S&ASR Transformed: New Trailer & Screenshots, Ulala Confirmed


SEGA Europe has released the above new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed showcasing the game’s various modes and multiplayer options, including a first look at the game’s mission based ‘Challenge’ mode. Ten new screenshots have also been released which confirm Space Channel 5’s Ulala as a playable racer. Those are available to view in our gallery after the jump.

Source: SEGA Press


  1. The trailer also briefly shows a House of the Dead track. Look at the 1:04 mark, you can see a “Zobio <3 Zobiko" graffiti on a wall in the second clip.

    1. It’s a battle arena. This probably means there will be a similar track, seeing as all the rest of the battle arenas look like their track counterparts (Like Starlight Carnival).

  2. I’m actually the reverse of espioofchaotix, maybe I had no idea how to control hover characters but she was so hard to control in the first game, I really hope her being in a car now really fixes things. That website though…! Oh, so cool, great idea using transformations for the 3 pages.

  3. Holy cow this looks great! Plus the new bgm track fits so well with the game. Was that a naval base!? Wait.. After Burner!? Lovin the new trailer, can’t wait to play this game!

    1. This is a HUGE deal. So many games are omitting split-screen, and not only is this game allowing splitscreen but also letting us do it ONLINE. I remember being very upset when i found out that i couldn’t have two players play online in Brawl at the same time. I’m not sure what it’s like in the FPS sphere, but everywhere else, online split-screen is something that sorely needs to happen.

      1. Hopefully the online multiplayer itself will be improved too. The lobby system from the last game just didn’t work; if the lobby host left right before you won a 9-lap Roulette Road race, the race stopped and you didn’t get any credit for winning. (True story.)

  4. Its not just racing…… its mariokart, hydro thunder, afterburner and twisted metal…. Transformed!

  5. Online spit screen? YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ulala? YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CAN”T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!

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