New S&ASRT Patch Coming Soon


Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett has just informed us over on the SSMB that a patch for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be with us as soon as the code is approved by SEGA. The patch will contain fixes for many of the bugs and glitches that have been found and reported, so more good clean fun for everyone!

Read S0L’s full statement after the jump!

We’re certainly not ignoring these, indeed we’ve been busy both before and after the holidays addressing them. We’ve dropped new code with SEGA to check out the corrections, and once they’re confirmed, the next step is getting them submitted to the platformer holders.

So it’s coming, but you have to understand that this process takes time. Much as we’d love to push out instant updates, it’s not quite that easy. For example we found and fixed the Wii U version the day after it was reported, but it took well over two weeks for the fix to get checked out, submitted and approved. Same is true here, even when we’re satisfied it’s all fine, it still needs checking by SEGA QA, then by the platform holders. Trust me, we’re trying to get it to you as quickly as possible.

…that said, hopefully not too much longer…!

We’ll keep you updated as always when we get more details!

Are there any particular bugs you’re hoping will be exterminated by the patch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SSMB – Sonic & All-Stars Transformed Thread

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    1. You can’t race there in ranked matches because not everyone who plays online got the bonus edition content.

  1. Hope it changes No of Stars to unlock stuff in World Tour mode and/or fix the Alex Kid glitch. Heck make the game more far.

  2. A list of all the fixes would be nice. I know there’s no specifics just yet, but it’d be nice to know ahead of time. I mean, the game is full of bugs; I’d be surprised if Sumo manages to tackle EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Most importantly is the pinball physics online, though I feel like that might not be fixed as that seems to be more about network issues.

  3. For me, the glitches dont ruin my play experience, but the most annoying one is playing Bingo Highway in multiplayer and the graphics do a massive glitch up. This is the Wii U version, I dunno if other consoles have the same issues

    1. I noticed the same thing with the NIGHTS map, on the last lap when close to the goal line, the lighting engine glitches out.

  4. In online races, even the most minimal touch between racers almost always send out of the track to one racer.

    Also is not fair that sometimes the 2 place and 3 place of a race lose online points, that makes some people to get out if they think the will not win.

    All racers deserves to win points in all races depending of his position, but no one HAS TO LOSE POINTS ANYMORE!!!!

  5. Is there any news about the intended platforms for this update? If it is for the Wii U version as well, I hope it brings some technical updates to fix some of the odd graphical glitches, the online multiplayer glitches (I have yet to participate in an online match, every time I try to connect it will only play for a few seconds if the stage loads at all), and hopefully some of the camera problems in flight mode.

  6. Yeah, it would be nice to know what patches actually do. I like to enjoy the original game to its full extent before I patch anything. I have the 360 version and have not downloaded the first fix.. and as all 360 owners know, if you don’t patch, you can’t stay connected on XBL 🙁

  7. I would appreciate comprehensive fixes for the PS3 version which is mostly AI invulnerability from weapons, major framerate issues, and please fix the gamma settings for brightness and eliminate that weird hazing effect that occurs in the game. The podium ceremony is the most specific and noticeable place this can be seen. It’s that weird vaseline lens look around the screen which blurs and creates a hazing effect.

    If possible the audio levels need better balance so the music isn’t drowned out by the sound effects and voices even when you have the music at 100 and the rest all lower.

    World Tour events all need decreased difficulty from Expert on down and tweaked timing for Traffic Attack and Boost Races among others.

    1. Really Sonikku ?
      Well , to every Xbox 360 players of this game , look the Sky Sanctuary and Race of Ages leaderboards , you will see a glitcher named ” SonikkuHedgehog ” using these glitches xD

  8. Hoping the freeze in split screen world tour is fixed so that it doesn’t happen and data isn’t lost. Pretty annoying playing for hours only to have all the data wiped clean.

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