Sonic Jump Gets Update, Still Hope For Android Release?

Sonic Jump, which was recently released exclusively for mobile devices, has received its first update via iTunes for the Apple platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). This update adds a new level to the story mode as well as new playable characters that can be unlocked. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got some juicy news for Android users as well – read the full story after the *ahem* jump!

The new update gives the player access to Blue Sky Zone, a previously inaccessible area consisting of 12 story mode stages and a new endless arcade level. This level will see you bouncing off balloons while simultaneously trying to avoid the attacks of the robotic Batbots and Spinners that are out to see Sonic plummet back down to earth in defeat.

Additionally, Amy Rose becomes unlockable thanks to the update, though you’ll need to start saving up those rings in order to play as her! There’s another unlockable character on offer as well, who you can achieve through the new Global Challenge mode which sees players working together to reach the moon. Who is it? Well… you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

In other Sonic Jump news, it seems that the much-discussed Android version – which at first was meant to be coming out this month, but then seemingly disappeared from SEGA’s product page entirely – is still in with a chance of a release. A user on Twitter got in touch with the game’s developer, Hardlight Studio, and received this response:

Make of that what you will, but it looks like things are more positive than not regarding an Android version in the near future. Stay tuned to TSS for all the latest on whether or not it eventually makes its way onto Google Play!

So, what do you think of the new Sonic Jump update? Or the potential Android release, for that matter? We want to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments!

Source: Sonic Retro and SSMB

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  1. THOSE BATBOTS ARE OUT TO GET ME! If I dodge one, another gets me. Dodge all of them, soon enough there will be another to hit me. I immensely dislike them >_>

  2. Well, too late for me…I copped out and bought an iPhone 5…not that this game had anything to do with that, though.

  3. cool I hope to see this game on android looks like a fun game to kill time on…. and I hope its free to an extent

    though im kinda surprised you guys haven’t posted on how Sonic the Fighters was released today on ps3 or how that classic collection you guys mention earlier was just Sonic 1 and 2 bundled together and Sonic Adventure 1 and DX bundled together for I believe 5 bucks or the SEGA sell thats going on on the PS3…

  4. Hey Sega, could you please release this for both or either Wii U and 3DS? Wii U’s gamepad and the 3DS’s touchscreen and top screen seem great for a Nintendo e-shop game.

    1. Many people, myself included, care for android.
      Also the number of android phones is wayyy larger that the number of Vitas sold, so Sega will probably have better sales on Android.

    2. LOL the real question is how many people actually care for a vita version? 4 maximum? I’m sorry but i only see ppl requesting Android, BB, Win8 version tons of times in other pages but this is the first effin’ time anyone even mentions vita xD

  5. How about now……….No jk

    I haven’t been this desperate for a game since back when I was waiting for Temple Run to release on Android but I already lost interest in the game not even 2 days after it came lol all that waiting. But really I don’t want to wait for such a long time then lose so much interest in the game where I dont wanna play it. I’d happily pay $1-2 for this game right now, with the glitches it might have. But on second thought if its 06 Mobile Edition count me out.

    So anyway hopefully we get this within a few weeks my fellow Androiders

    and @Hamza
    I really wish SEGA wouldve released SA2 on Vita, I mean really I would play that more than Jet Set Radio which I dont play that much on Vita even though its a great port. Maybe some Sonic game will come to Playstation Mobile 😀 but we can only hope.

  6. Nope. Shadow’s coming out next update. We already know who the character is, actually. Hacks reveal the true power of… oh, wait, can’t say. 😛

    Its a surprise, but Sonic Jump is incredibly fun. They definitely should do an Android version. This is also the first app I’ve ever actually BOUGHT for my iPhone. I play it to death, so I certainly wouldn’t regret it.

    …though I would LOVE to see a Temple Run-esque Sonic game as well.

    1. Haven’t got this app, BUT DANG!


  7. oh no! the punny side of Sonic Stadium has returned! im still walking off the laughter from the bad puns when S4E2 was near release

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