Sonic Underground Getting Epilogue in Sonic Universe #50

I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

Sonic Underground, an obscure DiC produced Sonic cartoon from 1999, is getting an epilogue in Sonic Universe’s landmark 50th issue next March. The issue, which will be a single issue story, will chronicle what happened after the end of the television series, finally giving a proper ending to the show nearly 14 years after it ended. The story will be written by Ian  Flynn and the cover, which you can see above, is drawn by Patrick Spaziente. For the full cover, head over to this story’s source, Destructoid.

What makes this even cooler is that Sonic Underground has always been a part of the Sonic comic’s wider multiverse. The comic had a crossover with the series in a super special back when the show first came out in order to promote the series. In a sense, this issue is not only resolving an entire Sonic continuity, but a lingering plot thread in the comic to boot.

I am personally rather excited by the prospect of Sonic Universe being used to actually continue and resolve one of Sonic’s ill-fated cartoons. We’ve never gotten a true resolution to any Sonic continuity, with most continuities typically being left open ended, if not on an outright cliffhanger as was the case with Sonic SatAm. Heck, maybe this will open the door for other Sonic universes to be featured in the comic!

Terrible musical numbers and some spotty voice acting aside, I felt Sonic Underground was a decent Sonic series with some strong episodes, though this may have something to do with the fact that it was the first American cartoon to feature Knuckles. It’s typically considered one of the worst of the Sonic cartoons. If you have any interest in catching up on Sonic Underground before its epilogue in Sonic Universe #50, the series currently airs every weekday morning on Disney XD. British fans can catch the series on Kix. The series is also available on DVD and on Netflix.

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      1. I actually liked the songs and recorded them to listen to and will still occasionally break out singing one of them… but then I have a very odd taste in music. *shrugs*

  1. Didn’t really like Sonic Underground, I was hoping for something more special for #50, but I’ve always wondered what happened, I think I’ll like it unlike #45.

  2. Didn’t really see this coming… Ever. I hope it turns out great. Really looking forward for this!

  3. Looking forward to this.
    The cover looks neat, and I especially like Sonic’s design. It’s similar to his Genesis one, if not exactly alike.

    Well, it seems now that I have a perfectly good reason to see how the show ended. 🙂

  4. Seems pretty exciting I guess, but what would REALLY excite me is if they made an epilogue to Sonic X – in TV show form or comic form

    1. Weird question for you Vizard. You live in Canada right? Do you get Sonic Underground on Disney XD, if you have the channel?

  5. Holy Cheese Cake!! YES YES YES YES YES!!
    I love Sonic Underground!! The fact that they cancelled the show killed me, and now the ending is finally relieved OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, at least it’s better than waiting for a show to get UN-cancelled. I’m talking to YOU, Family Guy and Futurama. But I wonder what the NEXT Single-Issue thing will be after that. Certainly not an AOSTH Epilogue, or maybe a Sonic X Epilogue. Maybe an epilogue of the events of Sonic Generations.

  7. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Actually this sounds pretty darn epic! Will be waiting!

  8. no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i’m just saying that because back in my days, i didn’t like sonic underground cuz of 2 things. one is the singing, and 2 is that all 3 hedgehogs were voiced by 1 person. but if there’s going to be no shit singing in this comic, then it’s on me!

      1. <_<
        The comic does have some SatAm ties and most of the characters, but the comic and SatAM are still separate continuities.

  9. huh well this is un expected…cool to see sega still sticking with many of the old classics like having SATAM characters mixed with the game characters. and now this. haha should be pretty interesting

  10. Wow, this is the first Sonic comic I’m actually considering to buy. Even more so than the megaman crossover. Lol

  11. Wow. I coulda swore Disney XD had cancelled Underground. I myself liked it, even with the bad music videos and the fact that some characters had the worst voices. Heck both me and my cousin were both distraught with the fact the series never concluded back in the day. Now I’m very happy we can all get an ending to the series. I just wish it was a four issue arc like the rest of the Sonic Universe stories.

  12. *Warning Possible Spoil Alert Up Ahead*

    I’ll lay odds that the hedgehogs succed in finding their mother and it’s game over for Eggman(/Robotnik). Hey it was the only logical solution to end this series.

  13. It was on Disney XD, now it’s not there anymore… but you can still be able to catch it on Netflix… Though, I’d wait until it’s availble to watch on TV again. Because it has closed captioning. 😀

  14. Oh finally 14 years of waiting “They made a vow, they mother surely be found stuff” Let end this YEEA!!

    1. Where the hell have you been the Sonic The Hedgehog comic books (not counting Sonic Universe) are a continuation of SatAM so right now there is no end to SatAM. Sonic X ended after the Mettarex saga and there are no loose ends to tie up for that show, IMO Sonic X ended after the SA2 saga.

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