2. As a fan of Sonic /and/ the Game Grumps, I’ve been looking forward to this since they began talking about it many episodes ago.

  3. Didn’t really find this funny because like many people, the vast majority of their comments on the game are based purely on the stigma attached to the title. I’m not entirely happy with this being consigned to the history books as the worst Sonic game ever and everything about it is an abomination. I mean how can you truly have the balls to say the animation work of Blur Studios is bad? (Even if they said it was good compared to the in-game cutscenes.) The game, by which I mean this piece of software is heavily flawed on a technical level, everyone can pretty much agree on that, but the idea behind it, the approach, the direction, isn’t really -that- bad. It feels like the closest thing to SA3 we’re likely to get for a while, because the Adventure series was nearly as realistic in terms of approach and the technology available at the time.

    Anyway, it’s a bit of a dead argument, but it just doesn’t sit right with me when people tar the entirety of Sonic 06 with the same brush. It’d be nice if the fanbase could unanimously recognise the good aspects of Sonic 06 so that SEGA hears it, because otherwise they’re highly unlikely to revisit the approach ever again. I would like it more if Sonic Team could find a way for the series to not just try and please both classic fans and new fans, but appeal to the same range of age groups too.

    1. I feel the same. I mean, let’s face it, the game’s horrible, but I think it would’ve been one of the greatest Sonic games of all games if it was properly finished. To bad it was such a train-wreck…

    2. I don’t really think that they were saying the opening FMV was bad, just that it was wholly out of touch with the Sonic franchise aesthetic.

      Which it was. The whole damn game is, in fact.

    3. Yep. In all honesty, the game isn’t really that bad at all. It’s iffy and clunky. It’s not “horrible”, it’s not even the worst game. It’s just not praisable, presentable and it doesn’t meet expectations. It’s less of an abomination and more of simply a disappointment.

      I actually find Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 to be more realistic than 06. I even find Sonic 1 to be more realistic. 06 is less realistic in world but more realistic in presented detail. As in, the Adventure series had a more realistic environment that we were able to witness. But 06 took the wrong approach to realism as it is a VIDEO GAME and they tried to make it a virtual tourist spot. They focused too much on the player’s interaction with random citizens, shops, location, the town’s history, etc etc and less on the aspect of the story itself. While Sonic Adventure ALLOWED you to talk to people but not as much because there was more focus on the plot with the world around being realistic in that it was a realistic, busy environment. In real life, you CAN go around and talk to people, but you usually don’t. You walk around a crowd of what feels like AI’s minding their own business while you’re on your way to work, school or whatnot.

    4. Personally, I think it’s a terrible game for all the reasons they state. I realise it’s got to the point where we all know this game is bad and talking about it anymore is liking flogging a dead horse but that doesn’t mean there isn’t humour to be derived from it. Plus, I think it’s more important that SEGA know what they are doing wrong so we don’t have a repeat of this unstructured mess.

    1. Because they’re popular and the game is infamous. Scroll down a little to see my other little explanation. lol

      1. No, I think it’s more of me thinking a lot more positive on the game, and me watching these guys be negative about it just makes me sad. But it’s other people’s opinion, and I’m just going to stick with my opinion.

  4. Jacque, I’m sorry man! I-I didn’t realize!


    In all seriousness, though, bad game or not, the Game Grumps are still funny as hell. XD

      1. Even JonTron says that Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations were good games in this video.
        They aren’t just generally hating Sonic. They tore The New Super Mario Bros. apart, and most of the complaints they have with Sonic 06 from what little they played seem like legitamate complaints. The Sonic/realism approach makes things seem out of place, Sonic isn’t too precisely controllable, and >>> LOADING >>>.

        Jon says this is the first time he’s played it, and some folks around here seem to think he’s just taking the piss out on it for reasons folks like us would having played it.

