New S&ASRT Trailer & Screens Show Danica Patrick in Action


SEGA has officially unveiled Danica Patrick’s likeness in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with the above new trailer and a few new screenshots. The publisher has also announced a partnership with toy company Mattel and Hot Wheels. Fans who buy a copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed at selected retailers (to be announced) will get a diecast hot wheels toy of Danica Patrick’s in-game “Danicar”.

SEGA has also announced that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed have been bumped up to a November 18th release in the US with the Wii U version. Yesterday’s reported delay of the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita versions to December 11th in the US has also been confirmed.

Screenshots and an image of the “Danicar” toy are available in our gallery after the jump.

Those with a keen eye will also spot Ristar doing his flag waving duties in the trailer at the 0.58 mark.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to Amazing Blue Kitty for the heads up!

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  1. Real humans in Sonic games…I don’t know whether to think this is epic or just really awkward

  2. Is…Is there really a lot of crossover between Sonic fans and Hotwheels/NASCAR fans? It doesn’t seem like there is. Not to mention Danica’s model looks…weird…It’s always strange seeing a life-like human in a cartoony racer like this. BD Joe, Vyse, and Joe Musashi look okay in this setting, but Danica Patrick just looks weird in the world of Sonic All-Stars. It just doesn’t look natural, and I don’t think I’m ever gonna play as her. As for the little hot wheels car, I figure it’s just another clump of useless plastic, and I’ll probably toss it as soon as I have it.

    That’s just me, though.

  3. I’m very impressed Sega got a deal with Hot Wheels for this game, that’s pretty cool. On the other hand, still don’t understand why Danica’s in there….if they were going to get someone from Nascar, why her? I mean, she’s the spokeswoman for, do you really want her associated with a Sega/Sonic game?

  4. … I don’t mean to be THAT PERSON, but why did they include her? Last time I checked, this was a game for SEGA properties and SEGA properties only. Why not Segata Sanshiro?

      1. … I’m actually excited for Ralph. Not to say that I’d play as him, but it’s a nice touch, I guess.

  5. Really? Do I really have to spell it out for you guys…

    Danica sells out and makes a shoddily made appearance in a Sonic video game

    SEGA gets to slap the Hedgehog on her uniform and race car for the next few months

    Marketing, dear fellows, is the name of the game.

    I mean if her inclusion as a non SEGA entity is what bothers people, where are the pitch-forks and protests for Wreck-It-Ralph?

    1. It’s not her being a non-Sega character that are bothering most people I think….Ralph actually makes sense, he’s from a movie that’s all about video games, and that has Eggman and Sonic in it. Plus, he doesn’t look or feel out of place with all of the other characters. Danica just looks and sounds like she doesn’t belong there. I understand marketing, and I think it’s awesome Sega has a partnership with Nascar and Mattel (I am really looking forward to seeing a Sonic-branded car in the Daytona 500), but her inclusion seems ridiculous. They could’ve had your Avatar/Mii in a Sonic-branded Nascar, or done something along those lines….to me, this seems like an ego-trip for Danica. And personally, I can’t stand the woman when she’s interviewed; out of all racers from Nascar, she would’ve been one of my last choices (I mean c’mon, she’s the spokeswoman for I understand your point about marketing, but even her inclusion in the comic adaptation kind’ve dampens my excitement for it…

      1. Danica Patrick is the most famous American race car driver.

        In simpler words: Danica Patrick moves more copies.

        1. I’m not very educated in the world of Nascar, but I’m pretty sure most would agree that racers like Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson are/were the most famous and all-around best American race car drivers. The only reason I even know who Danica Patrick is is because she’s always causing a huge fuss about how she’s not “treated the same as male drivers”, yet she agrees to promote and do commercials for a website like (which some women say is degrading, and I and may others lose respect for her for that). And honestly, I haven’t heard one person, Sega fan or not, say that one of the reasons they’re buying the game is to play as her. I get the whole marketing/promoting side of this decision, but I just don’t agree with it. I’ll still buy the game, it won’t ruin it for me, but her inclusion will still REALLY bug me (especially her in-game catchphrases/sayings). I’m not here to troll, and I respect your and anyone elses opinions, so please don’t read this in an argumentative way. To me, she just doesn’t add anything to the game, just takes away from it….but I see your side of it as well.

          1. Although Jimmie Johnson is no question more accomplished, Danica is more popular than Johnson. So that’s one reason why she’s included right there. (I would’ve picked Johnson, but still…)

            And Danica’s S&ASRT car will be at the O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge on November 3rd on ESPN in primetime. Not at Daytona.

            Random thought just occurred to me… what if Regis Philbin were playable?

  6. Why are sonic fans raging over this? It’s just another optional character. You don’t have to play as her.

  7. I think that is a neat extra, bundling an SE version of the in-game car. Curious which retailers will be giving that away + the extra goodies with the pre-orders of the game.

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