Sonic the Fighters Coming Fall 2012, Honey, Eggman, Metal Sonic & Online Added!


Update: Official Website confirms online mode *has a heart attack*

Get ready to button bash your fellow Sonic fan blue believers. Sega have just released a new trailer on their Japanese YouTube account which shows a series of old Sega games are to be released on XBLA & PSN, including Sonic the Fighters.

Whilst this news is exciting on it’s own, the trailer suggests that the game has been updated since it’s last release as Metal Sonic, Eggman and Honey the Cat are seen as playable characters!

A quick translation of the video description suggests that this game will be hitting the said online services in the next few months. However as for a western release, this is still unclear.

In addition said unique even in the long history of “Sonic” series warp 21 years from birth, with work now “Sonic The Fighters” of fighting 3DCG is “Metal Sonic” “Eggman” only play is to become available , also appeared in the character of illusion!

1.2.3 The delivery is scheduled in autumn 2012 / 800MSP 800 yen each. Version is planned (PSN) of 1,500 yen together 1.2.3 Playstation3, also set sale deals.

Stay tuned to TSS for more news as we get it, and if you think I sound excited about this news… YOU’RE RIGHT! Now confirm online play and I may just have a heart attack.

Thanks to SSMB member Blue Blood for the online tip.

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  1. >Sonic the Fighters
    >Online mode
    >Honey, Eggman and Metal Sonic as playables

    All I can say is, SEGA took this opportunity… and Never Let It Go.

  2. Honey?……..THANK YOU SEGA. Metal sonic?……..Gonna own so much people. Eggman and online?……..SEGA YOU JUST LOVE GIVING HEART ATTACKS!

  3. erm… actually I’m thinking it is very likely we’ll (US/Canada) see a release of the games isn’t it? of course they just come out in Japan first? =P

    1. I’m not sure. All of these games, including Fighters, are all really obscure games. They’re all more popular in Japan, so SEGA might just keep it there, but hey, it’s SONIC. SEGA has to release it stateside, right? πŸ˜› Anyway, I hope they sell Sonic the Fighters standalone. I have Gems Collection, but you can’t go wrong with online multiplayer and three new characters! (I guess they aren’t new though….are they…)

  4. erm… actually I’m thinking it is very likely we’ll (US/Canada) see a release of the games isn’t it? of course they just come out in Japan first? =P

  5. Sega is probably the best company with remakes and dlc tittles! MAn i love this heritage stuff they do πŸ˜€

  6. I’m excited for this! And honey is is in this? Heck yea son!
    And why do the fighting viper women have such big tetas?

      1. Well, it is highly likely they will put it on Steam more than on 3DS. I mean, when they say just XBLA/PSN on the first trailers, there’s a 99% chance that it will end up being on PC too.

  7. Metal sonic, Eggman, Honey and online multiplayer?! I cant friggin wait for this game!!!!!!

    My only question is; will it be sold with all of those other games? While it would be cool to play them, since I have never played any of the games (besides Sonic the Fighters, I have Gems Collection on Gamecube), I would much rather just buy Sonic the Fighters then having to pay for all of them. Regardless, still very excited! I got SA 2 with the Battle DLC and NiGHTS into Dreams for free thanks to the Bing Rewards program, so this is yet another awesome game that I will be able to get at no cost!

    1. Honey is a character that was cut out from the first Sonic the Fighters, but was still partially playable with hacking. Looks like they finished her up and all of that jazz.

      1. HOLD IT!

        Honey is actually based on Honey from Fighting Vipers…though i think there where some costumes that let Sarah dress as Honey in VF5.

        if you ask me, it would have been easier to name one character Honey and the other character Candy from the U.S. version. Just my two rings

  8. @darkgomugomu
    And you call yourself a Sonic fan πŸ˜›
    Honey is a character from Fighting Vipers in this very collection, in the US and UK she was called Candy. They used her design to create an anthropomorphic cat character in Sonic Fighters, way before Big and Blaze existed.

    But the character got scrapped before the release. But the character data and models and art were left in the data of the game, which was found by hackers. Metal Sonic and Eggman were also playable according to the in game files but were not playable in the actual game. People have been asking for a release where Honey, Eggman and Metal were playable since forever, hence all the “praise Sega” going on atm haha πŸ˜€




      1. I’m hoping for a Steam as everything SEGA has been churning out of late has been there.

        At first, I was like aww’s that lame virtua striker instead of..OMG ITS VIRTUA ON…YESSSSS!

        If it has online multiplayer, I’m getting a PS3

        And if KH :HD 1.5 comes stateside..

  10. Now they just need to release a Sega System 32 collection so we can finally get us some god damned Sega Sonic Arcade!!!

    1. I just want to play Knuckles Chaotix. Seriously, what a nice mix with the chaotix team, yet SEGA acts like that game was never made…..

      1. Having Sega Sonic Arcade paired up with Knuckles Chaotix would be pretty mean. Would be a good way to do an advertising campaign too, base it around “MIGHTY IS BACK” etc etc.

        Would be even more shocking if they announced the next main Sonic title and they had brought back Mighty, Ray and Fang (not playable) as part of the story. Fang being a rival/boss and Sonic finally finding Mighty and Ray based on the old “Sonic doesn’t currently know where Mighty and Ray are” Sega rep replies to fans asking lol.

