Sonic the Fighters Screenshots and Achievements Revealed

SEGA has seemingly accidentally released four screenshots of the Sonic the Fighters port that is still only officially confirmed for Japanese audiences. The screenshots appeared recently on SEGA Press, but were quickly pulled. Fortunately, SSMB member Woun managed to snag them while they were there. You can view them in our gallery after the jump.

In other news, Sonic the Fighters‘ Xbox 360 achievements have appeared online today, courtesy of eXophase. There are 12 achievements and a total of 400 gamerscore to earn. Hit the jump to see the list.

Sources: eXophase and SEGA Press (via Woun at the SSMB)


    1. That’s no lie… All but on of those are guaranteed on an easy playthrough of the Arcade mode, probably on the first go… And if Honey’s available from the start then all of them will be….

  1. Not even an achievement for using Super Sonic? This list is quite disappointing.

    I was hoping the achievements would help add a little replayability, but these look like they’d be over by the end of your first playthrough. Sadly I don’t see this to be worth 800MSP at all, especially when you look at the other 800MSP Sega has released recently.

  2. Lame achievements, but I don’t care for those much… However, I am pretty happy of this game’s re-release, and those screenshots look very colorful, the models seem to be a bit cooler too.

  3. Maybe these easy achievements are to make up for S&ASRT’s stupid achievements…Team Sonic my ass.

    1. As an only child and no friends willing to help me out with that achievement, I can’t agree more -___-

  4. Looks awesome! I bet this’ll be 400 msp, even at 800 I would probably still get it. The main reason for buying isn’t the achievements (while I do agree they are a bit lame), it’s for the HD graphics, online multiplayer (which the achievements do confirm) and the ability to play as Metal Sonic, Robotnik and Honey.

    If it is 800 MSP, at least it’s not as bad as Nintendo’s PokeDex 3D Pro, which is $15. $15 for an application that I can’t even play? No thank you. Between that and the New Super Mario bros. 2 coin rush packs being over-priced, it worries me that Nintendo will continue to over-price their DLC…

  5. You don’t even get an achievement for being Super Sonic?! This is why I don’t call achievements the true way to complete a game, they are so inconsistent.

  6. There are at least 70 or more achievements i can make for this game and there are only 12!?!? No matter what i’ll still be getting the game though.

  7. This game look way better at a higher resolution. I just hope the online play doesn’t stagnate too fast.

  8. too easy piece a cake achievements, i do like how they actually made honey playable only cause i feel like for years people were trying to get her to work and if they did she was kinda glitchy so its kinda cool sega went and fix that(don’t expect her to start appearing in games now as she still unofficial) they should of made one for honey called you hack my honey achievement or something better then the lame one i just came up with lol

  9. Humm… I’ve never cared much for achievements or trophies myself (What’s the use of a bigger E-peen if you can’t do anything with it?) even by my own standards those are some weirdly easy achievements to…. um… achieve. Yay for Honey being included and all that, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s enough to warrant downloading this game for me, especially since the game was re released as part of the Sonic Gems collection. While the classification of those games being ‘gems’ is up for debate, Sonic Fighters was included there and you can probably get that collection used for pennies now.

    As to the HD, well, call me pessimistic, but I have the same response to this that I had to SA2 HD: You can make a decade-old game look prettier, but it’s still going to play like a decade-old game, and all the same problems are going to be in that decade-old game. I love Sonic Adventure 2, and I enjoy Sonic Fighters, but putting a pretty coat of paint over an ailing oldsmobile won’t mean anything if you don’t fine-tune the engine to make it run smoother.

    Analogy end.

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