S&ASR Transformed World Tour Details Revealed

A new preview of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has appeared over at French gaming website Jeux Video, and in it we learn a bit more about the game’s World Tour mode. This mode is set-up like a board game, with each square representing a race challenge in which you can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. A bronze medal will let you pass to the next square, but you will need a silver or gold to access squares that hold challenges that unlock characters and boss fights. Jeux Video reports that the difficulty varies depending on the objective of the challenge.

The biggest piece of Sonic & All Transformed-Stars Racing is in World Tour mode , inspired other productions as SEGA Virtua Tennis. This mode is represented in the form of a board game where the boxes represent different races containing many challenges with three medals specific to the key. To move to the next step, only the bronze is required. But to unlock boxes with special challenges unlocks characters and bossfights , silver and gold are essential. Difficulty varies depending on the objectives to be accomplished : finishing third, second or first, beating a rival with a lead more or less, make the most possible slippage or finish the race with a countdown by crossing checkpoints to repel.

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Jeux Video also reports that the game contains 20 characters, plus the two guest characters (Danica Patrick and Wreck-It-Ralph). This is something a new preview from GamesRadar today backs up. Jeux Video also informs that you can spend the coins you collect in races to activate a jackpot bonus before a race, such as longer boosts and reduced damage.

The title has twenty characters each with their own system of record, plus two guest stars on which additional SEGA should not delay to communicate. Each character has its own dipstick XP fills that any participation , regardless of experience gained bonus based on results. A level-up is accompanied by the release of specific content, such as new settings (mixed driving, speed privileged improved adhesion, etc..) and various items for customizing the vehicle. Do not drive with a single entity has its advantages. Before each race, the coins collected in the previous sections can be used in a jackpot to activate a permanent bonus (turbos longer, less violent harm, and so on). But beware, the parts are shared and the savings back quickly when there are four of them!

For the full preview, head over to Jeux Video at the link below.

Source: Jeux Video


  1. Only 20 characters? Really worried that Ryo is missing :c

    Also the World Tour isn’t sounding like the lovely Diddy Kong Racing adventure mode I was hoping for ­čśŤ aw well.

  2. Only 20? What’s up with that number with characters in games. First PlayStation All-Stars and now this lol. Well I guess I shouldn’t say first because they oddly enough release on the same day in NA.

  3. Actually the first bit of news on this game that I’ve found disappointing…hmm…I really hope there’s more to this game than just straight up racing now. I was hoping for something with a bit more….I dunno, just something that ‘drives’ me to play it, other than tracks and characters.

    Though, having said that, I did LOVE the first one, but right now feeling abit off balance…

  4. @SonicGamer12 lol ikr I was really hoping PS All Stars had some more characters. But I thought awhile back Sumo or Sega said some platforms have characters in high 20’s and low 20’s…. But this was probably done so the fanbase wouldn’t go like: Y THIS CHARACTER NO ON WII U VERSION? So yeah…

  5. No, I do not believe there will only be 20 characters. Maybe a secret character or two is in there, and others in general, but were locked out of the demo so that reporters could not announce anything that SEGA won’t.

    Makes sense? Why would Steve say that some versions will be low and high 20s.

  6. Only 20 characters? To be honest, that doesn’t seem too bad for a racing game.

    Challenges, you say? Hrm. I must win.

    Also, “dipstick”? THEY BE THINKIN’ WITH IT JIMMY.

  7. Does the idea of “Dlc” come into ones mind? Although 20 characters is not enough…i mean there is like 50 sega characters they could of had atleast 25-30 characters. Just hope they release useful DLCs.

    1. > > It came to our minds of the first Allstars Racing and Generations and look at how that turned out.
      ` 3` It’s like they have no idea it exist or they can make use of it…

  8. I had just realized I get SU #45 same day SAASRT comes out. Anyway, I’m excited for the game, don’t know if I’ll read the comic or play the game first. Good thing it comes out on a Friday so I can stay up playing it all night! That is if the Australian release date isn’t changed to the Thursday, I’m sick of getting sonic games on a Thursday! The past sonic games that came out on a Thursday are: SA2, S4:2, Generations (both), M&SATLOG, S4:1 and Colours, don’t know if I missed a game. Can’t wait to play Starlight Carnival and hear the remix!

  9. i should care about this.

    But the only thing i currently care about sega/sonic wise, is the SA2HD PC release.
    Takin’ long sega! hurry ya’ butts up!

  10. @Everyone above: There are more than 20 if you include Danica Patrick and Wreck-It-Ralph. Avatar on Xbox 360 makes 23. Same goes for the Mii with the Wii U (and maybe 3DS). Metal Sonic DLC in the Limited/Bonus edition brings it to 24.

    1. Hey Shadzter, for the Wii U, will it have only a special edition, or a regular edition, or limited edition? I’m confused. :S

      I personally think that there will only be a special edition in stores.

  11. I was really hoping for a huge adventure with all the characters and with cutscenes and character interactions and bosses from every sega game coming together to defeat their enemies and then all sega heroes defeating them in the end, Oh well i am still buying the game can’t wait

  12. I Agree with you SonicRacer2020 i really was hoping that W.T.M to be more like a story/adventure mode, man that kinda disappoints me. Anyone else agree with me?

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