

    I have not been this exited for a long time.
    I feel like a little child on christmas again!

    And it has been in the work before generations? I think they learned their lesson now with rushing. haha.

    I also hope they bring back Silver.

    Come on SEGA! We have all been waiting for this game! Its time for for the Adventure series to come back! 😉

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  115. Hello everyone its me Sonicandshadow104 from YouTube! Anyways Sonic Adventure 3 has not came out yet for everyone’s info! “Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06” are NOT Sonic Adventure 3! They dont follow through with the story especially Sonic Unleashed. Just for the note…I think this game will be Sonic Adventure 3!

  116. I can’t wait for that game (even if I don’t know anything about it. Sonic syndrom yeah). 10 charaters? Cool. Let’s see (lvl are made to make some charaters more usefull):

    Sonic – Colors/Generations playstyle (but we can throw out boost to have more gameplay and sligthy better control with slow speed). Exclusive paths: Homming Attack, Light Speed Dash, Slide

    Shadow – Sonic Adventure 2 playstyle would be cool, I mean I enjoy ’06 playstyle of him but his Chaos powers were useless. Or maybe Shadow the Hedgehog playstyle without guns? Exclusive paths: Homming Attack, Light Speed Dash (same as Sonic but different playstyle), Switches requiring stoping time to proceed, Wall Jumping, Slide.

    Tails – Sonic Adventure playstyle without racing with Eggman/Sonic and abillity to “hack” computers and switches to open paths that others can’t? Exclusive paths: Flying, Hacking lv2

    Knuckles – Sonic Adventure style without treashure hunting, abillity destroy objects (ex: metal crates that can unlock another path) and because of abillity to dig he can also destry things beneth him (ex: other charaters can only go forward while he can smash to lower level). Exclusive paths: Climbing, Smashing through breakable walls/objects lv2, Gliding

    Rogue – ’06 style (because of bombs) and Tails abillity to hack (but we can do 2 versions of computers that can be only hacked by only one of them). Exclusive paths: Climbing, Hacking lv1, Gliding

    Blaze – Like Shadow but without chaos powers. Add her abillity to double jump, hover for short duration and I dunno and we are ready to go. Exclusive paths: Jump to higher and more distant places than Sonic and Shadow can, Slide.

    Silver – ’06 style with more love and work (and faster like Rivals) and maybe flying. Exclusive paths: Manage cages and more telekinessis stuff, Flying, Time switches if we place something.

    Vector – Heroes without leveling. Exclusive paths: Manage cages, Smashing through breakable walls/objects lv1, Gliding.

    Espio – Heroes and more Ninja arts. Exclusive paths: Wall jump, Climbing, Laser and cages dodge (frkn’ ninjas), Slide

    Amy – Sonic Adventrue without running away from killer robot. Exclusive paths: Jump to higher places (like Blaze but no so distant), Feather foot to walk on platforms that other can’t, Smashing through breakable walls/objects lv1

    Metal Sonic – DLC Character with all abillities (frkn’ DNA copy thing)

    So we have paths like: Homming Attact gaps (Sonic, Shadow), Time switches (Shadow, Silver), Light Speed gaps (Sonic, Shadow), Slide (Sonic, Shadow, Espio) Breakable objects (Knux, Vector, Amy), Hacking (Tails, Rogue), Wall Jumping (Espio, Shadow), Climbing (Knux, Rogue, Espio), Gliding (Knux, Rogue, Vector), Cages (Espio, Vector, Silver), Lasers (Espio), Flying (Tails, Silver), Some telekinessis stuff that I can’t think of (Silver).

    Thats all I can think of for now and It’s only my ideas for gameplay.

    Sorry for bad english, some words I now how they sound but don’t know how to write them.

  117. Almost half a month later and I am still completely dying from the suspense; although, all this time being elapsed without any solid truth about this rumor so far is making me doubt about how much of this will be true. Not only that, but with school and all, I am starting to care less and less. It is just too tiring to deal with the false alarms and the long waiting. I know good things come to those who wait, but it is ridiculous how long this has been dragged on. I think the last thing that should be said about this post is that looks can be deceiving, but not always.
    P. S.: I am not blaming The Sonic Stadium in any way.

  118. Don’t worry about the title, it’ll probably a new and original title instead of a continuation of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

  119. I had a revelation last night. What if this game is what led to the rumor of Sonic Dimensions? Think about it, someone sneaks into Sega’s building, sees a bunch of multi-colored Sonics, doesn’t realize they just haven’t finished working on the character models yet and are just using these as place holders, and then tells people what he or saw and guesses as if it were fact. That explains everything!

