Mash-Up Monday: Closer at Ice Cap, Cooler at Tempest

It’s Christmas Eve now! Yow, was that ever fast!

In any case, it’s Mash-Up Monday now. Just chill out, you’ll get your presents soon.

First up, KenJones3023 brings together Ne-Yo’s Closer and that one Sonic the Hedgehog piece that everyone knows for one cool mash-up: the one and only Ice Cap Zone of Sonic 3 & Knuckles fame!


After the break is a crisp mash-up between Phendrana’s Edge from Metroid Prime and Tidal Tempest Present JP from Sonic CD, courtesy of Hauntershadow!


Just one more day, everyone!

A quick heads-up: there will be no Mash-Up Monday next week for New Year’s Eve, but we’ll return the following week into January 2013! Happy holidays, everyone!

Found an interesting mash-up out there on the web? Have one of your own you’d want t get featured? If so, fill my stockings with your finds and wares at!

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    1. Second time this happened… Oughta be because mash-up wasn’t well received from TSS commenters, video gets pulled by user. Last time that happened was on a Sound Test Saturday: remixer went on a massive bitchfit tirade against someone else in the field who offered constructive criticism, then proceeded to flame me in turn. Last time I featured his work, that’s for sure.

      Speaking of, the Sound Test is coming back this Saturday.

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