Report: Ken Pontac Has Written Script For an Upcoming Sonic Game

Ken Pontac next Sonic game

Ken Pontac, known for writing Happy Tree Friends and for co-writing Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations in the Sonic fandom, has reportedly returned for an upcoming Sonic game. The report was found in a description of Pontac in the Guest of Honour list for the upcoming AOD 2013 convention at where he is credited for writing the script for the new Sonic in the past year among scripts for other upcoming games and animated series.

We have screencapped the report for your viewing at the top of this page in case it gets edited.


Thanks to Ryan for the heads up!

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  1. Known for writing the English versions of both of these if I’m not mistaken.

    And I would like him to stop.

        1. No, god forbid he mangles the Japanese script by not translating but by just writing dumb new jokes that completely miss the mark, did you even play Colors?

    1. “You just missed the BBBE…Best Boss Beating Ever!”
      “You’ve got this Sonic.”

      And those are just the ones I remember…

    2. I disagree – surely it’s better than “the real superpower of teamwork!” and all that.

    3. to be fair, I think the stories being overly light in content have more to do with Sega’s over reaction to “too much story / no good story” then his writing. The main problem I have with him is not his writing per say, but his inability to flex his muscle enough to make a decent story with meat while still being “lighthearted”.

      1. His writing might be good if SEGA hadn’t decided to start making “lighthearted” Sonic stories. It’s time for them to put their foot down with certain things the same way they did with Sonic’s modern model in Sonic 4.

        Do we need guns, swords, and werehogs? No. But we do need powerful characters.

        Do we need anthro on human relationships? No. But we do need an Earth-based setting and humans to actually be in it.

        Do we need anime voice acting? No, but we do need serious voice acting, and the comedy to spread a LOT thinner and made more intelligent.

        Do we need monsters at the end of every game? No, but we do need to get over our aversion to them.

        Do we need a million characters? No, but we do need to use the ones we have.

        Do we need dramatics and complexities? Yes, we just need to spend more time fleshing them out, and we need to present them better.

        The problem with these things in previous games is that they haven’t always been handled right. Regardless, it’s better that than COLORS. Come on, people. Not even many of the young KIDS who play Sonic like Colors and Generations’ embarrassing stories, settings, atmospheres, and dialogues. Time to actually do what they’ve promised to do since Adventure: make a good, proper, involved, emotional, dramatic story. It could be done, and easily. And while they should try to bear in mind that some people won’t like it, and try to present it well for them too, the predominant thing here is: it’s 2013, folks. It’s not acceptable to be releasing games set on amusement parks.

  2. I like the scripts in the last two games. They’re full of bad jokes, sure, but it gives it a light-hearted feel, and kids would definitely find the jokes funny. And some of the jokes are pretty funny. Much better than the really jarring scripts from the games before… I’m playing Shadow just now, and some of the writing in that is just above Engrish-bad.

  3. Ugh, do not want. I can’t stand Colors and Generations’ stories, dialogue and atmosphere. I also freaking hate how latest games have been trying to turn Sonic into his unbearable Dic counterpart. I’ll take the more calm Sonic who doesn’t need to show off and act like a Looney Tunes character wannabe all the time to be cool from pre-Unleashed games (and Sonic X, the only cartoon that nailed Sonic’s character) over that crap any day of the week.

  4. Excellent news. I loved the writing in Colours especially, so I’m more than happy to have Ken on board for another game!

  5. Ugh. He and Graff try so hard to make their scripts funny that most of their jokes fall flat, and those that don’t they drag out until they’re no longer funny.

    Except for the Eggman PAs in Colors. Those are all hilarious.

  6. well i realy love the games sonic generations and colors but the story feels a bit childish for me so when i try to show peoples why i love sonic they mostly think im being childish for loving sonic now im not asking for a too much crapy adult story like shadow the hedgehog but i want somthing that its not to adult and not to childish like sonic adventure 2’s story that story is realy awesome and it doesnt use stupid miner curse words and it doesnt look that much childish and its a realy good and interesting story and i love it
    i raely wish for another sonic game with a story like that

    1. I think we all agree that SA1 and 2 were fantastic in both writing and story.
      Frankly there isn’t a Sonic game that I hate, but I agree that the games are getting more and more childish as the years pass by. Might or might not be a good thing. I know I’m not very fond of it, but I’m going to stick with Sonic ’til the very end no matter how childish his games get πŸ™‚

  7. Wasn’t a fan of his writing at all. Hope it’s not cheesy shallow dialogue this game too….though the past 2 games were sidestory things, so I guess they weren’t taken as seriously.

