Anyone Want Sonic Rush Adventure for $1? Sort of…

This is one for you guys living in the USA who might not yet own Sonic Rush Adventure. As you probably know, Black Friday is next week, at least I think it is, we don’t get this event here in the UK so… anyway…

A leaflet from Toys R Us advertising their Black Friday deals appears to be offering gamer’s the chance to snag new copies of Sonic Rush Adventure for the low price of $1. The catch? You need to buy a new game at full price from the selection above. So technically it’s not quite a game for $1… but when you look at the games on the list, there’s some fairly recent games on there and they’re not too bad.

Unfortunately, because I don’t live in the US, I don’t know for certain if the ‘full price’ of games at TRU are competitive to other retailers or not. But if there’s something on there which is a good deal, might be worth you looking into.




  1. Where I live, TRU has sonic Rush for $19.99 where as GameStop has it for $24.99… I’ve gotten some good deals at TRU, they often have the “Buy x amount of games, and get x amount of games free” it’s fairly common there.. It’s actually strange that they are charging $1 for the usually free game haha

  2. Generally, TRU seems to have pretty good prices, possibly due to people not really thinking of them when they think of game retailers, so they try to be more competitively priced. Nowadays, I mostly get my games from there or Steam.

    1. Hmm, big loss for the folks who don’t see them as one. Half my childhood favorite games were bought from TRU. The store I played Sonic R/3D Blast’s demos in still stands. 🙂

  3. I have Sonic Rush, and Colors for DS, but I don’t have Adventure…..looks tempting, but I’m’ Canadian. I’ve heard the game is really good though. I would definitely look into it if Transformed was on that list of eligible game to buy, then I would get two Sonic games! But yeah, I could probably buy it for $1 on Amazon or eBay anyway….

  4. Curious if they’re having the sale in Canada…I know some stores that are American have a “Black Friday” type sale over here. Gonna go check this out.

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