        1. I agree. Its not their fault they don’t like the game its the games fault for not cooperating with the player , like honestly this is the only sonic game I played where I had to find tolerance and patience for a E-rated game and just only played it on 2-player with a good friend of mine just to waste time abusing silvers power or sonics games was like the only fun (OH WOAH LOLOLO Laughing kind of fun) I really had. I just really felt uneased with the way sega went with this hellbound game .

  5. These guys are rather hilarious, but it’s kind of pointless for anyone to jab this game anymore. We get it. It sucked. Sonic fans knew that the moment we bought it. But it’s been six years. Can’t people just move on, considering the games after this one got better and better?

    1. Yes, the game sucked, but at least the storyline was good!…until…Elise and Sonic..well… We’ll leave that to fanfic

    2. It’s because everyone thinks if they take something they many people are aware of and the majority share that negative opinion, that it’s the perfect subject and perfect audience to simply start making fun of it and, in theory, produce a quality skit that people love.

      It’s called jumping on the band wagon and exaggerating as much as you can just to get attention, and thus everyone will agree with you. In a way, it’s also a form of brainwashing. Now that’s kinda funny. lmao

  6. Ah yes…where to go with this…hmmm Ya know those old question help spots should be replaced with….http://www.drwho-online.co.uk/news/votd-promo-8.jpg and have them say INFORMATION and then have it say…THIS GAME WILL SURLEY LAG!. I always say blame Simon Jeffery for this game being a disaster..but at least this was a lesson well learned and we all raised hell and things were fixed up better in the more recent runs…but my instant beef against this game and the future ones..auto running levels…that is a genuine HELLZ NO! If a team of modders ever redoes Sonic 2006..all I ask is please…redo that final story and you know exactly what part of that to attack lolz.

  7. I just love the way they end the episode with Sonic dying and one of them yells, “SHIIIIII-“…didn’t even finish swearing!

    In all that though I don’t think they dissed the music…the SOLE(ana – get it?) reason I even bought the game. I can’t stand the frikin’ snowboarding level.

    It actually never hit me that the “reboot style” of the game was so out of place with Sonic (and they are right; ever noticed how muted the color contrast is in the game excluding the cutscenes?). Every game afterwards always had more color, detail, and even style to it; Sonic 06 seemed flat and generic…but I just repeat what the Game Grumps made funny…uh-huh, I thought it more fun to watch someone suffer through the game instead of me!!!!!

      1. Then you really don’t want to know how much those things cost…It is available for download on iTunes though…hmm…anyone want to buy my PS3 copy of Sonic ’06?

  8. Listening to them, half way through the video I thought to myself “This is both funny and annoying at the same time…. whatever”. lol

  9. How great this game could of been… I could just imagine how it could be. Their commentary makes me laugh though 😀

  10. no, this game IS bad on every level.
    The only decent think about it is the music.
    I think Clements review best sums up my view on the game.
    Even if it had no glitches or millions of loading screens, it’ll still be a bad game from design alone.
    it’s the worst Sonic game, hands down, and basically killed the franchise in which it’s still trying to recover from

    1. Well, this, unleashed wii, Black knight,, riders 2, riders three.
      They all played their part in damaging the franchise.

      1. Riders 2 didn’t do anything. >_>
        Black Knight had an excellent story and sword play was a nice twist. Not something they should do again but it had its moments.
        Unleashed Wii/PS2 had damn good level design.
        The only one I can find myself agreeing with you is Riders 3. It should’ve just stayed a Wii exclusive. Or hell, a controller option would’ve been nice.

  11. Found the vid pretty funny, especially the ending.

    Also, come on everyone this game IS an abominaiton. It’s all well and good saying “but if it wasn’t for X,Y,Z” then it would of been good. I could say the same about Call of Juarez: The Cartel (low blow maybe) but it would still come across as denial.

    Just boot up Sonic Colours or something. We can laugh at 06′ but we can also have fun with other Sonic games.

  12. I don’t like Sonic ’06, and here’s why this game is terri>>>LOADING>>>ble…


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