    1. Yeah, bananaman922, when I said other upcoming games and animated series, I wasn’t referring to anything Sonic related. Read the Ken Pontac description.

  8. Excellent. Colors had the best writing and plot the series has had in a long time. Here’s hoping the antics of Scratch and Grounder Orbot and Cubot make a return.

  9. People crying about the new non srs-bsns bestiality free Sonic? Fuck that shit. I’d rather have them concentrate less on the story even if it results in a stupid fucking story like Generations’ if that’s gonna result in more funding put into the actual gameplay instead of actually getting a major chunk of the budget wasted on terribly-written horribly-cheesy story that’s a fail attempt to make a decent story so it actually has an impact making the gameplay even worse.

      1. Annnnnd how so? Would you care to explain your statement instead of blindly beging “EH NO UR RONG 4 SUM REZN”

        1. Focusing on story is something that a GAME – as in a work that is entertaining for its interactivity – is stupid. A game is meant to focus on GAMEPLAY. What you said was Stupid Game Making 101. If a game focuses on story, then the gameplay becomes so fucking bleak or, in worst cases, unplayable. Take the Walking Dead for example. I love the whole cast of characters and I love the story to it, but I find it a very bleak game experience. Not bad, per se, but it was shallow. Gameplay should always be the forefront of a game.
          Also, sorry if I sounded a little pretentious in my response, but dude, get an attitude check.

          1. So you go what i was saying the opposite way around? Oh boy. Read my comment again. I clearly said that a simple story is a good thing because it will lead to more focus put into the gameplay itself and even more funding for the gameplay and even more concentration on how the mechanics will complement this new game instead of trying make the general audience take a gigantic blue-colored hedgehog seriously.

  10. Sonic Colors may have had some really bad kiddie jokes, but I enjoyed the lighthearted story, Eggman’s hilarious PA’s and the way Tails and Sonic interacted with each other. I’m so damn sick of the “edgy” Sonic stories of the past like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic’s a cartoon hedgehog, not Batman. He should not be so dark.

  11. Ugh God no…

    These guys treat the audience like they were a mentally challenged chimpanzee. Hopefully this will be another Generations thing where the story is horrible but the gameplay makes you forget about it.

  12. I don’t know what people are talking about, this guy make makes sonic’s stories more sonic-y and less shit, although whoever wrote for Shadow the Hedgehog, I wanna give a freakin medal too. that shit was awesome and funny.

  13. I never realized that Sonic Colors’ story was so polarizing. I personally found it to be great, even if the occasional joke was a bit childish.

  14. I’d much rather a more light-hearted, yet deep story. I’m not a big fan of Sonic Adventure of the Sonic 06 style story telling. The older Genesis games had amazing stories (despite having no lines~!). Something fun yet meaningful, which is very possible. Look at Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s a kids show, but it’s very deep and adults love the story just as much.

    If they could find a nice medium between fun and story driven, that would be nice. :3 But either way, I think Sonic belongs in a more cartoonish world.. since.. he’s a cartoon. Also less Humans is a very good thing for the series, I’d have to say.

    But that’s my opinion. πŸ˜€

    1. I definitely would have to agree with you on this. I admire Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2’s storyline, but I ADORE Sonic Color’s as well. While I did feel that Generation’s story was a bit lacking, I prefer Sonic the Hedgehog to be a light-hearted story with a little bit of corniness in the mix. It makes the story feel alive and moving with Sonic, not against him. Color’s story is quick paced and allows you to have fun instead of being bored or worried, and- let’s face it- it’s very hard to take a talking blue hedgehog seriously. Sonic is naturally a fun and corny character, so it’s important to have a fun story as well, though the story can be thought-provoking too. If there is a way to blend the two styles of writing without forcing any extra plot points (Big in Sonic Adventure or the translator scenes from Colors), then I think the story would be much more fulfilling. I understand that writing the script to a video game is not always the same as the script to an animated cartoon, but a lively yet profound story that fits Sonic’s personality will be much better for everyone in the long run. Sonic the Hedgehog can manage a deeper plot, but it MUST retain its cheesiness to some degree if it doesn’t want to fall into an out-of-character story (Sonic 06 being an example).

