Sonic Augmented Reality Tops Out Now

It’s not unusual for new Sonic clothing to get released, but this one is a little different, it has a party trick to it. Chances are you’ve heard of Augmented Reality, that’s the thing where you hold up your camera phone or some other device with a camera on it to a picture/image and then the said image comes to life?

Well when you hold look at this shirt through a phone or device that runs the ‘Zappar’ application, Sonic jumps out of the shirt design and appears to run around the person wearing it.

This is an item exclusive to Asda in the UK and only costs £6. However, it’s children sizes only. Also before you ask. Nope, there is no way this will be available at other stores, reason being is that the designer is ‘George’ who is Asda’s own clothing brand.

Source: Asda Direct & Zappar


      1. I have some Sonic clothing that i can have on me! And i am 24! 😀 So there is some for adults but can be hard to find some times. 🙂

  1. Now if only Sonic said “Pretty cool, huh?” after he bursted out of the shirt, that would be a nice touch!

  2. The ‘Augmented reality’ thing is a bit bizarre and I don’t really care for it, but I like that design, it actually has a nice big picture of Sonic that doesn’t warp too much around the person’s body shape, and it’s not of him doing a boring thumbs-up.
    But it’s in kid’s sizes, pah!
    Anyway, I think I would prefer something a bit more stylized.

  3. unlike me i got two of them hats, four snapback ones and the shoes AND all ps3 games for it even sonic generations AND sonic transformed already, all on ps3! 😀 🙂 no kidding though keeping a poker face (no not the song)

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