Freak-Out Friday: Eggman Advertises…

…for Sonic!

And we don’t mean that of the hedgehog variety.


I see that look: a look of shock and awe has somehow been plastered onto your face! Is it because you’ve just heard Eggman go into detail about various foods and great deals from the fast food chain ironically sharing the name of a famous blue hedgehog? Or is it possibly because of the unbelievable voice actor behind Eggman here, who goes by the name of Kyle Boyle (also known as BoyleVoices)?

…I dunno, must be the first thing. Just a hunch.

In any case, since that was so good, why don’t we listen to the jolly ol’ doc again? I know, how about we hear Eggman as he chatters with glee upon finally obtaining…

…a Wii U?


Thanks for submitting, Kyle!

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  1. Really? THIS is your freak-out Friday?

    He posted this days ago and it’s just an ad for SONIC to branch out in entertainment. I don’t see anything “freaky” about this. It’s just a fun video. I think like all things, fitting quality finds are slipping.

    1. At least in the sense that he can do a voice that’s somewhat difficult to pull off, and to such a high degree, it’s a bit freaky. Fun, but a little freaky. I held off on another entry just to allow Boyle’s submitted material to be shown.

      Sure, he might have posted this days ago, but he sent them to me anyway. I found it suitable for FOF, and that’s that. If you have something you’d think is a bit more worthy, you can always drop me an email, you know?

  2. GREAT Eggman impersonation. Almost sounds like Mike Pollock. Kind of uninteresting content, though. Oh well! Thanks for sharing it!

    Something I’ve always wondered – Why has Sega not partnered up with Sonic drive through before? I know I’d be stopping at Sonic much more if I knew I could pick up some Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise along with a meal! There’s money there, people…

  3. If I had to critique it at all, it sounds a bit forced. But that’s my overly critical self shining through. This voice is fantastic. Anything this guy says I’ll immediately see as cannon from now on.

  4. Eggman really knows how to make a guy hungry! I usually order a Chili dog and a blue coconut slush!

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