Sonic and Danica Patrick Run Over AiAi Some More in New S&ASRT Ad


Sonic and Danica get into more mischief in this “driver’s ed” ad in which they try to show you the proper way to handle being in an accident mainly by throwing garbage at each other and running over monkeys. Hey AiAi, you have a car too y’know? Heck, you at least have a giant ball you can crawl in for some protection man! I wonder what he did to piss off Sonic so badly? Enjoy.


  1. Note that Sonic throws a shoe at Danica…

    Is that a reference to that incident a few months back SEGA? X3

  2. That wasn’t Mike Pollock as the narrator, was it? He can do a mean announcer voice, just heard him on someoranother Medicare-type commercial.

  3. I’m pretty sure all the adverts with Danica in are aimed at America. Who outside of the US honestly gives a toss about her?

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