Sonic X-Treme E3 1996 Promo Video Hits the Net


A Sonic X-Treme promo video from E3 1996 hit the net yesterday, courtesy of YouTube user ArgyleDX. Some of the footage you may recognise from an off-screen recording of the SEGA Saturn game’s E3 1996 trailer, while some of it you may have not seen before. The video is very much in line with SEGA’s classic advertising combat against then rival Nintendo, who had their big N64 launch title Super Mario 64 on the way that year.

ArgyleDX has also shared a couple of other SEGA videos from E3 1996 promoting games for the SEGA Saturn and SEGA Genesis and Nomad. Those are available after the jump.

SEGA E3 1996 Saturn Sizzle Reel

SEGA E3 1996 Genesis and Nomad Sizzle Reel
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Source: ArgyleDX’s YouTube channel

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  1. Thank god someone has posted this! I have been waiting for a offscreen version of that trailer.

  2. They should go ahead and release it now.. it would be fun to see what it would have been like ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No it wouldn’t because the game looked like a pile of shit and this was gonna go ahead with Super Mario 64…..DAMN Good thing SEGA cancelled this shit ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Yeah if anything thy should retry the concept but along with other things they developed over the years to improve it, make it more stable, less vertigo-inducing and give it to the spinoff series (as it doesn’t look very mainstream material, but looks pretty cool as a spinoff)

      2. They don’t have to release it officially! haha, I just want to play it because I want to see what a failed game was like! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Robotnik confirmed for working for Mario.

    Also, what a piece of shit this game was going to be.

  4. “Mario Who?” is it just me or did SEGA hate Mario enough, to use break copyrights, dang SEGA really did hate him…

  5. I really do wish how this game would turn out. The concept of the game was so outside of the box! People have their own opinion and mines is how great this game could be if it was finished! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. That’s the thing. Yes this promo makes it look bad but we have no idea what point in the development that they were at. This is the game that changed looks and formats more than once. I suspect, though, that with the 3D Blast mention, they were fairly far along

  7. This game was going to be a disaster. It’s basically just a fast version of Bug! with a weird fish-eye lens effect. I would certainly like to give the last build of the game a go, but merely out of curiosity. You know, like playing Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis.

  8. This game looked like a promising concept, but when we look at it now, it really wouldn’t have been “Saturn’s Savior” like it was proclaimed to be. I mean, maybe at the time it would have been cool, but would never compare to such classics such as Super Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot. But it looks like it would still have potential to be something, and, if it were to be the first true 3D Sonic game, it’d be okay enough, but I am glad that instead we got Sonic Adventure. However, it would be very interesting if they could take concepts from this game and make a new game with it. I mean, the boss engine was put into Christmas NiGHTS and the entire scheme of it screams Super Monkey Ball, another later SEGA franchise. But I would love to see what would happen if they took this concept and made it a bit more Modern. Instead of this weird tube-like stage structure, maybe we could do something along the lines of gravity or dimensional travel perhaps, and maybe we could bring Fang the Sniper into a more modern look and have him give a grand return, and maybe even implement that lost character, “Tiara Boobowski” that is… as long as they do something good with her, and not make her like how they made many of Sonic’s friends lately.

  9. Extreme looks like it would amount to nothing special.
    The ad however.
    They don’t make em like this anymore.

  10. Because running around in circles with an akward camera looks like boatloads of fun.

    Also, Mario smoking?! Jesus.

  11. Sonic Extreme or X-treme or whatever looks like it was going to be awful. I’m not disappointed it was canceled because that was clearly the right decision to make, but I’m disappointed they didn’t come up with something better from the get-go.

    Ignoring that the commercial was fucking rad.

  12. Rereleasing this game with fixed mechanics and updated models, levels, and all around graphics on the 3DS would be worth a buy to me.

    1. The only problem is that the 3DS, given Sonic’s moving a lot, might not be apt to use its stereoscopic 3D features – your eyes could really be damaged from that motion alone, if I were to take a guess.

  13. Dunno what you guys are on about. You gotta think about to a world without 3D games. The game looks very interesting to play. Sonic X-treme. Sonic 1 single-handedly saved the Megadrive. Sonic X-Treme probably would have gave the Saturn a fighting chance at least.

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