Sonic Jump on Android: Failure To Launch, or Botched Take-Off?

In a rather confusing turn of events, SEGA has seemingly dashed the hopes of Android-owning Sonic fans across the globe who were eagerly anticipating the release of Sonic Jump, as the official product page for the mobile-only game – which only a week ago revealed a November release date for Google Play – has since been updated to list only the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that the game is currently out on.

So, at first glance, one can assume that the Android listing was a mistake in the first place and the game was always intended to be iOS exclusive. But look a little further than the “available on” section of the page and there are still glimmers of hope for Android users.

Firstly, and most noticeably, an “Android App on Google Play” logo can be seen clearly at the bottom of the page next to the iOS-specific “Available on the App Store”. Additionally, in the copyright listing at the very bottom, the quote “Android is a trademark of Google Inc.” can also be seen. As such, it seems that an Android release is – or at least, was – being considered.

The conclusion? Don’t give up hope for Sonic Jump yet, Android owners. The signs are still pointing towards a release on Google Play, despite the lack of a listing in the “available on” section now (which – it should be noted – originally listed the Android version as being “out now” at the same time as the iOS release, so it is not a totally reliable source).

Stay tuned to TSS where we’ll keep you up to speed on all the latest regarding whether or not Sonic Jump is getting an Android release. In the meantime, what do you make of all this confusion? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA

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  1. .. Should probably get this soon *tired nods* Maybe it’s the first of many since video gaming is dying -_-

  2. Its cool I’m fine with my Tegra 3 version of sonic 4 episode 2. I think iOS users got the raw deal lol.

  3. First of all I have this game and its very fun and addicting SECONDLY It feels like Sonic fans have to have something to complain about, i mean come one, YELLING AT SEGA? REALLY? and THIRD Sega themselves said the game will launch in NOVEMBER for android. I think looking too into something like this is dumb and will only drive fans up the wall.

    1. That’s what the issue is though. As stated in the article, SEGA announced a November release date on the official product page but have now removed that same listing, thereby throwing an Android release into doubt.

    2. Well what ifmit was the other way around? Droid with no hint of iOS what so ever? Im sure you would be complaining if that was the case.

  4. Calm down, guys, sure SEGA screwed up the dates but November’s not that far away, October is soon coming to a close.

  5. “Sonic fans always have something to complain about.” I agree with this statement completely.

    1. Yeah, and thats what makes us a good fanbase despite what some ppl might say. Complaining is really important espically for a franchise like sonic. We cant just be “lets thank our beloved sega god for blessing us with sonic 06.. its a test from the sega god wooooooooooooo”… Gimme a friggin break.

      1. No, but when fans are calling Generations “broken” because you don’t lose all your rings when hit, or because modern Sonic has no spindash, or because wall running isn’t exactly the same as it was in Sonic Adventure; they really need to calm the f*** down.

        1. None of those things are present in this article nor are they being discussed in the comments. People are legitimately complaining about the fact that there was a release date listed for an Android release and it has now been removed.

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