Mash-Up Monday: Still Alive Running

Now this Mash-Up Monday… This one right here is beautifulDear Wind Waker-level beautiful.

For today, we have Crush 40’s Live Life from Sonic and the Black Knight combined with Still Alive from Mirror’s Edge.

I just can’t stop listening to this without all my feels being perturbed. It’s too beautiful a mash-up to be put down!


Newbiespud, thank you so much for this gem.

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  1. Idk, about this one, it seems like it was made by someone who dosen’t really know how to make mash-ups, I don’t like it, just my opinion.

  2. I’m not sure about the song itself, but anything that combines Mirror’s Edge with Sonic gets me all sorts of tingly 😀 I’m still convinced that if you combined some of the key elements of ME (Parkour, Freedom, Interactive Environments) and place it in a Sonic game, that would help the 3-D games gain better ground.

  3. This song is the literal term of a mash-up, because it’s a mashed up, jumbled mess. The chords don’t harmonize and the melodies don’t mix well. I got to the main chorus thinking that’d be the part where it all comes together; it didn’t. Most of what I heard was just Still Alive with some off-key bits of Live Life lingering in the background.

  4. Anyone who loves the Mirror’s Edge song should check out the singer’s other stuff. Her name is Lisa Miskovsky. I’d recommend a new song of hers released this year called Why Start A Fire. =)

  5. this is bad.
    I love that song, and the sonic track too.. but they don’t mix together.
    some parts are actually painful when they clearly don’t blend.

  6. A different genre of Mash Up Monday. You usually go with faster stuff.

    Anyways, writing this nearly a week later is a bad idea.

  7. I’m glad an old thing of mine got some attention, even if it was immediately met with criticism.

    The commenters know what they’re talking about, though. This is amateur hour.

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