      1. It wouldn’t be “better for everyone”, per se. Not everyone agrees as to how involved a story should be in a Sonic game. Some are in favor of darker, some lighter, and some in the middle. Some are waaay out there, and want to see the games reflect the stories of the comic book worlds or old, old cartoons. Some believe that the games already do.

        Story is probably the touchiest issue amongst the fans since Shadow the Hedgehog, because pretty much everyone liked the stories before that. But now, we’re at a place where, no matter who you are or what your opinion of Sonic’s various stories over the years is, you can’t deny that there’s really no one out there who doesn’t think that at least one of Sonic’s 3D stories at least came close to being decently deep.

        The point is, the possibility of deep Sonic plots now exists in people’s minds, and it isn’t something SEGA can run from forever. At some point in time, they will just have to get a proper story writer to compose a properly-deep plot.

  15. We don’t even know the new Sonic game’s name yet I’m already losing interest in it. SC script was just horrible. SG was new kind of mess; just talking about stuff we already knew. Like “Look! There’s a rock. It’s GREY.” Wait… that was SC’s problem too.

  16. WHOO! \o/

    Y’know, as terrible cheesy as this guy’s writing for Sonic is, I think it works very well. I like how the series has stopped trying to take itself so seriously. I mean, it’s about a bunch-a super-powered animals that save the world from a giant egg-shaped fat mustachio-man.

  17. The story of Adventure 2 and Unleashed were my favorite ones. If there’s only a new story like that with a game like generations πŸ˜€

  18. Okay, so the guy who wrote the scripts for the last two Sonic games already wrote the script for the new Sonic game that we already knew was coming. Wake me up when someone leaks details.

  19. In my opinion he’s not a bad writer, but he writes really bad Sonic games, I would prefer someone who would write a story like Sonic Adventure, SA2, Sonic Rush or Sonic Unleashed, hell I would even prefer the Sonic Chronicles writer (not because of the story, but because of the characters).

  20. I can take a lame joke or two, but if I have to endure more of Eggman and his stupid sidekicks doing stupid things I’ll go insane. I think this guy needs to remember that Eggman isn’t mentally challenged/not Team Rocket.

  21. I dont mind Lighthearted storylines but Colours was so embarrassing, Generations weirdly was very flat and empty. my other problem is he made everyone in colours have the same sense of humour, in short I think when he writes for Sonic he’s just aiming it at the children, seeing as he must see Sonic as a children’s only series.
    Why cant they pull of a Disney/Pixar where it’s aimed for all ages, since you know there are adults playing sonic.

          1. Sonic is aimed at everyone, aiming more towards the casual audience so it can be widely appreciated. The casual audience doesn’t mean kids but it means everyone who plays games in general even if they’re not as experienced as the “hardcore” crowd.

            On a side note, i don’t like your flat “NO” attitude. You should try to put time into explaining your point instead of acting all “2 COOL 4 DETAILS”.

      1. I’ll replay every game up to adventure 2 and get back to you. Oh wait I just did that recently and found it much fun and the thought of it being childish never crossed my mind. Maybe because there’s killing and death in the games. Jeez dude, how can you be a member of Sonic Stadium and not think that Sonic has about the same audience appeal as a zelda title? It’s not just kids, and it’s not just adults.

  22. Meh. I found the writing in Colors and Generations to be amusing at times, but the BBBE and other quirks like that were just happening too often and it was annoying after a while. I know Colors was a game “focused” for kids so I’ll forgive it. Generations was okay, but the script was too bland in that game. I know there’s so much animosity about Black Knight, but the script in that game is what I consider the best in all of the series. It could be serious but lighthearted at the same time. The back and forth with Caliburn and Sonic was awesome, Sonis’c characterization was spot on, and you didn’t need really childish things like talking to dead enemies and so forth to generate a laugh. I want those writers back.
    I’m gonna cross my fingers that this script will have the awesomeness of Eggmans PA messages because those were really the things I liked the most from the new writers.

