S&ASRT Previews Reveal New Details, Roulette Road Returns, Billy Hatcher Track Confirmed

Some new previews and interviews have appeared online following SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed news updates the other day. According to EverybodyPlays, SEGA held a press event in the UK for Transformed earlier this week where attendees were treated to some boat riding on the Thames. In their preview, EverybodyPlays reveals that the flying sections will have a ‘Flight Assist’ option that guides players with a line and helps them get to grips with the controls. The game will also include 132 mods, over 100 stickers, and will be fully playable in co-op in the Grand Prix and World Tour modes.

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In another preview at SPOnG written by our own Dreadknux, Sumo Digital have revealed that the final returning track is Roulette Road. The other three are for those who haven’t been keeping up are Shibuya Downtown, Egg Hangar, and Sunshine Tour.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Sumo Digital’s Gareth Wilson has confirmed that a Billy Hatcher ice track is in the game, but also said that Daytona and Shenmue tracks won’t be making appearances.

“[For peaceful scenery] we wanted forest, so we went with Shinobi. For Billy Hatcher, we picked an ice level. For a lava level, we had Golden Axe.”

On Daytona:

“Daytona is probably my favourite game of Sega’s roster, but it didn’t really fit with this because, what do we do for flying or boating? For Outrun there’s beach, there’s water, so you know what, maybe we could that?

On Shenmue:

“We didn’t want a dock – if we wanted a dock then Shenmue could have gone on the list! We did want an urban area, but we decided to go for Jet Set Radio because it was a lot more stylised and it fit better with our game, to be honest.”

Digital Spy also has a new preview, which you can read here.

Finally, at the SSMB Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett aka S0L, has confirmed the Sky Sanctuary Zone track we reported about on Thursday, making for a total of five tracks confirmed to be representing the Sonic franchise.

That’s all of the news we’ve gathered. If you have spotted any previews with new information that we’ve missed, send us a news tip at news@sonicstadium.org or on twitter @sonicstadium.

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  1. Would’ve been sweet to have some straight car-racing on a Daytona track! But hey, Outrun sounds good too.

  2. What we need is a green Forest track. I can imagining flying through a exploding jungle area.

  3. -_- As much as I liked the first game, I don’t think it’s necessary for the same 3 Sonic levels to come back(or should I say 9)…the other returning levels are fine considering there was just one of them. If they do the whole “3 racetrack per Sonic level and 1 for the rest”, I would be highly pissed off. I understand he’s the mascot, but other places need their time to shine as well!

    1. -_- It’s not going to be like ASR, where there were 3 different tracks multiplied by 3.

      Each track is different and there will be no repeats, Lycett confirmed that. SEGA isn’t going to go off doing the same mistake again. Put yourself at ease, soldier. 🙂

    2. Seaside Hill isn’t one of the 4 returning tracks. It’s an all-new version of Seaside Hill that’s built for the transformations. Have a look at it on YouTube. From what I understand, the 4 returning tracks Roulette Road, Shibuya Downtown, Egg Hangar, and Sunshine Tour are unchanged.

  4. Ok so sky Sanctuary is confirmed. I’m happy with that. For Roulette Road, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! They already replaced that with Starlight Carnival! I loved Roulette Road in the first game but again? Now chances for Astriod coaster with be lowered because i bet Final Fortress will be in here.

  5. I love Roulette Road, and I’m happy it’s returning! It’s my favourite track 😀

  6. What version were they showing at the press event? It just occurred to me this game is out soon!

  7. I don’t like how 4 of the 5 sonic tracks have been re-newed already, especially Seaside Hill. At least the track that hasn’t been re-newed already is my all time favourite sonic stage! Too bad it was’t in generations.

  8. Billy Hatcher had my my favorite all star song last racing game. Lets see this one.


    1. Mods are the game’s vehicle modifications you can collect, such as the Metal Sonic mod pack that comes with the Limited/Bonus Edition.

  9. So wait… Are the returning tracks being updated to include air and water sections? Wouldn’t it seem out of place, especially for a new buyer (or one that never owned the first game) to have every level have a form of variation in transportation, then for there to be 4-5 tracks that are just straight forward land races?

      1. They’re not. Seaside Hill is, as that’s not part of the 4 returning tracks, but the returning tracks are the same as they were before.

        1. Whaaaa? I swear I’ve heard Lycett confirm that the 4 returning tracks will be revamped. Hmmmm…. oh well haha.

  10. roulette road… not a bad track. more excited about the egg hangar track because i never got to play it the original game.

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