Ristar to Wave the Flag in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

A new preview at V3tro has revealed that the flagman for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be Mega Drive/Genesis ‘star’ Ristar. We guess the little guy’s waving in the previous game’s Egg Hangar track had a lasting impression and landed him the role.

You know the development team tried their best when the race starts and Ristar is cheerfully waving the flag. Each of the courses is a visual treat that will certainly make gamers smile.

Check out V3tro’s preview at the link below.

Source: V3tro


  1. Remember that time everyone wanted NiGHTS in the original All-Stars Racing and it wound up being the flagman?…

    … Just kidding. As a gracious fan, I’m glad Ristar made it into the game one way or another. For those still arguing that the “he’s just a black ball from the back” argument was just b/s, this shows that they found a way to implement Ristar and having it facing the player at all times.

  2. Vectorman anyone? That’s who I want to see. I know he’s not officially SEGA, but he was on Gems collection and was only on a SEGA system.

  3. *Sigh* Welp, my dreams are crushed again. But I suppose if anyone should wave the flag, it should be Ristar. Need at least ONE Sega character to do it, right?

  4. Shame he isn’t playable, Is billy hatcher still in this game? and are they even going to include any new sonic characters?

  5. Well, it’s still better than his cameo, and as well as not being in the game! I still support for giving him a better role, and possibly giving him more of something to do in it (aside just waving his hands around). But overall, it’s a great thing for his appearance.

  6. I really want to hear the Starlight Carnival remix! Really sad I couldn’t go to the EB games Expo… and it’s school holidays! Hopefully it will come to Melbourne or Perth next year!

  7. Well if you dig through the “Semi official ask questions..” thread at the official forums, you’ll find back when they (very vaguely) confirmed that there’s more than one flagman (unless that’s changed by now)…so…don’t give up hope yet Ristar fans?..maybe?

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