    1. Somebody who shares my opinion. Even if Black Knight was flawed in it’s gameplay, I think Black Knight was a real effort to make a game that would please fans. There was a lot of fan service, with plenty of references and it really delved deeper into Sonic’s character. I love the way how he thinks that because he’s the world’s fastest thing, he can instantly become a Knight and slay King Arthur. And his emotional struggles in the game were brilliant. And even they weren’t really Shadow or Knuckles, I kinda felt that it delved a little into their characters too.

      You could say that the Sonic series reached a strong point with it’s story though the gameplay suffered, now its more the opposite. Fingers crossed for a better story next, but it all depends on Sega’s intentions of who the next game is aimed at

      1. Exactly. You really get to see Sonic for who he was. Nimue gave him an assignment, but he still wanted to help the little girl out even if it meant he would fail. After fighting Percival, he still helped her up because it was the right thing to do; Sonic isn’t about death. The end fight with Merlina was just pure Sonic; him fighting wasn’t about chivalry, it was about doing the right thing no matter how hard it would be.

  23. I’ve never been one for having complicated as fuck stories for sonic games. I enjoyed a lot of Colors’ story and I think Unleashed’s story is the best of the games. Generations was admittedly bleak, but I didn’t really mind it being that if it was any more serious, it would be close to talking about time paradoxes, and we all know how THAT went.

  24. I’m happy with this news – I liked the writing in Colours, the PA announcements were priceless, they finally gave Sonic that real “Sonic” attitude back that I’ve missed, and Tails got some character development – the two actually seemed like brothers for once. And I loved the whole Saturday morning cartoon vibe. Personally I don’t see the problem, I think some people need to lighten up – the writing could be a LOT worse. Remember Sonic Heroes? Now THAT was cringe-worthy stuff. Not to mention Shadow the Hedgehog’s writing. XD

    1. Why do people keep knocking Shadow the Hedgehog’s writing? I thought it was pretty good. It provided some good insight into Shadow’s personality and character. It was the acting that made it seem like crap.

  25. I’m not too fond of the writer either, I can understand that Sonic is aimed for kids but that doesn’t mean the story should be dumbed down and treat its audiences like idiots. Some of the best children shows and movies contain some serious events that aren’t afraid to show real life issues. If this is true that this guy wrote the next big Sonic game I really hope he steps his game up.

  26. Has anyone even considered that maybe this site’s writer just goofed and is talking about Generations? They were rather short on their description if you ask me.

    If it mentioned his past two Sonic games work I would be more pumped for this. But I also feel a need to be a bit cautious on this one.

    Of course the idea doesn’t sound one bit far-fetched though. If there is a new game coming out it fits the Sonic Cycle pretty well. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean SEGA tends to release a main series Sonic game every two years or so, so they’re due to release something like that.

    1. I didn’t “goof”. First, I’m passing on a news tip someone else gave us, and second, I checked the other guest descriptions and they’re all up to date. Take Melissa Hutchinson’s description:
      “Melissa’s most current claim to fame is being the voice of Clementine, From Telltale games, The Walking Dead. This role just earned her a Spike TV VGA for best performance by a female, and the game itself has pulled in over 55 Game of The Year awards for 2012.”

      Sonic Generations was released in 2011.

      1. I didn’t mean you goofed Shadzter, I meant the writer of the other site. I should have known you guys would do your research on this and if it did smell funny you guys would have said so. Hopefully you get what I’m saying if not, just pardon me.

        So this is real, I wonder when SEGA will start giving us info. I hope to hear about it on Hedgehog Day, I can wish.

        1. Oh, sorry, I thought you were referring to me. Yeah, I did wonder if it was outdated at first, but as I said, I checked and Ken and the others’ descriptions are all up to date.

  27. Well, this pretty much confirms that the next Sonic game will be lighthearted. I’m cool with this. If they could make the comedy smarter, then that would be great.

    Many people have said this already, but yeah, I’m fed up with the ‘edgy’ stories the previous Sonic games had since they tend to fall flat on their face. Sonic Colours was refreshing in terms of writing, better than Sonic Heroes’ script, STH’s constant idiotic dark tone, and Sonic 06…

  28. Im excited for the upcoming Sonic game ^.^ I think Colours’ writing was okay, Generations really wasn’t, I wanted to hear more references to past games, there was so much potential!
    I agree with Nickyy that Black Knight had one of the best scripts, it was somewhat serious, but there was SMART lightheartedness that made it all fun and made you love Sonic! And references to previous games hehe.

