Mash-Up Monday: Girls Run the Stardust Speedway

This week’s Mash-Up Monday has been brought to you by SEGASonic: Radio!

…no, really!

DVoLVE, otherwise known as Dan Dyer of SS:R, has brought together Stardust Speedway Bad Future US from Sonic Generations with Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls) for your audial enjoyment!


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    1. Beyonce freaks the freak out of me so yeah I agree. If you’re feeling a little lazy on Friday, feel free to repost this video.

  1. Girls run the stardust speed way? NOT IF IJUSTINE CAN HELP THAT If she ever de a sonic cd lp she would prolly die about 30 times trying to beat the first stage all for the mM0n3yzzzz

  2. Beyonce instead of the awesome Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP track? My audio receptors can’t take it!

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