Sonic the Fighters Spotted in New Wreck-It-Ralph Trailer

Disney UK released a new trailer for Wreck-It-Ralph last week and Sonic seemingly had little presence in it. But now, thanks to keen-eyed TSS reader Setnaro X, we can see a Sonic the Fighters arcade cabinet amongst all of the others at the beginning of the trailer. As it’s so difficult to see without precise pausing, we’ve taken the above screen grab for your viewing pleasure.

You can check out the trailer after the jump.


Thanks to TSS reader Setnaro X for the heads up!

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  1. @Sapphire: It was completely by accident that I saw such a thing. I was watching the video and I was intrigued by the amount of arcades they had, that I decided to pause and get a good look, and on my first pause, I immediately see the Sonic the Fighters cabinet. 😀

  2. See lots of greats:
    Street Fighter 2
    Star Wars
    Daytona USA
    District 51
    Sonic the Fighters

    1. Street Fighter is shown in an ad, even has Ryu / Ken talking

      Too bad Nintendo and Capcom didn’t want to play ball… greedy mofos

      Anyone know who those twins are with the halos at 0:37 in front of Dig-Dug?

        1. Opps, posted a reply in the wrong spot. No, it wasn’t Bub or Bob, it looks like some gecko

  3. Seems like Sonic might be getting more relevance in the movie. It already looked good by itself, but now with sonic on posters, Sonic and Eggman sprites stickers on concessions stands and windows (at my local theater at least) a speaking cameo and hidden. Seems to me like Disney couldn’t get Mario so they got the ‘next best thing’. Like I said though, even without Sonic, this movie looks great and I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Wow! I see it now, along with Star Wars, Street Fighter II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pac-Man, Dance Dance Revolution 2, and obviously Fix-It-Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, and Sugar Rush. Wow…

  5. Pause it right, there’s even a House of the Dead machine in there, on the left hand side. More Sega coverage!

  6. What do you mean little presence? Sonic is also present at :35 XD Although it’s nothing really that /new/ persay.

    Also, Asteroids. …Is Galaga there? I loved that game.

    1. That’s what I meant. Before you notice the Sonic the Fighters cabinet, other than just that same old appearance we’ve seen many times before he doesn’t have a presence compared to other trailers :p

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