  120. PLEASE SEGA, PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Don’t make another bullshit 3D to 2D stlye gameplay. Think back to Adventure battle 2, Where everything was as cool as it was, Please Sega, Please. Just take the time to think back, and make a sonic adventure 3 the same way with better contorls and graphis and over world and meaning full story line. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE.

  121. It sounds like they’re trying to do too much. Branching pathways? We’ve seen that, and we know how that turned out. Over 10 characters? That’s almost twice as many as adventure 1, an only half of those were actually good. And 20 stages with 3 acts each? That’s 60 levels to make, and with all the characters, that means that there will have to be 10 versions of each level. So 10 different play styles, 600 levels (sort of), and branching pathways and storylines. If this is what actually going to happen, I hope they don’t just release it without finishing it to make a deadline. TAKE YOUR TIME SEGA!

  122. all i want is a good story with good playable characters great gameplay awesome music and lots of speed not to much so we can have pure platforming the chao gardurn and tons of reaply.

  123. I’ve been waiting for a game like this for so long.

    What I would love to see in this game:
    – Shadow and Silver making a return
    – Chao Gardens
    – Fast Pace Levels
    – Awesome Music
    – A soundtrack that is available to get in the US
    – A great story line with one hell of a twist in it
    – Challenging levels (the past few games have been too easy to finish)
    – Better dialogue (I don’t want to hear Sonic cracking stupid jokes)
    – Different writers (Sonic Gen. and Colors were good, but the story was boring and too predictable)

    1. This is most certainly a head scratch-er. Maybe we just need to be more patient, yet in the hedgehog day post, it was hinting at something so there is definitely a secret somewhere. I really hope though that this is true.

  124. I wish they bring back mephiles he was so cool but underrated.. im gonna be honest while sonic 06 sux if it got polished it would have been the best sonic game ever!! Soleanna forest was just one big error that shouldnt have been included

  125. Ifnthis is legit, i’m betting playable characters will be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, Vector and Espio. Caling it right now

    1. I agree. The multiple paths, unlock-able characters, many acts and stages, and unique character abilities can all be connected with Sonic Dash. Maybe we have all been mislead. 🙁

  126. I think they should bring back chaos, shade, bean, bark, fang/nack, black doom, eggman (as a playable character), gamma,beta, zero, omega, hyper sonic (as long as he doesn’t cause any more seizures),eggman nega, mighty, ray, big, tikal, chao, mecha sonic, silver sonic, jet, wave, storm, marine, darkspine sonic, the GUN commander, artificial chaos, delta, epsilon, zeta, phi, emerl, gemerl, ix, super tails, super knuckles, hyper knuckles, scr-hd, scr-gp, ifrit, mephiles, iblis, solaris, biolizard/finalhazard, metal sonic 2.0, Excalibur sonic, erazor djinn, the shadow androids, time eater, wisps, king boom boo, black bull, and basically every sonic character, like, ever.

  127. Another hoax. *Sigh* When are we going to get another proper, mainstream Sonic game announcement? No, I don’t mean another Sonic 4 episode (even though that would be nice), and no I don’t mean another iDevice game, I mean a mainstream retail Sonic game. Make it happen Sega… make it happen FAST.

    1. Well I mean make an announceent happen fast. Don’t rush the game you’re working on and take your time so it doesn’t turn out like… Sonic 06… :p

  128. Liked PS3 sonic unleashed. How about a sonic game like that, only without the werehog crap. The slope jump with press buttom time limiter and obstacles challenge me. Loved the scenery, music and the speed. The booses shouldnt be so easy. Yes sonic is fast, agile and a little strong but not invincible. He has weaknesses. Eggman is smart. he has an IQ of 200 or 300. He build metal sonic that pushed sonic. Let eggman learn from that. Let me experience shadow’s reputation of being sonic’s fierce rival, he has never been a good challenge to me.
    Let Roger Smith, the guy who was sonic’s voice in colors and generation be his voice actor. Put sarcasm, humor, struggles and thrill around the around thing to it. PLEASE PLEASE! FOR GOD SAKE! Sonic only or sonic, tail and knuckle ALONE! NO MORE! Let amy be support / cheerleader or no amy at all. The flying rabbit……..what seriously? The cat. I HATE THAT CAT. I felt violated when I forced myself to play with that tumble weed. It took brain cells not to make me run sonic speed into my tv head on.

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