        My god..i am joining in on the “imagine the next Sonic game” type thing i usually shake my head at… kill me now lmao πŸ˜€

  11. Why do I have the feeling that the next day the “online multiplayer” will change to just “multiplayer? :/ SEGA, online is a big word, you better not have it as a typo! πŸ˜›

  12. Even if Honey is not likely to be included in the “story” mode, I really hope SEGA will put other bonuses in the game like (even short) BIOGRAPHIES FOR ALL THE CHARACTERS!!…
    We do want to know who Bean, Bark and Honey really are!!…

  13. I think we all know why Sonic the Fighters is gonna be available – Wreck-It Ralph! In the movie, the arcade happens to be one of the few arcades in the world that happens to have Sonic the Fighters, and that is why Sonic and Eggman are in the movie, and that is also why Ralph is gonna WRECK IT on the racetrack!

    But I have to wonder if they kept Amy’s panty-less torso under that skirt, or if they decided to update it so that she’s wearing panties like she should.

  14. Everyone’s asking for SegaSonic as a result of this. Makes me wonder… where is the love for WakuWaku Sonic Patrol Car?! Truly a SEGA classic.

    1. I agree with you that Wauwaku was great, but you gotta admit Sega should release SegaSonic and Chaotix before this game, they’re just a little bit more important is all

  15. Oh my God. Metal & Eggman playable, HONEY IS PLAYABLE! I already have this game on Gems Collection, but who’s to stop me from getting this beauty on PSN? I did it with Sonic CD (Mega CD & HD version), Unleashed HD, practically every classic Sonic game, & I’ll do it again for this! 8’D

    In other news, that Virtual-On game looks sick, & I will definitely pick that up wihile I’m waiting for the ZOE HD Collection for PS3! =)

  16. I know everyone is super excited and hyped for this but take off those rose-tinted glasses people!
    Sonic The Fighters was a pretty mediocre title and I highly doubt it has aged well…

    1. Don’t hate the game…just lightly loath it.

      Besides, if MVC3, MK9 and Super DBZ has thought me anything, is that any fighter in the hands of a good player can be fun.

      But you have a point chastising the fans. REAL TALK, if Sonic Battle would get an HD-Re-Release with online, NOBODY would be talking about this game.

      Plus no Shadow, so you lose about half your fanbase right there.

  17. Sweet lots of Sega Saturn Games (Sonic The fighter ones again but Dr.Ivo Robitnik (Eggman), Metal Classic and Honey as playable character cool “even it was never on the remake version on Playstation 2, GameCube and Xbox on sonic gems collections” maybe they would add nights limited edition (Christmas Nights) with Sonic The Hedgehog into dreams and Remasted a dreamcast game Sonic Shuffle “maybe” πŸ˜†

    1. (A Little mistake earlier sonic gem collection is only on ps2 and GameCube not Xbox my bad ^^;)

    1. The broke ness can be cushioned somehow….if there was a practice mode as well. If you know what you doing, you can balance the unbalanced-ness.

      Otherwise, how can you explain Marvel vs Capcom? ;P

      1. Marvel vs Capcom isn’t as technical as Streetfighter but it still others a better level of control, balance and general fun than Sonic Fighters. With the previous HD games being either the same or worse I don’t really think Sega will make the tweeks we want, unfortunatly.

        1. Control? Maybe.

          Balance? No.

          Fun? You milage may vary. I draw the line on zany fighters with the Arc Systems games and some anime fighters, then it’s strictly technical for me.

          I know nothing will ever fix the corner rapes and cheap gimmicks of StF, but the fact that SEGA went out of the way to give us 3 characters and online gives me hope that they are at least interested in another Sonic fighter.

  18. No fucking way…… I don’t usually bother re-downloading games I already have but i might get this.

    Also, is that the football game that has bean and bark in it?


  20. Why did they make online multiplayer for Sonic the Fighters, but not Sonic Adventure 2 HD? IMO, SA2 has the best multiplayer out of all of the Sonic games.

    virtua Fighter 2 and Fighing Vipers?? πŸ˜€ go the whole hog SEGA and do Fighters Megamix too πŸ˜›
    Got all these old games, and watching this video had made me get out the Saturn for some model 2 action πŸ˜€

  22. Online, New fighters etc I might Buy that, I also love the fact there releasing more Sega Saturn titles, I hope Panzer Dragoon 1,2 and Saga are re-released soon

  23. ill buy sonic the fighters and that robot game that looked awesome O_O comeone western release sega!!!! πŸ˜€

  24. Never tried this game, but hey, maybe I’ll try and pick it up. Heh. Seems fun. When are we going to get a new one in the same venture? XD

  25. Sonic the Fighters? With online multiplayer? With Dr Eggman, Metal Sonic and Honey the Cat playable?
    If this isn’t fanservice, I don’t know what it is.

    Austin311 -> I kinda agree with you. Online multiplayer on the PSN/XBLA version of SA2 would’ve been highly appreciated.

  26. Metal Sonic?! YES! Eggman?! YES! HONEY?! HOLY SHIT! This is… oh God, SEGA, you guys are awesome! You’re bringing Honey the Cat into the franchise, yes! Oh? And Online Mode too?! THANK YOU!

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