    Hopefully more effort is put into this new game.

    1. If you like smart comedy in your Sonic games then I recomend you to play Sonic Chronicles, seriously that’s the Sonic game tha have made me laught the most, the gameplay is just ok, the story is forgetable, but the way they wrote ALL the characters is just genius, they even made Big likeable.

      1. Yeah, the characterisations in Chronicles is amongst the best they’ve ever done. It’s why it’s one of my favourites, even though the gameplay is a bit… meh

      2. I’m playing through Sonic Chronicles for about the 4th (maybe 5th) time now, and I seem to find something new every time through. Definitely one of the best written Sonic games. Big and Rouge definitely had the best lines, even if they were among the weakest fighters.

  29. I hope his scripts aren’t as weak as Sonic Generations. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but the story really needed more to it.

    1. i agree, Only 13 cutscenes!? if we get as many cutscenes like we did in sonic unleashed, I’ll be happy, hopefully we get some CGI cutscenes,

  30. I wonder whose gonna be the next partner for sonic
    Unleashed had chip
    Colors had yacker
    Generations, i guess Classic sonic

  31. Eh.
    The guy’s not a bad writer. In fact, I’ll say he’s fantastic. He’s just not given games that give him decent room to write something equally decent. Colours came close, and I’m glad we got to see his talent in action before Generations really just fell flat in the story department. If this guy were given free-reign on something like the rumoured SA3, he’d do a good job. I just don’t see them wanting a story that fleshed-out. Call it a cynical hunch, but I’m not freaking out in either extreme over this.

  32. I really liked Ken Pontac’s writing in Sonic Colors. It was lighthearted and somewhat funny. Yeah, it was corny but so were the Dic cartoons as well as the early Archie Comics. To me that is Sonic’s true personality because that was the first he was given and it worked for several years. Sonic Generations’ writing was okay at best, but it was lacking a lot. There was so much potential to poke fun and reflect on past games. So hopefully Ken can do it right this time. You know what they say, “The third time’s the charm.”

  33. Wow, The game hasnt even been announced and people’s complaining already? that’s gotta be a new record!

    Sonic started his days with a silly, light hearted story and now you’re complaining about a possible new Sonic game with a silly light hearted story? you guys make zero sense.

    1. There’s your first problem. Sonic didn’t start out being “silly and lighthearted”. Just because the game had an all of one visual gag (Eggman’s singed mustache) and usually two or three sunny environments doesn’t mean it was lighthearted. Sonic’s selling point was being edgier and cooler than Mario.

  34. Oh I do love how negative this fan base is. I for one am just looking forward to the next game, feels like it’s been ages since Sonic Generations. I like the light-hearted attitude of recent games but at the same time it would be nice to have some more serious parts which I’m sure the writers will deliver, for example I liked the scene from Sonic Unleashed when Amy doesn’t recognise Werehog Sonic, just a small scene but a nice one none the less where we see a different side to Sonic (pun unintended).

  35. O_O Animated series for Sonic? Are you kidding me? I did read the Skylanders will become animated, but Sonic? I was a Sonic fan before Spyro, and I was dying for Sonic’s new show because i felt too old on Sonic X, but I changed from Sonic to Sony and Spyro. Sorry.

  36. Nice. I’m a fan of his writing style. It reminds me of the shows I used to watch as a kid of Sonic (Mainly AoStH). I’m so stoked about this new game. I bet it’s gonna be cool considering how Colors was awesome and Generations was amazing.

  37. Hopefully, this new Sonic game will take place after Generations.

    I’m hopping Eggman Nega will help the two Eggmens escape the White Limbo, send the Classic Eggman back to his timeline, and team up with the modern Eggman with another scheme to take over the world.

  38. Hold the phone!? A NEW Pac-Man cartoon? That’s gunna be interesting, i still have a VHS of the old one haha.

    Where was i, oh right Sonic! That sounds very promising, i love the new light hearted games. All the serious stuff just didn’t sit right with me. Don’t get me wrong, i loved Sat AM and that had some serious elements and plot points to it. But in the games it went too far. Adventure was good, the Eggman threat and Chaos who had a link to the chaos emeralds (tho i hated the idea of adding humans into the world). But Adventure 2 while fun to play, the story was a joke, Eggmans grandfather, the Maria and Shadow thing, hell Shadow as a character i didn’t and still don’t like. Especially after he came back from death in Heroes etc for no reason and had some robot and alien trash backstory written to explain him, in his own game, that was horrible. Even Sonic doesn’t have a true backstory as such, but Shadow needed one? Pffft.

