First 4 Figures Teases Shadow Statue

Guess who is coming out to play? Is it a clone!? Is it an android!? No! It’s Shadow the Hedgehog Dah-Na-Nah! First4Figures released a new teaser image of the next statue in their Sonic line. Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog, MARIA!

No release date was given nor price, but going by previous statues. expect to pay nearly $230-$250 depending on which version you get. As for release? Considering how the Knuckles statues have only just been released, and it’s been nearly a year since the Tails pre-orders went live, Modern sonic is still to come out. You might be waiting until late 2013-mid 2014 just to get your hands on it.

When pre-orders go live, act fast to avoid getting a fake! Doh, ho ho ho ho.

Stay tuned to TSS for more details when we get it.

Thanks to Blue Blood for the tip.


  1. Im getting a job soon. Im making sure I get this! Im not just gonna let these awesome pieces just fly by me any longer!

  2. I want First4Figures to create a series 3 of the collectables DX we’ve had series 1 (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) and Series 2 (Amy, Super Sonic and Metal Sonic) so when is series 3? If they do a 3rd set I hope they do (Mighty, Ray and Nack)

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