Japanese S&ASRT Release “Will Happen” Says Sumo Digital’s Lycett

Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett aka S0L has seemingly confirmed that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is heading to Japan. On our very own SSMB forum, the developer stated that a Japanese release will happen, but at a later date than in the rest of the world.

Japanese version will happen, but will be later dates.

The first game wasn’t released in Japan, so this is quite a nice surprise and will hopefully bring more SEGA fans to the game’s online community.

Source: SSMB


  1. Wait… I figured that Sega, being a Japanese company, would of not only released one of its major titles in Japan, but would have released it there before the rest of the world. I had no knowledge the first game wasn’t released there. Odd. Hopefully I’ll get to face off with some Japanese players online with the next game.

  2. I guess its because of the number of fans in the U.S. and EU especially, but I never understood why it almost always comes out in Japan Last.

    1. It took a while for Japan to get Sonic Chronicles, and Sonic Spinball, just to name a few.

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