Sonic Jump Releases on iOS Devices


And thus, developed by the folks at Hardlight Studio, Sonic Jump sees release on iOS devices today! Eager players can nab the mobile title for the cheap price of $1.99 US/£1.49/1,59 € off of Apple’s App Store.

Though some would choose to advance through the game traditionally, players may also choose to purchase bundles of Rings in-game or choose to buy the game’s unlockables for a price, not unlike the mobile version of SASASR. No word on an Android release as of now, however.

So, will you be purchasing the game off of the iTunes App Store? If you already have, how are you finding the game so far? Let us know after… the jump!

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  1. They actually optimized it for the iPhone 5! I’m impressed SEGA! It’s so fun…the music is so catchy 😛 definitely my favourite Sonic app on my iPhone! Now if only they fixed the other games having problems with iOS 6…

  2. My iPod is way too old, and I really don’t care for iOS games all to much….3DS FTW! 😛

  3. Your puns are too funny vizard! I really hope this does get to android. Would love to play this game 🙂

  4. Alright, I KNOW this is a stupid question, but I’ve posted this several times….can Sonic Jump be played on a laptop??? I probably know the answer , but I need to know for sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!

      1. No, it’s fine, I just really appreciate a response! I figured as much, just had a few extra $ in my iTunes account and was hoping lol. Figured it had to use some ios device specific features ( like the accelerometer or touch screen), but man, I would love if Sega were to make a version for the PC. It actually looks more impressive then I thought it would be; thought it would be a more generic, plain game then this.

  5. well I finished it..
    it’s not great but fun enough, the problem is, it’s so easy getting rings and the items are quite cheap, so, you get can just safety nets which actually make it easier to S rank, so you’re rewarded for doing badly.

    also I was annoyed to see the same boss over and over only slightly modified.
    still a nice little iOS game, over priced though.

  6. Does anyone know how to get more stages in the game? I’m trying to get all the red rings, I’m now level 10. Do you have to wait until an update or collect all the current red rings?

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