    I think everyone has pretty much said their piece on ’06 so i won’t even touch that one (like in real life :P)
    Unleashed was Daytime great and Nighttime bad, didn’t like Chip at all, or the copious amounts of humans in it, but the general story was ok. Eggman got his Eggmanland finally and he seemed to be the main concern again until the monster of the week popped up. But Colours and Generations were great, lighthearted story, really imaginative stages in Colours, and best of all Eggman was the main bad guy again (apart from in Colours DS). I hated how he kept being over shadowed by monsters of some variety. It was ok in Adventure, comical even how Chaos turned on him, but almost every main game thereafter, it got stale. He is spose to be the big bad, think of all the robots and things he could build. Awesome giant death machines like the Death Egg and Giant Egg Robo, Doomsday Zone etc and they feel Sonic needed monsters as final bosses. I never understood that. >.<

    Anyway i for one will be looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. It would be nice if it continued from Generations as Generations kinda did for Colours. But i wouldn't hold my breath. Especially if its the "new design" and "new start" that Izuka talked about in an interview or two. That's my thoughts, and to end it as always. BRING BACK NACK πŸ˜€

  39. Just great. Another shitty story. I think I am done with Sonic when this game releases. This is not the series I fell in love with now. I just crappy hold Square to win now and now they even for rid of good stories and gave us this shit. Just great.

      1. I guarantee if they announced that the story was being written by the Sonic 06 script writers, you would immediately assume the worst and have that same “oh, well, forget it” attitude.

  40. His writing is okay, especially if he was the one who wrote those hilarious things that Eggman said while in the amusement park. However, the plots that are involved are really boring. I know Sonic games should focus more on Gameplay (it is a platforming game after all) but a more serious story like the one presented in the Sonic 2 – 3&K, Sonic Adventure (without plot holes), Sonic Adventure 2 (again without plot holes), or Sonic Unleashed would be better.

  41. No matter how badly people think of his writing it’s still leagues ahead of anything Sonic Team has written. Yes, including Sonic Adventure series. Let that soak in a bit…

  42. Now correct me if I’m wrong here. But doesn’t he write the English version of the script? As in, not the main plot, settings etc, but what the characters say to each other in the English version. Pretty sure it’s Sonic Team that comes up with the plot to the game, what mechanics to use, characters to involve etc.

    So sure you can blame him for the bad/kiddy jokes and lines etc (even tho its a game series aimed at kids, you can argue this till the cows come home but even Sonic Team themselves have said its primarily aimed at a young audience but hope everyone could get enjoyment out of it). But you can’t blame him for the tone of the story or the locations, or even the side characters involved. That’s all up to Sonic Team.

    He’s basically the guy that’s told to make the story they came up with work for English audiences. So those of you that are bitter it’s not another Adventure 2, or didn’t like Sonic in a space amusement park with alien wisps only have Sonic Team to blame. Don’t blame this guy, he works with what he’s given.

  43. Great, I really dug Colors and Generations so I’m eager to see what’s next.

    Fingers are crossed for a Colors 2!

  44. @Mario
    That ain’t a rumor, that’s just an opinion article. Talking about how if other companies can release small cheap consoles, eg Ouya and the announced Steam Box etc then what’s stopping Sega. Not an ounce of rumor in there, just someone’s personal opinions and open questions >.<

  45. I’m very excited over this! He’s a decent writer, and I kind of enjoy his scripts unlike most people here. And I’m really psyched about the new music! Sonic’s soundtracks has always been amazing and I hope this is no exception. Even when they fail at the game and story, they still produce amazing music! ((Sonic 06))
    So yeah. Can’t wait.
    I’m glad to see that my favorite hedgehog is still going strong.

  46. oka, sonic colors and sonic generations stories are lacking and i hated that. I like to have a good story not a rushed one like sonic generations. I just want long epic story ( cutscenes like sonic unleashed) and good gameplay like sonic unleashed.

