Community Fundraiser: Sonic Merchandise Auctions for Charity

A few months back we heard the tragic story of four year-old Sonic the Hedgehog fan Dylan Cecil, who tragically drowned after slipping from a jetty while on holiday this summer. The funeral, in which he was buried in a Sonic coffin, was reported on several Sonic news sites and moved many in the community.

Several community sites have been in discussion about fund raisers, and so thanks to some very kind donations from SEGA and webmasters, several very rare items of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise are being auctioned off via eBay over the coming weeks.

Below are some of the eBay listings for items in this sale:

Sonic Generations Press Kit

15th Anniversary Sprite T-Shirt

20th Anniversary Numbered Gold Ring

All of the profits will go towards the Burnham Area Rescue Boat fund at the request of the Cecil family. Dig deep for a good cause.

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  1. Should also say, if the auctions get too high for some people, but they still want to donate, the rescue boats website has a paypal donation function on it.

  2. I never caught wind of that story. I think I may have shed a tear or two… I hope those items get bought for intense amounts of money! I hope it will do some help for the Fundraiser.

  3. Tragic story. Dylan and his family are local, and while I don’t know them, a friend of mine is a friend of Dylans dad since they were both in school. I even lent my friend one of my Sonic t-shirts for the funeral.

    Tragic and very relatable, due to the locality, the fact i was Sonc mad at that age, and the fact i have a Sonic mad nephew of that age. Tearing up a little as i type.

    Definitely donating.

  4. I remember reading about this story in the newspaper. It was so upsetting.
    I’m actually glad that SonicStadium people actually care enough to help out in the fund raising, not enough people care now days. I will definitely see if I can do my part.

  5. The story did make a tear or two. I feel sad for the boy and family. I wonder if Sega heard about this and put something on Sonic’s facebook.

    1. I can field this one, sadly I was informed they would not be able to promote the charity auctions on their social media outlets. Which is a big shame but I get the feeling the SOA CM team’s hands are tied on that. They did send over some lovely things to help so that’s brilliant.

  6. ok peeps, be vigilant, he may post a rare 20th anniversary Sonic Statue on there, just saying, the statue pops up on Ebay all the time

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