S&ASR Transformed Website Now Live, Sky Sanctuary Zone Track Revealed?

It looks like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed won’t just be getting a Facebook site after all, because SEGA has today opened a proper website for the game, though it’s not much different to the Facebook site. One major difference, however, is the multiple backgrounds where in the ‘Screenshots’ section we can see what looks like a Sky Sanctuary Zone hub. Will the game feature a Sky Sanctuary Zone track? A Death Egg Zone hub can be seen in the sky next to it, and we’ve known for a long time that its track from the first game is returning.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments. For now, speculate away in the comments section.


  1. I still can’t get used to the Death Egg’s ridiculous post-Generations design. It looked so much better without a mouth…

    1. Yeah. It was a scarier feel when you see that moon-sized orbital darker version of the mustached death star. Now it seems like that they really made it look funkier and well.. it feels much much smaller.

  2. I love Sky Sanctuary but they couldn’t have been more creative and chosen a DIFFERENT level that wasn’t just re-imagined in Generations? >>

    1. Agreed. ` 3` I’m still rustled in so many ways about the re-use of Seaside Hill but hopefully Sky Sanctuary will be heavy on the sky sections and allow us a small touch/glimpse of the inside of the Death Egg IF it is confirmed.

  3. Man.. I was wishing to see angle island. That has all the elements S&ASR needs.
    But well, this might do.

    1. Sky Sanctuary is PART of Angel Island. But I know what you mean and I agree completely. The first 2 stages of Sonic 3.

  4. I guess it makes sense…

    Too bad we won’t see another reimagined zone…like Flying Battery or Hydrocity

  5. Sky Sanctuary Zone is the perfect match for ASRT.

    It clearly has flying parts (note the Sky in the name), obviously has roads to drive on and if I’m not mistaken there are some pools of water too.

    Chemical Plant Zone could be another cool addition, although it has been included in Sonic Generations. Oil Ocean Zone is one of those forgotten levels that could look great in the game. Marble Zone could introduce some great scenery with races in hot lava (it has appeared in Sonic Drift so who knows…).

  6. I hope the player can observe the Death Egg ascending as he races just like in the original Sky Sanctuary. That would be great…

    1. it will happen you will fly into the death egg then you race in it then you get to the finish and do it all other again but the last lap you go on a diffrent deathegg path

    1. It’s logical though. Making a level conceptually from scratch is a thousand times harder and more time consuming than taking what already exists.

      1. I know. It’s just so lazy. I wouldn’t be as annoyed if they didn’t have Seaside Hill in it again.

  7. i truly dont mind they are using the levels from generations. i always felt i couldnt get enough of the levels anyway. i wish they chose green hill over seaside hill though

  8. when i saw the death egg, i knew the model was either from generations or sonic the hedgehog 4: episode 2. or it could be both

    1. Step 1: Insert Sky Sanctuary song

      Step 2: Replace opening melody with WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB

      Step 3: ????

      Step 4: Profit

      Step 5: Ask for more.

  9. Nice. Now I hope to see to see maybe Prison Island or Black Comet (both from Shadow’s game, not SA2 like the first might suggest) show up.

    Pools of acid~

  10. Glad to see a Sonic 3&K stage other than sonic heroes. Although i do wish they pick Chemical plant, Hydro city or Ice cap. Those stages have all 3 segments. But if those stages aren’t there, then there is one thing in Sky Sanctuary i want. Flying around the death egg while missiles and badniks come out to attack. That would be epic!!

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