Relic Celebrates SEGA Purchase With Sonic Art


Ever wanted to see Sonic decked out in body armor from the Warhammer 40,000 series? Well here you go! For those of you who’ve been following long on other websites, you may have heard that SEGA recently acquired Relic Entertainment in the THQ auction. Relic is a developer known for developing games in the Warhammer 40,000 franchise, as well as the RTS series Company of Heroes.
The above picture was drawn by Relic senior animator Michael Moore. “By popular demand of the happy & relieved Relic employees, they got me to draw a 40k Sonic on the Kitchen blackboard. Chalk, freehand, with a glance at Internet ref for Sonic’s head”. Not a bad way for Relic to celebrate its continued survival under SEGA and to introduce itself to SEGA fans!


  1. Pretty smart move for SEGA to acquire these guys to strengthen their PC catalog for a very shiny penny (or ring) but you got to spend money to make money.

  2. I’d be stoked if Relic and Sega made an RTS starring Eggman commanding his Badniks. Take on G.U.N. forces as you gather animals in capsules to roboticize. Get enough rings and you can build copies of stuff like the Egg Dragoon or Big Arm for your Eggrobos or Egg Pawns to pilot. Have side missions where you trick Knuckles into helping you out again. Maybe chase down another stupid world destroying ancient god and then when you finally get all the chaos emeralds to summon it, you have to team up with Sonic and G.U.N. to take it down because, of course, you can’t control it.

    Dang, I’d never even thought of anything like this before, but I really want this now.

    1. I thought about a RTS Eggman style game once, with hero units acting like commandos from the C&C style games.
      I imagine the Sonic community would be in uproar though…

      1. The Sonic community’s been in uproar since Adventure.

        I see no problem with leaving them that way.

        With regards to the game, though, we’ve had two Sonic fighters, multiple non-foot Sonic racing games, a Sonic RPG, a few puzzle games, and multiple party games. I’d be fine with an RTS starring Eggman, though it’d be nice to play as the Heroes as well. You know, a Sonic unit, Tails Unit, Knuckles unit, and multiple disposable furries.

        That…actually reminds me of Fire Emblem…dude you’re onto something. Warhammer + Fire Emblem + Sonic = I’m up for it.

    2. It would be better there were 3 teams from the field. Army of Sonic and friends, G.U.N and Eggman with a few defective characters that would join any side in the middle of the field like knuckles you can or shadow the hedgehog or even Omega or Rouge and power up for each. sonic gets Wisps, G.U.N gets Big foots and airships. And a man gets Metal Sonic and Metal clones and the Egg carrier. Chaos over spread all around the field whoever brings all 7 back to base will get something special. Sonic will turn into supersonic because he is the leader at base. Egg man will enter battle in a chaos powered niggers suit. And the gun commander will enter battle with his suit from Shadow the Hedgehog. And it will only last for a short amount of time. And why is sonic fighting gun because he wants the emeralds back but gun is being stubborn and will not hand them over with out a fight.

  3. I already thought of the idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog RTS model years and years ago. It did not settle too well with me then since I could only see it going wrong with SEGA at the helm. But these guys have RTSs under their belt like no other and I place my full confidence in them, believing that they can revolutionize the RTS market just as SUMO digital revolutionized racing. If properly executed, the Sonic the Hedgehog IP could make its name well-known and admired among titles like the Age of Empires, StarCraft and Warcraft. Just imagine all of the expansion packs or DLC which could be made to just tantalize your gaming palettes: Stories: Main Series, Sonic Adventure, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Archie comics, Sonic the Comic; Civilizations: Overlanders, GUN, Chao, Dark Chao, Babylon Rogues, Mobians, Southislanders, Black Arms; Hero Units: Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Eggman, Metal Sonic, ; Special Items: Chaos Emeralds, Rings. (Some of these may be incorrect, but are to, again, give a mere sampling of what we could see if something like this took place.)

      1. This is Relic.

        Warhammer, Company of Heroes, need I say more? These guys KNOW RTS games.

        Bioware’s been on the decline since Dragon Age 2, so yeah.

        1. What exactly is your point?

          Bioware had Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and Dragon Age under their belts.
          They Knew RPG’s as well as Relic knows RTS’s.

          One does not simply change and see some sort of revolution.

          1. Scratch that, Bioware’s been on the decline since Chronicles 😛

            Really though, Relic is a little higher up on the RTS chart than Bioware was on the RPG chart. Company of Heroes, the highest-rated RTS game of all time, made sure of that.

            Iunno, I just trust Relic more. I agree, though, that they’d need to actually do it right and not bs it.

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