SEGA Announces New Sonic Jump Mobile Game

SEGA has today teased a new entry to the Sonic Jump series of mobile games on their blog. No details were released other than it is coming soon to mobile devices, but we expect it will take full advantage of today’s smartphones. For those not in the know, Sonic Jump sees players help Sonic jump from platform to platform to climb up to a very high goal without falling to his death.

We’ll pass on more information and media when we get it.

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. Awesome! Hope it’s good (and preferably cheap).

    Anyone else think that it’ll be another Doodle Jump ripoff?

    1. Just watched a video about it. I was right – another doodle jump remix. Except you can use a melee attack instead of a gun/blaster. Totally called it!

  2. They’re actually bringing this silly jumping thing back? I reckon they need to make a Temple Run-style game. Been playing the Brave version and can’t help thinking that type of mobile game would work fantastically if SEGA put a Sonic spin on it.

    1. THIS x10000000000000000000.
      I’ve always had this in mind since I played the original one. Jump animation would be spin jump, boost would be… boost (lol), coins would be rings (duh) and invincibility would be white stars around Sonic! Unlockable chars would be Tails, Knux, Shadow, and well, Amy! Wallpapers would be some sonic worlds.
      Anyway, I would REALLY like to see AND PLAY that.

  3. Yeah I was about to say that this looks like a remake of a much older Sonic game that was available on the old phones such as the old Razr phones. Didn’t think much of it then.

    Just a side question: Does anyone think that Sonic R could actually make a good mobile game?

  4. So what is this mobile game gonna play like? Will it be just like Mega jump but sonic style? I love those kind of games!

  5. Oh wow. That was one oddly nostlogic game that i used to play the hell out of when i had a nokia phone. Can’t wait!

  6. I’m actually pretty interested in this. I never played Sonic Jump, but Sonic Jump 2 was a fantastic time-waster. I’d love to see one with Sonic 4: Episode II-style graphics and a new soundtrack (I would totally pick up a Sonic Jump 2 OST :p).

      1. I know the old Sonic Jump came out in 2003/4 but this new one i am guessing is going to be a slightly different game for iOS which is a lot more like Doodle Jump.

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