  47. The only thing im scared at is there gonna be a sonic game be exclusive to the WiiU. Im getting one after 2 years!

  48. Wow. Just wow. The GAME itself hasn’t been announced yet, just the WRITER of it, and NOW YOU’RE ALL COMPLAINING??? Now I see… I knew a lot of this fanbase was, like, whiny, and they sure made it clear by complaining because Modern Sonic WAS in Generations, and because Classic Sonic didn’t have a 2D appearance. I heard. Like, yeah, IT WAS THAT STUPID AND IDIOTIC. BUT NOW??? Oh, now I get to see it real-time. Wow. Colors and Generations in my opinion were great, sure, Colors was a bit childish (mostly suprise-embarrased me when he broke the fourth wall in the world exclusive cutscene, and “Baldy McNosehair”; oh come on it wasn’t THAT funny) and Generations had a lot of potential, but was missed. Really, few cutscenes and not enough explanations. Also absouletly not CG Cutscenes, except the intro. But you guys start to hate the game BEFORE KNOWING A SINGLE. DETAIL. OF IT!!! UGH!!! These people really piss me off!!!

    And @HUNTER297, you do NOT deserve to have a Sonic-related pic. Or even be a Sonic fan. Maybe you’re just a troll, but if you really aren’t one, you’re one of these retro whiners, who think EVERY Post Unleashed game is BOOST TO WIN or HOLD SQUARE/X TO WIN, and also one of these “fans” that complain, as I just said, WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME. Your attitude disgusts me.

  49. And you know what’s the worst? First, I’ve noticed that most of these “fans'” comments are on The Sonic Stadium. or Sonic Retro. (And sometimes on TSSZ). And last, I’ve noticed that there is NO SONIC RELATED NEWS IN HERE (or there) that doesn’t have a negative comment/feedback/reaction. And you might be saying “BUTT EVRI1 HAZ DIFFRUN OPENEONZ!!111!”, well, HATING and BASHING a GAME before KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT IT (I know, I’ve said that already, but it’s the God-damn truth) is NOT an opinion.

    1. LOL man, you need to chill out, yeah people should stop trolling and bashing, but most people in this thread just didn’t liked the guy writting style, they aren’t bashing the entire game just for that, also you shouldn’t let trolling affect you that much.

    2. Everyone does have different opinions. And this guy has written two games already, its not like this guy was just hired on and people haven’t had a sample of his work yet.

      I personally dont mind his writing for the most part, but I was rather upset by the incredible lack of story in Generations (I haven’t played Colors, so I wont judge it), and there were a few things he does that bother me:
      1. Eggman. I’m fine with him being a bit silly, but I’d prefer he be a little more serious. I liked the Eggman of the Sonic Adventure games, that had the idea to hold the world ransom with a planet busting laser, not build an interstellar theme park to capture aliens.
      2. The Final boss sequence of Generations. It kind of bothered me that everyone except the Sonics just kind of stood on the edge to cheer them on. It just doesnt seem like something they would do, especially Shadow, Silver and Blaze, who we know can all go super. I’d prefer they help in some way or arent able to make it to the fight.

  50. I don’t see why there is such negativity… oh wait, yes I do. This is the Sonic fandom. πŸ˜›

    I think this is good news! Though Generations seemed a little bland and empty, how much plot can you really make for a game that’s just supposed to be a tribute to/celebration of the Sonic franchise itself? I thought Colors was brilliant. The plot and writing were a little light hearted, but it was such a feel-good game because of it. I’m excited to see Ken’s work in this upcoming game!

  51. “I don’t see why there is such negativity… oh wait, yes I do. This is the Sonic fandom.”

    Come on, there isn’t that much negativity in the Sonic fandom, it just that the tone and plot of the games it’s a mater that really divides the fandom opinion, i.e. you can see the topic about the rumor of the new Sonic game that says the gameplay will be Sonic Colors style and that there will be around 10 playabale characters and wether that’s legit or not most of the people responded to this 2 matters pretty well.

  52. Great! Now if the humor would get a little more “Not-Childish”, it’d be awesome. I enjoy the lighthearted scripts of the recent games, but now we really need to take a step up to more teen-ish humor.

  53. You know what? Everyone is crying that we’ve got the same guy from Generations/Colors writing the story, but honestly, can it be that worse than ’06? Calm down people…

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